Sunday 16 June 2019

2019 #9 Arty Wood Blocks: On a Journey with EEA {by Carol Fox}

2019 Topic 9: Arty Wood Blocks

This mobile piece of art combines a gorgeous 'Refreshers' colour palette with some clever painty dyed fibres; transforming basic blocks to truly beautiful ones. Oh, and with wheels! 

Hi everyone, it's Carol Fox with you today, and I'd like to share with you a  house that I have made out of a selection of wooden building blocks.

I put wheels on it to give it a sense of travel, as the stamps I am using by Everything Art are about journey, adventure and exploration.
My house on wheels has my "navigator" on the front, a compass on the back to guide it on its way, a bright flurry of ribbons on the top to flutter in the breeze and a key to wind it up with for when it runs out of Oomph. 

I did have fun making this and I like to think it will cut a rainbow of colours in the sky as it chuggs off on its journey.

I put a slightly larger circle of wood at the back to tip it forward to try and give it the look of rolling along.

I painted all blocks with gesso as my bits of wood were very brightly coloured. I have glued the top bits on but left the wheels loose.

I used the paper my paint came wrapped in and coloured it with with my gelli plate using Fresco paints in shades of Banana, Caribbean Sea, Coral, Cerise and Bubblegum.



When I stamped my image for the front using the Everything Art stamp set EEA01, I bumped the words by layering them over the image with a darker shade. I also moved the bottom word to the left as the image was slightly too large for my block and I lost some of the word.

I used an image from Everything Art stamp set EEA02 for the back of my block.

I added stamping with an images from  EEA01 using Archival ink to my sides and roof, I then used Carribbean Sea to add blue pops to the whole assemblage. Once this was dry I mixed Fresco Bubble Gum paint with Grunge Paste and applied this through stencils PS034 and PS015.

I added stencilling to my wheels in the same way.

For my tassel I coloured my ribbons to match using the same paints, diluted with water and then mopped up it with the ribbon.

The Paints gave nice muted shades of the painted colours for my tassel.

I stamped the quote from EEA01 onto shrink plastic and used this to make a wire wrapped decoration to add to my tassel.

I used a craft knife to poke a hole in the side to insert the key and stuck on a letter "E" that I found in my stash as I felt the front needed a bit of balance.

To finish I gave it all a bit of a rub with some Treasure Gold and then a quick run around the edges with some Little Black Dress paint.

My favourite part of this is the tassel and wrapped bead. I have made a few of these in recent times to add to the edge of journal pages or to the spine of an altered book as I do like things that make a journal or book chunky. I love to see something poking out the edge of a journal, it just makes me want to pick it up and look at it.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

Carol xx


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Great idea! Lx

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This is brilliant, Carol, so clever and colourful! X

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Such a cool project, Carol. Well considered creativity wonderfully executed . x

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so clever and colourful Carol

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Fabulous work and lovely colours with Everything Arts stamps Carol. xx

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This is lovely ! x