Thursday 5 November 2009

NEC Day 1

Fantastic day. It's the best bit demoing on the stand. All the planning and organisation reaches the point of the whole process.

Lots of freindly faces, new and old, came by. For some people they found us later in the day (because of our slightly unusual location where Art Materials meets the hobbycrafts section of the show, but I think its the perfect spot for us, as most of what I am demoing is paints (kaiser and viva) with the texture pastes, so a lot of the tradition "fine art" people enjoyed taking a look too.

I took lots of photos of today's samples, but can you believe it, both Mark and I left our camera-to-laptop cables behind, so I shall have to figure that problem out tomorrow!

Suffice to say, some stuff with Archie..yes he can be bought now! Also did a few bits with the marhsmellow glimmer mist...nice!!! And i love sanding the silver metal  before painting, glimmering and then stamping on it...

The bargain bit got a good workout today, and the mixed metal pack of coloured metals are something people are enjoying as a starter taster pack.

Plus we have the 2 new colours of metal, a nice olive green, and autumnal orange...very very nice. Might play some more with those tomorrow!!

Really wishing i could show you the large tag in blues and reds with a metal embossed mould strip across the bottom...oh well  guess you'll just have to wait! 

Fingers crossed i can find a camera cable tomorrow!

Hope to see you on our stand AM06 over the next few days!



Helen said...

Hope you find that cable! sounds great - can't wait to see, as I can't get to NEC. hope the rest of the weekend is as good.

kjjc said...

wanna go but got to save for a particularly artsy event next year

Anne Jagger said...

Can't wait to see your creations.

Anonymous said...

Keeps us visiting your blog, one day the story and next day the pictures. Hope you have a great time.

Sarah Anderson said...

Great to see you at the show Leandra, and to see the Artisan samples, and the paints etc, in real life! I blogged some pics
and will blog sample next week using paints and metal. Wish I didn't have to do my cleaning today and could play with my new purchases

Julie Corfield said...

Salivating at the thought of your picture uploads Leandra lol!! Will check back laters x