Monday 15 June 2020

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Eclectica³ Alison Bomber {June 2020}

 Eclectica³ Collection {Alison Bomber}
June 2020 New Product Announcement

A note from Leandra:
Alison takes such care to bring us quotes and phrases that are positive, uplifting and each set is created to suit a circumstance or theme.  As summer is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere the Gardens & Growth series are a particularly good fit for our sunny season, but Life & Living, and Night & Day are certainly themes which hit the mark for us all. I'll leave youwith Alsion, and pop over to our Facebook group, PaperArtsy People at 7:30 pm London time to see her share a bit about herself, her crafting life, and of course this newest release.

Hi everyone, Alison here from Words and Pictures and I'm absolutely thrilled we now have three new sets of words to go with all our pictures!  This newest release with PaperArtsy offers some wonderful themes which I hope will get your creative juices flowing.

EAB18 Gardens & Growth will work with all the flowers and trees and plants in your stamp collection, as well as including thoughts about personal growth and development too.

EAB19 Life & Living is full of positive and contemplative quotes about living your best life, about exploring life to the very edges, as well as about dealing with some of life's troubles.

EAB20 Night & Day explores the light and the dark of each day, providing food for thought and joy by sunlight, moonlight or starlight.

Below are some samples to give you a flavour of these new collections, and if you want to hear about them in more detail, I'll be sharing some
more thoughts in a Facebook Live over at PaperArtsy People this evening at 7.30pm.

If you would like to buy these stamps, they are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists for the next 6 months. We do not compete with our retailers, so if you want to get your hands on them, check out the list at the bottom of this post!

Let's check out these new stamps, some ideas from each set and a few projects.

  New Stamps
Price: RRP £18.74 +VAT
Size:5" x 6" (13 x16.5cm)
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam, presented in a clear hanging bag
with a laminated storage/index sheet.

Eclectica Alison Bomber Set 18 (EAB18) Gardens & Growth

The Gardens & Growth samples are full of glorious greenery (Spring, Lawn, Celery, Beanstalk), blue skies (Blue Bayou, Summer Sky) and glowing sunshine (Cheesecake, Haystack).  It was clearly lovely weather in the garden of my imagination as I was creating these!

I'll show you a couple of close-ups down below, and share a couple of how-to tips and tricks, but more details about all of them will be appearing over at Words and Pictures in the next few days and weeks.

Eclectica Alison Bomber 19 (EAB19) Life & Living

The Life & Living colours are, for me, the colours which make my life happy - blues (Summer Sky, Blue Bayou), soft purples (Lavender, Wisteria) and greens (Spring, Lawn, Granny Smith) with a touch of turquoise (Seaglass, Waterfall) thrown in.

Each of us has our own life colours - the ones which inspire us and to which we return.  I wonder which colours you would automatically pair with these quotes about life and living?  You can see some close-ups below, along with a couple of tips and tricks.  More details about all of them will bob up at Words and Pictures soon.

Eclectica Alison Bomber 20 (EAB20) Night & Day

I've colours going from sunshine to moonlight for the Night & Day collection.  I had such a lovely time creating blended skies moving from dawn to dusk, from midday to midnight.  Paint colours range from Cheesecake and Haystack, via Periwinkle, Forget-me-not, Lavender and Wisteria to Summer Sky, Blue Bayou, Twilight and Purple Rain.

And no, the quote on the tag at bottom left isn't blurry...  Just wait until you see it in close-up down below, along with a quick look at the others.  More details of all of them will appear over at Words and Pictures in the very near future.

EAB18 Gardens & Growth

Project One: A beautiful masterpiece

From the brayered background to the lovely Scrapcosy flowers, this rose garden seems to fit Monet's quote perfectly.  I'm not surprised the butterflies are drawn to it!  I created the plaque with some of Seth Apter's Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture powder, and stamped into it with Olive Archival on the stamp.

I love how this makes the quote a real statement piece as an embellishment in its own right, and you should see the lovely sheen it has when the sunlight hits it.

Project Two: A good garden

This simple trio of gift bags uses France Papillon's delightful leafy stems, clear-embossed over watery washes of green.  They are cash envelopes, just slightly bigger than ATC size, and the flaps are still open, so you could slip in a gift voucher or some, you know, actual cash!

With these, I rather like that the quotes are fairly subtle.  From a distance, they might just be some extra paint splatter or decoration.  It's when you get up close you find there are lovely thoughts being shared.  It's certainly true in my garden that many things are growing that were never sown there!

And no garden, especially a good one, will be without weeds.  I suspect that Thomas Fuller, a churchman and historian, means it in a slightly wider sense though!

And that's also true of this W.B.Yeats quote.  Yes, for lots of people, growing things in a garden makes them happy.  But it can also read the other way - that we are happy when we are ourselves growing, changing, learning.  It's definitely true for me.

Project Three: The whole world is a garden

In pairing words and pictures, I almost always find there's a quote which wants a Zinski figure with it!   This time, he's paired with some of Kay Carley's lovely grassy stems and a Frances Hodgson Burnett quote.

She's the one who wrote The Secret Garden, so this particular stamp set really wouldn't have been complete without hearing from her, now would it?!

Project Four: Growing Freely

This large corrugated cardboard panel (jumbo tag sized) became the start of a trio.  I really enjoyed having the full colour painted tag at the heart of it, with Lin Brown grasses and Hot Picks wildflower stems.  The white-washed cardboard gives the whole thing a rustic look which I love... so I ended up creating variations on this theme for the other two stamp sets too.

The quote is stamped in a combination of Olive and Leaf Green Archival inks and clear embossed, and I've mounted it in a lovely curved arch over the tag to create dimension and delight.  Well, it makes me happy anyway!

EAB19 Life & Living

Project One: Life is...

Let's start with another ATC/envelope trio.  These three quotes all start with the phrase "Life is..." but have very different takes on the matter!  Courtney's leaves and postmarks provide natural life and human life as background accents, but these are really all about the words.

They're embossed in Wow's Earthtone Pepper powder - I love the subtle grey shimmer of it.  And I completely agree with the words here.  I'm certainly still a work in progress...

This quote is by Helen Keller - when you think what she was up against in life, her positivity is extraordinary.  With this trio, I kept the name of each quote's author and used it as an accent in the corner of each almost-ATC.

I love that you can play with the rhythm of the thought by how you position the words.  Sometimes, as here with Albert Einstein's words, you need a little bit of space - a pause - before delivering the 'punchline'.

Project Two: Never Give Up

This is one of the two tags about which, on the group photos above, you might have thought, "well, she's messed that stamping up... it's all blurry!".  Not so - it's all about shadows because the quote is stamped and embossed on acetate.  I love the magical effect - sort of there and not there - allowing the background and the Hot Picks stamps to be completely visible while the words float and hover above.

You really do need to emboss the stamping, even if only in clear powder, otherwise the ink won't "set" on the acetate, unless you use Staz-on.  I've used the Pepper powder again. Most of the time you can read the quote perfectly well (in the photo above it's in shadow and easy to see)...

But just look at what happens when the sunlight hits it... You get double the words with that amazing shadow cast onto the tag.  I'm simply in love with the effect.  It makes me sigh with pleasure!

Project Three: How to change your life

Here's one of those Zinski's bobbing up again... this exuberant little girl just had to be the one to go with this fabulous quote.   And Kay Carley's meadow grasses are here again.

Stamping direct to the tag always looks so good.  It really makes the quote feel like an organic part of the creation.  And if you're worried that the words won't show up against your background, a good embossing powder is definitely your friend to make them pop.

Project Four: The rarest thing in the world

We're finishing this section with another of the corrugated panels, and maybe my favourite of all the samples... tough to choose but this one is definitely on the shortlist.  How about you?  Those Lin Brown grasses are in action again on the central tag, and some Tim Holtz die-cuts and Finnabair moulds bring it all to life.

I'm working with an arched quote again, this time embossed in Wow Bright White over those lovely soft purples, echoing the darkening sky above at the top of the tag.  And this Oscar Wilde quote is one which has meant a lot to me for a very long time.  I can't wait to share more close-up photos of this tag over at Words and Pictures soon.

EAB20 Night & Day

Project One: Dark Night, Bright Moon

We're starting with the tag I had the first clear idea for.  I remembered making my enamelled word plaques for the blog here, with the words debossed into embossing powder.  I wanted to do a similar thing but to leave a print on the moon this time!  It took a few goes with texture paste and/or embossing powder and then with various kinds of powder with varying degrees of success as far as the clarity of the stamping went.

But I finally ended up with a version which balanced the clarity of the words with the shimmering moonlit texture.  France Papillon's splotches stamp gives some additional craters around the edges, and the Hot Picks birds at the foot of the stamp are glimmering in the moonlight.  Worth all the trials and errors!

Project Two: Drink the Day

This was another tag where the idea for what image to use with the words just popped into my head.  It may be a slightly literal take on the quote, but I like the combination.  There will be plenty more projects featuring these Edith Wharton words... I recognise the feeling behind them so clearly.

The wonderful window which needs to be opened is from one of Emma Godfrey's sets celebrating Mediterranean architecture, so the sunkissed feel of the tag feels appropriate for that too.  And another Finnabair mould provides the sunshine.

Project Three: Starry, starry night

Back to night time for this pair of ATC gift envelopes.  Seth Apter's minis provide a glistening backdrop of rings and orbits for the Finnabair moulded stars in the night sky.  And yes, with a quote by Vincent van Gogh here, I simply had to call this pairing Starry, starry night.

The Wow Bright White embossing powder gives the words a magical starlit glow, and Seth's abstract images are stamped in Cobalt Archival and clear-embossed so that they catch the light too.

I find the Victor Hugo quote very moving.  Those dark times you go through, they can forge the brightest, strongest parts of your character.  A contemplative quote for journalling, or sending greetings to someone going through troubling times.

Project Four: Sunshine and Starlight

Here's another acetate quote stamping, and another tag challenging for the crown of my favourite sample.  It's so very simple, but something about it makes my heart sing.  The Hot Picks birds always make me happy of course, and I love the Hot Picks moon just peeping in on the corner, but I think it's the colour transition of the sky and that magical shimmering quote which really make it special for me.

Again, you might need to read the words in the shade or indoors first to get a good look at them.  It's a truly beautiful quote by Jack London.  I may have to read Call of the Wild now, having (belatedly) discovered what a great writer he is!

But oh how glorious it becomes when the sun hits it, and the shadows echo the Pepper embossed words.  Deep sigh!

Project 5: Open your windows

I seem to have one extra project for the Night & Day set - those ideas kept coming!  But I couldn't resist completing the large corrugated panel trio.  And courtesy of a Tim Holtz die, we've got another window to open up to enjoy the day through, weathered though it may be with PaperArtsy Crackle GlazeLin Brown's grasses are waving a late summer welcome on the painted tag, turning to gold and grey in the fields.

And the quote is embossed in vivid blue, bright with hope and possibility like the words themselves.  The poet John Greenleaf Whittier (now there's a middle name I'd like to have!) gets credit down in the bottom corner.

You always have the choice whether to include the author's name or not with these quotes.  Even if you want to stamp the words directly onto whatever you are making, you can use tape to avoid inking up the name.  And if you're cutting and sticking as I've done here, then you can just snip it off and put it in the bin if you want!

I hope that's given you a flavour of the three new collections of quotes.  I know you'll all find your own ways of adding these words to your tags, art journalling and cards, but I hope these samples give you plenty of inspiration to play.  It's always so exciting when I spot the word stamps in action on other people's work and see how they inspire everyone in different ways.  So whether you're celebrating Gardens & Growth, Life & Living or Night & Day, you should find some words here to add a little something extra to whatever you're making.

Thanks so much for stopping by today - and bearing with me on another mammoth launch post!  I'd love to know which quotes have caught your eye, so let me know in the comments.  It's always great to hear from you.  Happy crafting all!

Alison xx

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Helen said...

As always,Alison, you found some fabulous quotes and the samples are just gorgeous!!

PaperArtsy said...

I adore you stamps and the samples as ever are full of clever details! Congratulations on another great release!

Stampers Grove said...

Love the quotes and the versatility. Also how you have incorporated so many of the different PaperArtsy designers stamps in your samples.

Miriam said...

Congratulations Alison... Fabulous release!

Redanne said...

A wonderful new release Alison, congratulations! Your samples, as always, are beautiful too. Anne x

Hazel Agnew said...

Oh Alison.......I must have been tuned into your special vibes, as I ordered numbers 10 and 14 this week after some kind of divine intervention!
Words do certainly light up my brain, and to attune the artistic creation with the appropriate quote, is like hitting a ball and
hearing the perfect note!
You have covered positivity, hope, contemplation and joy to name a few .
The quote in Night and day,” Remember me”, resonated with me and made me feel quite emotional. Just perfect.
Thankyou for your wonderful presentation of your glorious stamps. They are the cherry on top of the cake, and to share in your enthusiasm was a joy in itself! Totally glorious! Back to online shopping I go! This time with excited anticipation! Xx

Julia said...

An excellent Facebook live tonight (I don’t usually watch them), really good to hear you talk about the quotes and why words are so important to you. Your samples are certainly inspiring. I have ordered Night and Day and looking forward to having a play with those when they arrive.
Great release Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful words and samples, Alison! I was thinking of you today as I used one of the quotes from your Love plate for a card for colin for our anniversary tomorrow as I always do. I am running out and would love some more!

Lucy x

Etsuko said...

Congratulations wonderful new release Alison! These quotes are fabulous and your beautiful designs are make me happy. xxx

Kim Collister Studio said...

Wow, love them all so much and your stunning art work with them, but I really favor these words: “ Set wide the window, let me drink the day. “ ♥️🙌

Cocofolies said...

Wow!!! Congratulations on this new marvelous release!
I adore your new stamps, especially the Gardens & Nature one, and also the Night & Day... Your samples as also part of my joy to discovering and reading all these new great quotes, they are all stunning, and so beautiful!!! The icing on the cake :)

And you are so filled with light, great to see you again on your FB Live, absolutely LOVED... Your smile, your natural, your whole person are just wonderful. Don't change anything. You rock my dear Alison, no doubt! xxx

Annie said...

Fabullous new stamp sets and as I said on FB I love the Life and Living set in particular xx Gorgeous samples, which clearly highlight your love of words.

Huge hugs
Annie xx

Mac Mable said...

Wonderful sets, all three of them and Alsions creations are amazing and uplifting x.