Friday 30 August 2019

2019 #13 Mushrooms: Recycled Night light Jar with ESC/ EAB {by Carol Fox}

2019 Topic 13: Mushrooms

Perfect for those balmy evenings outside, I am tempted to do giant versions of these to match our outdoor area too!! We upped the action this year (I blame instagram), but I'm very glad we did as the weather has been superb, and many a birthday or pizza party where these beauties are ideal!!! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Carol with you today, and I'd like to share with you An Up-Cycled glass jar that I have tuned into a night light to use in the garden. when we are out there in the dusky evenings.
I had done similar technique to this before using ready made napkins, but never with hand stamped images, so I thought I would try this out with ScrapCosy's lovely mushrooms for this theme. The tissue gives a lovely translucent effect and an inner light really gives it all a lovely glow. I have a photo of it lit as the last picture on this post.

My Stamped Acorns  on acrylic made lovely embellishments to finish off my night light.

Circles cut to the approximate size of the image and these with star cut outs attached a masks.

Mermaid Fresco Paint pounced onto my jar using a bit of cut and dry foam. Yes Frescos do stick to glass easily as they are chalk paint, and a true chalk paint will stick to pretty much any surface, but another top tip is if you apply FROSTING GLAZE first, you will get a rough clear layer that gives even more grip for the paint to grab to.

Masks all removed and then given a coat of Matt Glaze to seal it all.

I stamped my Mushroom image from ESC05 using black achival ink onto Tissue paper circles and painted them them using Freco Paints in shades of Toffee, Magic Moss, Cherry red and Buff.

I painted the images on the reverse side as that way you don't lose any of the stamped detail. You can see a comparison to the painted front and back here.

Once these were on my jar I felt it needed a quote, and I decided on one from EAB07.

I felt the star quote worked well due to my star shapes holes for the light to emit from. I stamped the quote using archival ink onto white tissue paper, and cut it into strips to add around the bottom of my jar.

I added some hand drawn circles and some stars stars using Stencil PS018 and Banana Paint.

I added some hairy string to add around the rim of the jar and used the little Acorns from ESC05 to make embellishments for the ends of the string. I stamped the images onto some Acrylic Fragments for these.

I coloured these with Alcohol pens, sealed with some glossy accents and then when dry added them to my string ends.

A photo showing my jar alight in the garden at night.

This is a fairly simple project with not many supplies needed and I think it is something I will add to my list of projects I do with my After School Children's Craft club as they do love a bit of rubber stamping, and colouring onto the back of the stamped image on the tissue paper as you do with this project, there is no need to be too fussy as when you flip it to the right side it all looks ok. so it's a nice easy way to make something pretty.
I see a few of these jars in my future.


Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Carol. Very lovely idea and practical!

Corrie Herriman said...

Love it ! X

Lucy said...

Such brilliant ideas and so incredibly well executed! Love it! X

Etsuko said...

What a fabulous project Carol!! Looks so fantastic mushrooms when light a candle. xx

James D (Stampers Grove) said...

Great project Carol. So many useful tips too. Thank you. 😊

A Pink said...

Your mushroom night light jar is fabulous , Carol . Love the idea ,how you have used the stamps and paints and how you have considered the design so whether the jar is lit or unlit it looks fantastic .
Tfs x

Chris said...

Superb! Love these, might have to make them! :D