Friday 18 May 2018

2018 #9 Vintage Neutrals: Plaque with I&D {by Leandra Franich}

2018 Topic 9: Vintage Neutrals

Tonight it's me on the blog. It's been a while. I unearthed my desk, pulled together a bunch of bits and bobs in this gorgeous colour palette and before you knew I'd made a thing! 

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Hi everyone, Leandra here

Not many people have seen my creative space (it's in a porta-cabin). One end has stock, show racks and general paraphernalia, and the other end my craft stuff, demo stuff, desks, and all kinds of leftovers from numerous teaching events. Its been a long-term mess, and for about 2-3 years it has almost been inaccessible due to a sheer lack of time to get it organised.

A few weeks ago, after our final consumer show in Paris, and with the weather warming, I conned Mark into helping me sort it out. He was out of his depth. But, we sorted, dumped, filed but it was pretty embarrassing as it dawned on him how much stuff I have. (These things us crafty girls like to keep secret right!) 

So this past weekend, I planned to do the final leg of the tidy up, and actually find my desks under piles and piles of random 'other stuff'. This was the first of 10 weekends that we now have back (woooohoooooo) due to not exhibiting at consumer shows! For me, this is soooo liberating! I can't even begin to tell you. I feel like I have my life back. Two, creative, peaceful, blissful hours later, and this little panel is what I made from an existing half-made substrate found under all the piles!

So among the half-finished things from when I demo at shows was found this substrate. We haven't sold these for a few years now, so I'm guessing the demo was a while back, but I know the paints are French Roast, Taupe, Stone, and I used a crackle paste through a leafy stencil, and a Crafters Workshop stencil too. I'm guessing i then chucked it under the desk to crack/dry and forgot about it

Onto one of the new Tim Holtz frames I added (quite roughly) some Grunge Paste

I sprinkled the nearly dry GP with Sleight Infusions in a few places, spritzing generously with water to activate.

I also put some sleight onto an old book page, trying to keep it dark one end, letting it drip up to the plain end - saw some really interesting specks that unexpectedly popped up (green and pink), and set that paper behind the frame with the fluffy edge poking out.

At the same time I tinted some of the Tim Holtz crinkly ribbon with infusions - yes it is in there -  I promise!

And it was nice and subtle once dried.

The wood border was stamped with W6,  the numbers from Words Plate 6 (Ink and the Dog Collection)

I used a new ink I love by Tsukineko, called Delicata (i promise to put them online this weekend!!) over the Fresco painted wooden border. It was painted in Slate, with French Roast and Hyde Park brushed over the top. There are 5 shades of the Delicata: white shimmer, gold, silver, black, dark brown. All dry really fast for a metallic pigment ink!

Then it was just a matter of layering up some paper and fabric flowers & embellishments. The fiddly part! The bird-tile is an old Prima Marketing product from a few years ago.

And here is how the crinkly ribbon ended up as a flower

Finally I added an old-school mica tile to the frame. Bits of teeny, diddy bling in the scallops, and some alphabet twill tape
And faffed about like a creative pig-in-mud until I was happy.

So no rocket science here, it's more about the arrangement of stuff! I am still playing about with rusting some other embellishments to tuck in and around the main frame...

I hope you get time to play with some Vintage Neutral ideas this coming weekend! I heartily recommend you do...or remember to join us over at the PaperArtsy People Group!

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Helen said...

What a joy to see you having time to create something for the blog - love this!! You really did have a sort out if you found that mica! I have no idea where mine is!! When you get a bit more time I hope we'll see some more videos (I haven't forgotten you "promised" (well kind of) one with the distress re-inkers!!)

Miriam said...

I love this Leandra...and it's so amazing to see you crafting properly. Long may it continue!

Targeted Web Traffic said...
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Words and Pictures said...

Oh, yay! How lovely to see you getting some playtime in your (mostly) sorted craft space! I have a bunch of those substrates - love them - and the soft neutrals and crackled leaves are delicious. Love the Infusions grungy altering of the frame and I can see I'll need to come shopping for some Delicata inks... the white text looks gorgeous over the painted background.
Alison x

Raquel Burillo said...

Beautiful arrangement!! Beautiful layers! I love that grungy frame with the torne book showing at one end. And the mica tile giving that vintage colour! I'm so happy for reading you can make up more time for your creative self and you could recover a space for you to create. Looking forward to see more posts from you, Leandra!! Take care!! xxx

Raquel Burillo said...

If you see the gold one Alison... OMG! :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely had a good chuckle about your “craft supplies” being out of control and needing to be organized. I think all of us that have an artistic side tend to be a little “messy and disorganized” because it messes with our creative mojo and honestly, I’d rather spend my time crafting rather than “organizing”!!
So like you, I have a monstrosity of everything! And it’s supposed to be contained to be craft room but I end up dragging stuff out into the living room to craft in front of the tv as I like to be where the action is, not holed up in some room, away from the family. But as one can imagine, my craft stuff never quite makes it back up stairs into its proper place. Plus even when I try and get organized, I’ll start with good intentions but inevitably two minutes into going thru my stuff, I’ll find a new toy that I’d never played with before.. so guess what happens? Yep! I’ll start crafting and playing with my long lost craft supplies! It’s like Christmas morning when that happens but obviously I never get anything done.. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and dig in.. making sure I take my ADHD meds! But I think a lot of us can relate.. it’s kinda nice to know I’m not alone.. but great post and awesome project!!

Art By Wanda said...

This is wonderful, Leandra!! I'm very thrilled that you got some creative play and could share it here with us!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

Preeti D. (aka Dutt Preety) said...

Gorgeous work :)

craftytrog said...

A wonderful project Leandra, love that grungy frame! Looks like you had fun!
I finally joined the FB group too, thanks for the reminder :-)
Happy weekend,
Alison xx said...

You go girl! It's kind of exciting shopping your own stash and taking back some of your precious time. It's all about the enjoyment. My stuff has too many hiding spots. It's an archaeological dig sometimes.

Dorthe said...

Leandra, a beautiful creation- wonderful to find such bits and bobs in the piles,- believe me, I have piles, too, lol.
Ilove your color choice and your handmade rose .
Dorthe, xx

Ruth said...

Oh, what a joy to see one of your gorgeous inspiring creations and that you got to play! Beautifully assembled and great to see mica again..fond memories of the rusty relic when you first shared how to use it (first for me anyway). Just realised ‘Song of Solomon’ did you have inside knowledge of ‘the’ wedding? :)) x

Etsuko said...

Stunning grange and elegance panel Leandra!! And fab English lesson too!! xx

SewPaperPaint said...

Leandra, my heart melted at the Song of Solomon text beneath your layered frame.... Sigh... I truly love every inch of this canvas and am so thrilled that you unearthed it and gave it new life. I can only imagine how hard it must be to get organized after running on steam for so long, but am glad that you have made it a priority and happy that you have a good helper! ;0 Big hugs, Autumn

craftimamma said...

Love this piece Leandra and great to see you playing. Your crinkly ribbon flower is gorgeous and I need to check out those Delicata Inks.....even the name is lovely, lol!

Lesley XX