Tuesday 13 September 2022

2022 Topic 13 : Fabric {by Martha Ponsanesi} with Jo Firth-Young stamps

Hi everyone, it's Martha (@CraftingMarthawith you today, and I'm here to share with you a bunch of cards using a selection of stamps and stencils designed by JOFY (Jo-Firth-Young).

Sometimes it's fun to use different substrates for my projects, and so for these cards instead of cardstock I used fabric, I really like the fringed effect around the edges.

I tore up some old white trousers, cutting out 12 cm squares, with the intention of making myself super-coloured fabric panels.

To do this, I started by dyeing the fabric with Infusions Dye Stain - Emerald Isle.

To activate the colour I sprayed plenty of water, and to dry the excess I used another square of fabric, so as not to waste the colour.

I did the same thing on another pair of fabric squares, this time using Infusions Dye Stain - Magenta.
Maybe next time it would be better to use gloves :) These colours are beautifully pigmented.


After drying well with the help of the heat gun/embosser, I am very satisfied with the effect of the infusions on the fabric. Infusions are a permanent dye on fabric, and head setting (iron or clothes dryer or heat tool) is advisable, but not necessary.

Now that the first layer has dried, I continue adding colour using Fresco Finish Lily the Pink and Byzantium through the JOFY PS309 stencil.


Once this layer is also dry, it is time to add the last layer of colour applied through the stencil, this time using Fresco Finish Aqua Duck Egg and JOFY PS330 stencil.

I like to create different colour combinations and work on several pieces at once, so I used the same procedure on the Magenta fabric square, using Fresco Finish Firebird and Tangerine Twist.

To achieve an interesting contrast I applyed Fresco Finish Aqua Duck Egg through JOFY PM011 mini stencil.

My backgrounds are almost done, in the last layer I thought to use JOFY Stamp Set 95 with acrylics, to give homogeneity to the composition.
If you do so, however, I recommend cleaning the stamps immediately, before the colour dries.

On my second background to add tiny details I used JOFY Stamp Set 99.

I like this result very much.
I happen to add stitching to my cards, and in this case, where I used fabric panels, I think it is a must :)

A proper card must have at least one focal word, and so it just happens to come into my hands JOFY Stamp Set 110.

 And a cheerful ' Hello! ' whit a big flower from JOFY Stamp Set 95.

And the glorious flower from JOFY Stamp Set 99.

I ended up with a lot of self made piece of fabric, in addition to those used for my cards.
With some of these I made a bookmark, it might also be a nice idea to create stamps for the envelopes of my cards.
What is certain is that I had 
so much fun creating these fabric cards, playing with colours, stamps and stencils. Hope you'll enjoy too.

Have fun.
Martha xxx


Kismet said...

Improve the intensity of colour! A real blast of positivity.

Helen said...

Love the colour layering - fantastic!