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NEW PaperArtsy Products: JoFY {June 2023}

A note from Leandra:
Ohhh this is a super exciting release! 

Jo was the first designer we added to our designer line-up (it was a looong time ago). I'd known her for some years before I convinced her to be a designer for us! Wow it was ages ago that she looked at me quizzically when I suggested she should design stamps - and now look at her extensive collection!! 72 minis, nearly 130 A5 stamps sets and oodles of stencils.
With her longstanding history, it is only fitting that Jo is the first of our designers to release her own Printed Tissue. Oh she spent so long creating this product, we went back and forth adding, subtracting, and talking size and so on, and I absolutely love the end result! It is super perfect! And that's not all, we also have another 8 minis, and 4 of those are something a little bit different for her too, so it'e exciting times FOR SURE!!!
Jo will be along to share with you LIVE these new products and her sample ideas over in our facebook Group, PaperArtsy People shortly after this post publishes. I hope you can drop by for the live, or try to catch the replay. 
For the next few months, these stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you, it makes sense to order within your country wherever possible.

Hi everyone, Jo (www.jofy.co.uk) here to share with you 8 new mini stamp designs and (drum roll please) JOFY tissue paper!!!  

There are useful backgrounds and phrases, fun motifs and adorable characters (make them edgy, make them cute - the choice is yours!).

I'm super excited to share with you this latest new release for PaperArtsy so lets get started!

I've designed a group of minis that are fun (and useful), made up of new designs and a couple of motifs that might be familiar to you. They are variations of existing designs - but in 'miniature'.  Their small size means they make dinky little page details, backgrounds and patterns. Several of the designs are there as 'supporting' motifs rather than central focal images. 

I've also designed adorable (imho) people - they will make lovely art dolls or card motifs, and how nice is 'good vibes guy' (we all need a 'man' stamp in our collection don't we?!). I didn't take them too seriously when designing - they're all a little bit quirky. 
All the designs work well together too - mixing and matching.

Oh my goodness - wherever you are in the world you probably heard the (loud) excited squeal I let out when my tissue paper arrived from PaperArtsy HQ! lol I really enjoyed designing the sheet - selecting the motifs to use and playing around with the sizes to make sure it will be really versatile for you to use. Lots of lovely clusters, backgrounds and borders for you to work with - I really hope you like it as much as I do!

Price: RRP €4.90 +VAT    Size: approx credit card size
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam with a laminated storage/index sheet.
JOFY Mini 65 (JM65)

 Head in the clouds

JM65 is one of the 'supporting' motif minis that I mentioned in my introduction.  You can see from the samples below how it can be used as background motif to add interest to the project and feature stamp.

The clouds have been stamped onto white paper and paper pieced to the background to add dimension/layers.



The rainbow stamp works really well as a background stamp (tone on tone stamping) on this mini journal page.

JOFY Mini 66 (JM66)

Mind the Gap

JM66 is a block of teeny tiny text... small but still legible so if you want to highlight a word or phrase you can. A really useful stamp.

On the sample below I have used the block as a base for the flowers, completing the gap left from the grid flower stamp, JM72, coming up later.

The following photos show details of projects from this blog post where I've used snippets of the text block to add layers and details.


(for scale: the tabs in the photo below measure 1-1.5cm wide)

JOFY Mini 67 (JM67)

 Follow your dreams

These 'head' stamps look great on a collaged background - its a lovely way to frame the stamp and  different 'themes' can be achieved by changing out the background papers (birthdays, nature, celebrations etc)

All the characters/people I have designed all have different personalities - Dream Girl seems so calm, serene ... she looks great set among flowers and nature.

Head in the Clouds

The characters I've designed can all be easily adapted to work as art dolls as shown in this sample shown at the top of the post too. I created a simple dress/body shape and added hand drawn details.

The heart on the dress pocket is a tiny motif taken from my new tissue paper. 

JOFY Mini 68 (JM68)

 Say Cheese!!
This may be the 'It' girl of this collection - she's cutely cool and ready for selfies! Her gravity defying hair and cool shades will make her fun to turn into an art doll!

The words used on this panel are from new mini, JM71.

JOFY Mini 69 (JM69)

I often get asked about cards and projects with a masculine theme and it started me thinking about designing a male character.  'Good vibes guy' is geeky but not too geeky, and generic enough that he can be easily altered.  For example a) draw any number of variations of facial hair; b) change his hair; c) replace his t-shirt with a shirt; d) remove his headphones.
So many options.
 Live life in colour!


The background panels of these cards was created with PA stencil PS329 overstamped with the grid motif on new mini JM71 - the little patterns on that stamp are going to be used often.

The motif on his tshirt can be easily masked off (or cut away) to make the design more versatile - it could be replaced with a date so it could be used on birthday cards or similar.

JOFY Mini 70 (JM70)

A little bit wonderfully weird!....

.... and I mean that in the best possible way - quirky, unusual and dancing to the beat of her own drum.... Why only wear a crown when your head has space for a bun and 3 stars as well!  More is more for this little chicky!

JOFY Mini 71 (JM71)

Dolly's dreams

On this panel I used JM71 uncut - the mix of words and patterns makes a great background stamp.

Dolly and Little Dude were two characters I designed as minis in 2016 (JM52, JM53), and they feature on the tissue paper inside tiny tags.  I added Dolly onto the panel above - its nice to make a feature of the tissue paper's smaller motifs.

JM71 is really versatile when the elements are separated - cut carefully with sharp scissors, you'll create 12 words & patterns.

You might recognise the patterns - they are all miniature versions of the ones on JOFY125, JOFY126 and JOFY127... I liked their original size but these tiny ones are soooooo nice!

Here is a selection of phrases and patterns made with the stamps.

Detail of the pattern on 'Dude!!' background created with the grid stamp.

The photo below shows detail from 'Head in the Clouds' panel where I used the 'crosses/dots' on the background. Such a pretty delicate design.

JOFY Mini 72 (JM72)

This stamp is adapted from an earlier design - large stencil PS206.  Its one of my favourites and have always thought it would make a lovely stamp. I tweaked the flower designs and added a grid - gorgeous!! 

Flower mesh

The flowers can be stamped and layered to form a longer design.

The flowers are gorgeous in full colour and also striking in black & white.  This sample shows how the design can be repeated around a page - lovely for journal/planner pages (and greeting cards of course)(or a small canvas...)

Use a section of the design in the corners...

Printed Tissue: 4 sheets per pack €4.20 + VAT
Use it on something... no, use it on everything!! 

I said at the start of this post how much I had enjoyed designing this tissue paper and I really did! I looked through my entire back catalogue of designs - A5 stamp sets, minis, and stencils - and with over 100 sets that's a lot to choose from!  
I really enjoyed combining images to create new and interesting clusters/collages.
The sheet has a good mix of line images (perfect for using with colour) and silhouettes which work well in the background or as a main feature.
There is enough open space between the designs to allow for the designs to be separated without damaging an adjacent image.
I intentionally created large and small designs (remember the Dolly tag from earlier in this post?) to increase the versatility of the paper... it can be used on anything from ATCs to journal pages.

In my experience the more you use the tissue paper the more ways you'll think of to use it!


Printed Tissue by JoFY (PT03)
Price: RRP €5.04 +VAT
4 sheets, presented in a clear hanging bag.

Flower Block

The tissue paper works really well on almost any surface - here I've used it on a painted/stenciled wood block.

Paint the reverse of the tissue paper with Fresco Finish paints for an opaque effect, as shown on the leaf stem above and the flower below.


The tissue paper is perfect for ATCs!! How nice do those little blocks look behind the big flower.

Repurposed Gel Print Journal

One of my favourite ways to use the tissue paper is on pages - its such a useful, and quick, way to add interest. (fyi this simple journal of repurposed stenciled pages is approximately 10x10cm)

A Tiny Alternate Reality

A tiny alternate reality - and I mean tiny - this little book's pages measure approximately 4x4cm. I created the book as a place to hold all the ideas and samples I was making with the stamps to show various other ways of using them.

Sometimes I like to dip my toe into the field of 'cute' (everything is so pretty there, and they welcome glitter) & this little book is so cute! lol. Its loaded with interesting bits and pieces!

The covers and first (and final) pages are covered in JM66 and elements of JM65.  Phrases from JM71 have been added to following pages and mounted on a circle stamped with a pattern also from JM71.

The motif from 'good vibes guy' can be used on its own, and this flower is one of the centres cut from a bigger flower on JM72.

Another phrase assembled from phrases on JM70 and JM71.  The images from all these stamps work well together.

The flowers on JM72 can be cut away from their grid background and used on their own - here mounted on a tissue paper background and circle cut from a JM66 print.

I mentioned earlier how I designed the characters so they can be easily altered - above is 'good vibes guy' without his headphones and below is 'It girl' with a new hair style.


These minis and tissue paper are so much fun to use - use them for greetings cards, ATCs, planner and journal pages - how ever you want - what ever inspires you. 

I look forward to seeing what you create! 
Please share on socials if you're happy to - use the hashtags #paperartsy #jofyjo #jofy (or tag: @paperartsy @jofyjo) so we can find you and enjoy your work!

Take care


YouTube: Jo Firth-Young
Pinterest: @jofyjo
Facebook: JoFY Jamboree!
Twitter: @jofyjo
Instagram: @jofyjo

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