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NEW PaperArtsy Products: Seth Apter {June 2023}

A note from Leandra:

Seth adds to his fabulous collection of mini designs with this new release. These little guys offer a mix of chunky and fine detail designs, and if you know anything about Seth's style, you will realise that his creativity is rich with contrasts. Be it shifting colour, texture or size, these images can really help you create those all important contrasts in your backgrounds. But don't think that these are just about creating backgrounds.... oh no!!! Often these little designs have within them opportunities to create focal points too. Seth will share within his samples below, various ways you could pick out details to create focal points; stitches and colour pops for example. Mini stamps like these are a fun way to build your stamp collection purposefully, with images that chime with your inner muse.
Seth will be along to share with you LIVE his new products and ideas over in our Facebook Group, 'PaperArtsy People' shortly after this post publishes, and ... don't forget
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Hey gang. Seth Apter here. Woo hoo. It is that time again. New release time. No matter how many times this occurs, I am as excited for a new release now as I was for my very first PaperArtsy release back in 2016! So let me jump right in and share what I have in store for you. 
Let me introduce you to my 8 all new Mini Stamps. And remind you that they say good things come in small packages.

I am calling this collection Make Your Mark. Those who know me well know that I often say make it your own. I encourage every maker to take any commercial product they have and use it their own way with their own twist. Although I may be the designer of these stamps, your creative imagination can enable you to use them in ways that I hadn't ever thought of. As artists, we not only want to literally make our own marks on our art but we also want to figuratively make  our mark in the world. Hoping that these new stamps inspire you to do just that.

Price: RRP €4.90 +VAT    Size: approx credit card size
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam with a laminated storage/index sheet.
Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 73 (EM73)


I love to use numbers in my art - as much for the look of them as for the counting component. Most of the number stamps that are available typically place the numbers in order. For this design, I knew I wanted to go random instead. 

As I often do, I made sure there was some open space around the elements so that you could either add your own color shades or let your background peek through. And of course those scratchy lines coming from the swirly circles can also serve as a jumping off point for additional details. 

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 74 (EM74)


Every collection of stamps I have released includes at least one (and usually many more) scratchy, grungy designs that are perfect to add details and dimension to a background. Mini 74 fits that bill. 

For this design, I chose to lay out the grungy marks almost as if they were words in paragraph format pulled from a book page. But of course they are abstract and you can choose to have them reflect your own message. 

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 75 (EM75)


Mini 75 also highlights a grungy design that can be used as a layer in a background. But this stamp is very versatile and can be used in many other ways as well. 

I love using just the edges of the stamps to create my own border. In even calls to mind abstract drips.

The design is bold and graphic enough to also stand on its own as a focal element too. And all those breaks in the drawing allow the background to show through.

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 76 (EM76)


Most techniques in mixed media are additive, where a new layer is added on top of the old layers. But techniques can be subtractive too, where you actually remove a layer. And what better way to do that than to scratch? Mini 76 captures the beauty of that approach. 

Having these strong blocks of brush strokes scratched and distressed enable you to shift the color and have bits of the background show through. 


And remember to turn your stamps. All different ways. Just because they might be packaged horizontally doesn't mean you cannot think of them vertically. 

And just because there might only be 4 elements in the design also doesn't mean that you cannot stamp them multiple times - to create an impression all your own. 

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 77 (EM77)


Mini 77 also has the scratchy, subtractive element that I love so much. For this release, this design is also my nod to circles. As they are abstract, you can think of them as screw heads, wrapped stones, pebbles from the beach, or even small pathways.

Adding my own scratchy scribbles - in red - is an example of taking design elements from the stamps and repeating them using the hand of the maker.

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 78 (EM78)


I love the design of Mini 78 as one can see it as a ladder or train tracks. Either way, both interpretations are symbolic of going places. 

In this piece, the gaps enable the very complex background to show through. But they can also be used to add color blocks, numbers, or even tiny text. I can also imagine using this stamp as the basis for a color swatching page in my journal.

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 79 (EM79)


When I create art for my new releases, I often highlight a single stamp in each sample I create. But most of my art tends to include many (many!) different stamps. So for this release, the sample that I highlighted above for Mini 74 is also my sample for Mini 79. BOTH of these stamps are the stars of this show. 

Mini 79 is a series of scratchy and broken lines with added grungy details. You can use it horizontally or vertically and it can serve as the start of your own addition - such as writing or, as seen in There Is..., a loose guide for over-stitching.

Eclectica³ Mini Seth Apter 80 (EM80)


Mini 80 adds the shape of degraded and distressed crosses and pluses to the other  abstract shapes in this collection. As in many of the designs, scratches and gaps are evident.

Of course when making your mark with a stamp, you also want to remember to make your mark with your own hand. In this pieces I added random pencil lines, drew a loose outline, and filled in gaps with a contacting color. 

I hope you have been inspired to not only use these stamps...but to use them in ways that make them all your own. As always, cannot wait to see the magic that you create.

A HUGE thank you to the PaperArtsy crew for making these stamps and making all this creativity possible! 

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