Monday 12 February 2018

2018 #2 Seth's NEW Fresco paints:Journal Page with EKC {by Carol Fox}

2018 Topic 2: Seth's NEW Fresco Paints

Carol has created a beautiful journal spread here - even it it didn't all fall into place as easily as it looks in the photos! You wouldn't know she faced a few challenges along the way until she fesses up at the end! Isn't it reassuring you are not the only one who sometimes pulls out your hair getting to the end point! ~ Leandra

Hi everyone, it's Carol with you today, and I'd like to share with you a journal page today using the new set of  Limited Edition paints by Seth Apter. I used Seth's mono technique on my page to apply the paint where you paint onto an additional sheet and then mono print onto your surface with the colour, I love the randomness this gives with the colour and how easy it is to build up a one of a kind background each time. Added to this you get two backgrounds for the price of one, it's a win, win really.

I went into this page without much of a plan apart from the paint colours and choice of stamps, using Seth's technique is was very easy to build up the colour slowly and to find my way with my page as I went.

Once I had built up some colour on my page Using Seth Apters Limited Edition paint set FFSA4 I added interest with stencils, Here I used PaperArtsy Stencil 001 (PS001) by applying the paint to the stencil and then pressing onto my background, this gave a reverse image and only a very light paint covering, which let all the colours underneath still show through.

As I wanted to stamp directly onto my page I now took it all a bit lighter adding the colour with the stencil so my page had lots of detail. I thought the Glacier Ice colour from FFSA4 (available from PaperArtsy Stockists - see here) would give a nice background to stamp onto.

I chopped up the sheet of deli paper that I had used to paint onto the apply the paint to my page and arranged this onto my page to extra detail to the background, messing around with the layout before I glued them in place.

I stamped a selection of flowers from one of Kay Carley's latest releases EKC15 (stockists list here). It always amaze me how well you can stamp directly onto Fresco finish chalk paints. With lots of masking of my images I build up quite a nice bouquet on my page.


I rifled through my pencil box and found some which were a good match for the paints and coloured my flowers and I started to add little dots with a white gel pen to lift them off the page a little bit. The pencils coloured over the fresco paints like a dream.

I stamped a quote from Alison Bombers EAB01 set onto the border of a book page and cut it up to balance the page a little better getting the position just right before I glued it all down 

I also added detail with a stencil PS036...

... and Fresco Finish Chalk Paint Venice Blue, from the Seth Apter Paint set FFSA4, and used Glass Blue Fresco Finish Chalk paint with stencil PA001 to add a bit of a pop of brighter blue to my page as this pulled the brighter blue of one of my pencils into my page a little better. I mixed my Glass Blue paint with Fresco Finish Satin Glaze this made it ultra translucent so the elements beneath it showed through.


I finished with a bit of paint marking with an old bank card and Little Black Dress Fresco Finish Chalk paint. I used the curly leaf from Kay Carley's stamp set EKC15 to add little wing dings around the edge of page as filler to balance the page, adding a bit of darkness and depth to the edges.

I found this technique very relaxing and surprising unmessy!! I liked the way I could incorporate the sheet I had used to apply my paint into my project and I was glad I had decided to used Deli paper as this was really thin and did not cause a ridge when stamping as a thicker sheet might have done. But that was just luck as I did not plan to incorporate into my page it when I started, I just felt my page needed something but I wanted it to be tone on tone so this was perfect. I must admit there was a point when I absolutely hated this page and it felt "lost". But I remembered  when I teach and I look around and everyone is staring at their page in despair, I wave mine in the air and say "yes it looks awful now, but give it time and layers and it will suddenly lift it" So I gave myself a good talking too, and yes I do like it now and I am glad I did not throw it in the bin.

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Helen said...

This has turned out so beautifully!! Loving those colours too.

Kirsten said...

I love these colours and that is such a great journal page.

geezercrafter said...

Love how you have used those new colours Carol. Fab creation.

pearshapedcrafting said...

This looks brilliant Carol! Those colours are fab!

Miriam said...

Beautiful project :)

Art By Wanda said...

It's a beautiful page!!! I'm very glad you didn't give up on it and pushed through!!! Well worth it!!!

Sue said...

It's brilliant Carol, the colours are perfect for these stamps and I love your chopped up deli paper xx

Unknown said...

Fabulous as ever Carol. You had to do a lot of paper waving with us🙄🙄 Deli paper is so handy. Cheers crafty Carol xx😊😊😊

Mac Mable said...

Love the mono printing you have done along with incorporating the deli sheets. Faublous layering effect, great colours and great colours....Wonderful inspiration, thank you x

Beverly said...

Ohh Carol, the Phoenix rises . Where have you been? This is stunning. Thank you for you insperation, going to give it a go with the Seth paints. Big thank you. This is Bev not Lesley. xx

Chris said...

Love the colours Carol, such a gorgeous page!

Keren Baker said...

Glad you didn’t give up. It’s a whole lot of lovely layers—and glad I’m not the only one to feel like that sometimes!! x

SewPaperPaint said...

Oh Carol! I love the intense color here and the gorgeous layering of paints & imagery. The white dots really bring things to life - what fun!