Sunday 28 July 2019

2019 #12 Topic Introduction: Eyes

 2019 Topic 12: Eyes

Hello everyone, Keren here. Eyes are mesmerising aren't they? In order to really see this topic, I thought it would be a great idea to garner some good tips on how to draw them. We don't all feel confident drawing, and you might never want to create a hyper-realistic eye, but this artist gives some great tips about placement and perspective, which are right at the beginning if you don't want to watch until the end.

Rather than begin with the literal, I thought we'd start off with a troll; a flower troll to be exact! One that makes use of the unusual to create eyes with. Darcy made this delightfully quirky guy who's a fitting piece of eye-candy.

When we are looking at producing an intricate piece of art, if you're anything like me, you want to have some decent tools for the job. Sometimes being arty through using everyday tools produces beautiful results. This eye impressed me, not only because it is artistic but due to the tools she uses. Getting such good results from simple crayons is really inspiring.

It's interesting that you can really play around with the position and size of eyes for differing results. This piece is so emotion filled. Eyes have a great deal to do with conveying feeling.

If paint and pen are more your thing, watching this artist create a mixed media eye gives me lots of ideas about creating depth with colour.

Making the eye to be the centre of the story is Tal Peleg's speciality. She uses the upper eyelid as the canvas to recreate famous stories and films.

Working in Art Journals gives you plenty of room to express yourself. This artist loves journalling and has used texture without bulk. I love the canvas frame that draws your eyes into the ..eye! She's used Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics in combination with other paints to give a varied effect.

If we're talking eyes, there's no reason to limit ourselves to humans. With the rise in popularity of fantasy creatures why not try your hand at creating something mythical! This notebook is full of beautiful textures and almost gilded leaves

Trying to create an eye makes us think of detail, but having crucial elements of the eye helps suggest enough to create a fuller picture. This beauty has been put together with creamy pastels and is part of tutorial about using eyes in your journalling.

If you're wanting to evoke something to do with sight, why not use the iris as part of the illustrative process. This digitally created piece makes me want to create a collaged piece with acetate and photographs.

The aptly titled 'The Window To The Soul' is an arresting piece created just with pencils. I love the clear light reflected in the eye and the natural theme.

Black and white treatments add a depth that draws you in without the clutter of colour. View his eye, the life behind them; a vivacity and wisdom garnered from his years.

All of our examples so far have taken a straightforward look at eyes. This abstract piece amusingly entitled 'she could count the times she smiled on one hand', have the eyes both in different places and not sized the same. It works wonderfully though. The colours remain unified and the under eye treatment unifies the piece.

Before we wrap up, I was eyeing up this piece as a completely 'left-field' piece. It's entitled 'Catachresis #13'. I'll leave it to you to work out why I've included it! 

You're going to love the projects we have coming up for this topic. We are not doing the linked challenge  for 2019, so if you want to create along with us and this topic, please share on our social feeds so we can see what you get up to. The best places are Instagram @paperartsy or post in PaperArtsy People Group on Facebook. Make sure you tag us in your contributions, we love to see what you get up to in your creative world! 


Miriam said...

oh wow... great topic. I love the inspiration.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Great new topic! I used to avoid eyes but since buying an eye brooch I have become a fan!

Craftyfield said...

Darcy has found some real gems for this theme!

craftytrog said...

Fabulous eye art inspiration!

Ellie Knol said...

" I'll leave it to you to work out why I've included it! " I can't stand not knowing the answer .. :) my guess.. ".. through the eye of a needle "? but that is not the right answer I am sure. Or is there no right answer ? even worse LOL

A Pink said...

Gotta agree, Keren . Eyes are as you say mesmerising . I am instantly drawn to them - such a an emotive, expressive, compelling feature.
You have sourced and shared some fabulous examples for this great topic
Thanks for sharing

Etsuko said...

Fabulous topic and very helpful how to eyes drawing. xx