Thursday 8 September 2022

2022 Topic 13 : Fabric {by Laurie Case} with Gwen Lafleur stamps

Hello and welcome! It's Laurie with you today sharing a couple of home decor pieces made using one stamp set, one stencil and 2 colours of Fresco Finish Paint. The supply list is fairly minimal! I had a heap of fun with this topic so let's get started!

This was my starting point:

A whole pile of jeans that are well used and well loved. All of these have rips and tears along with stains that cannot be removed. Not to mention that they're all too small!!

I did not want to just throw these away. I knew I could come up with some way to repurpose them. And this topic was the perfect time to start!

I started by cutting three strips of denim. These were not measured nor did I use a straight edge for cutting. I wanted them to be "perfectly imperfect". On the first strip, I used the PS226 Stencil and Hey Pesto Fresco Finish Paint. Nothing fancy here, I just applied one layer of paint through the stencil.

Using the same stencil and Snowflake Fresco Finish Paint, I added the paint just around the edges of the stencil using a small paintbrush.

Now onto the third strip. I traced the outline of the stencil onto the denim using a white pencil. This will end up being my stitched panel.

Here's a look at the panels once all three techniques were completed. But there are a lot of finishing touches to be made!

This is where I wanted to see if I could heat emboss on this denim! There are a few tips on the internet that say if you apply a layer of gloss gel medium to the denim, it will emboss better. Two things about this: I didn't have any gloss gel plus I'm highly impatient so waiting on drying time just wouldn't work for me, hahaha!

I used regular embossing ink as well as a super fine, detail white embossing powder. Things we already have in our stash! TIP: I found that heating quickly works the best. In fact, I'm not 100% sure the embossing powder is fully melted! It still has a slightly gritty texture but does not rub off. If you heat for too long, the powder melts right into the denim and almost disappears.

This is how it turned out with no prep to the denim. These are very detailed stamps and I love how it turned out!!  I wanted a boho-ish vibe to my projects so the EGL04 set worked perfectly!!

Here are more images from the same stamp set, heat embossed onto different shades of denim and cut out. I made a second project with these images which I'll share at the end!

To spruce up the solid green, stencilled panel, I thought one of the embossed circles would make a cute flower!!

Now, it's time to put everything together! I dusted off my sewing machine for this. Please don't judge my sewing skills!!

A little bit of zig zag and very crooked straight stitching!! You can see I also cut a piece of denim in a floral shape to place my embossed flower centre on. I found a wooden dowel (from my macrame stash) to hang my banners from. 

I also had some crochet ribbon that I thought would look cute as the hangers. I cut the ribbon in different lengths and cheated by using hot glue to adhere to the banners.

After attaching to the dowel, I had the sweetest, little denim wall hanging!

And as promised, here is a look at the second wall hanging made from the heat embossed images!

If you asked me which one is my favourite, I would actually say the heat embossed one! I know the stitching is wonky but there is something about this project that makes me want to do more of it....and perfect it!

I have to say that creating these little projects was good for my creative soul. This made me want to explore all the possibilities of using my stamps and stencils on more than just paper. I learned about heat embossing on denim. I repurposed jeans (with many more pairs to go) that would have otherwise been thrown out. I got a little bit more familiar with my sewing machine. And I got two adorable, handcrafted pieces of decor. All in all, this was time very well spent!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit today! Take care and see you soon!


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PaperArtsy said...

Such a fun idea Laurie, amazed how crips that embossing turned out on the denim! Superb!

whyducks said...

Two gorgeous projects, thank you for sharing them.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Amazing fun, thanks for sharing the process. I was working with denim jeans (cut/tear) shapes for a fabric journal, so I am eventually going to try your stencil/embossing idea. I love your projects.