Thursday 1 December 2022

2022 Topic 16 : Splosh {by Martha Ponsanesi} with Lynne Perrella stamps

Hi everyone, it's Martha (@CraftingMarthawith you today, and I'm here to share with you a junk journal using a selection of stamps designed by Lynne Perrella.

I was always attracted by Lynne Perrella's style and when I saw the current topic I imagined different kinds of background to play with and to fill with all these beautiful stamps. And for me the best way to put together all the backgrounds created, is a junk journal that allows me to play with different shapes and substrates...and freedom.

I'm in my comfort zone creating backgrounds, especially those in which the colours do most of the work. As the topic was "Splosh" I decided to play with Alcohol Inks on three surfaces: white cardstock, photo paper and vellum.

I also love gelli plates and so I started with a less common way to use Alcohol Inks. We know that the ideal for Alcohol Inks are non-porous and smooth surfaces, so it would appear that cardstock is not among them but using a Gelli Plate is a game changer.
I put some drops of Alcohol Inks and isopropanol to dilute. If you know Alcohol Inks, you also know that the blending solution is a must have to create more interesting effects, but also isopropanol allows you to achieve great results (cheaper ;) ).
With a small air blower I spread all the drops all around the Gelli Plate, and waited for it to dry.

With a brayer I applied a layer of 
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Snowflake ( FF15 ).

Then I put white cardstock on it, 'massaging' 
gently and firmly and pulled the print with satisfying result. It left the gelli plate clean-ISH, yes because using Alcohol Inks, especially yellow colours, will stain the Gelli Plate as you can see in the photo below, but it doesn't ruin it and it does not affect its use.

With the same technique and different shapes of gelli plate and different colours I continued to create my backgrounds, and the 'Splosh' effect was assured.

The second surface is photo paper, I put some drops of isopropanol on first.

And then other drops of Alcohol Inks.

And again, I used the air blower to spread all the drops; it's a kind of meditative practice to me, continuing blowing and watching how the inks flow creating stunning effects.

The last surface is vellum, because it is lightweight, it is preferable to secure it with bits of washi tape.

And then use the same procedure as before: drops, blow, allow to dry.

Since the topic was 'splosh', what better fluid media than PaperArtsy Infusions Dye Stain diluted in water?
I put some 
PaperArtsy Infusions Dye Stain - Magenta ( CS23 ) and Frankly Scarlet ( CS19 ) into a palette with water.

Then I grabbed a dropper for each colour and put some drops of Magenta (CS23) on white cardstock.

And raising the cardstock, I let the drops flow down.

I did the same thing rotating the cardstock, using Frankly Scarlet (CS19). I ended up with a funky grid in which I splattered some drops with a paintbrush.

And I dabbed with paper kitchen roll.

On the other side I painted a wash with the two colours.

When dried, I splattered some water drops.

And dabbed with the same paper kitchen roll in which, at the end, there was an interesting effect too, maybe I'll use it in some other project.

I did the same thing with other PaperArtsy Infusions Dye Stain - Emerald Isle (CS09).

Once I had created all the backgrounds, it came the time to play with the Lynne Perrella Collection stamps.

These are the backgrounds made on photo paper. As you can see they are very shiny, which is a characteristic that I don't like so much and moreover, it makes a little difficult to stamp on it.
So, I decided to put a layer of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic - Satin Glaze (FF23).

Now I can easly use Lynne Perrella Collection stamps (LPC006).

It is always best to use some paper to absorb excess ink.

I can stamp on my vellum background too.

I like the effect with white embossing powder, so with Versamark and Wow! Embossing Powder I achieved this beautiful result.

These are the backgrounds created with Alcohol Inks and a Gelli Plate on cardstock and it is very easy to stamp on.

And so, I played with several Lynne Perrella Collection stamp setsI love LPC049 in particular, in fact you'll see that I use one of these beautiful female image as front cover.

Stamping, stamping, stamping one of my favourite things to do :)Here with Lynne Perrella Collection (LPC005).

And last but not least Lynne Perrella Collection (LPC050).

As finishing touches some stamping with PaperArtsy Minis (MN27) and (MN46)
 without any doubt, a must have.

Most of it is done now. A super-easy binding with two holes and a string and my junk journal is finished.

Here you can see the finished project.

When it comes to junk journals, the journey is always a great experience, even more starting from scratch, building my own backgrounds, playing with different media and surfaces, also indulging in a few sentences written on the spur of the moment, and of course using such inspiring stamps from Lynne Perrella Collection.
I invite you to let the flow go as the fluid media I've used and then stamp like crazy :).

Have fun


Nazgul William said...
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Mary in Oregon said...

I love your creativity, Martha! And, since I also love Lynne Perella's stampsets this was very very perfect to get me in my creative state as I am getting my tags and cards ready for the holidays! My alcohol inks have been begging me to come out and play and with your assistance I believe I can achieve similar results! Let's hope so. Your dripping forming the grids with spots is enticing, as well.