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2018 Topic 3: Watercolours {Topic Intro and Challenge Link}

 2018 Topic 3: Watercolours

Well hello everyone, Darcy here with topic number 3, this time we are exploring the world of watercolours. These paints can be scary if you haven't used them before, but there are so many terrific brands and types of watercolour out there, that there is no reason to not have a go.  

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Watercolour paints have been around for several hundred years in England, but they go back even further when you start to look at artists in the rest of Europe, in fact they go back to the middle ages. Pigments made from various soils, and also vegetables were ground up and mixed with gum arabic or eggs, this acted as the binder. 

Specifically artists in the Netherlands loved watercolours and used them for landscape paintings. Though this was a hugely popular genre of painting it was not seen that way by The Royal Academy of Art. the 1790's there was an art revolution and watercolours were thrust into the limelight , and by the 19th century the watercolourists had their own academy. Watercolours have continued to gain popularity with help from artists such as David Hockney and the availability and great prices of the paints.

David Hockney
There are so many brands out there, from student grade, to artist grade, those that are purely translucent and those that are more opaque. Choose your paints by how you want them to work . An excellent place to start with researching paints is Youtube. 
Start with a beginners video, find one that is fun! Marta Łapkowska has some wonderful videos. here she is using Prima Watercolour pans.

Here Marta experiments with masking fluid along with watercolours, fun and easy projects that will get you hooked on watercolour painting. Check out her Youtube channel as she has others on watercolours. 

Another popular watercolour brand right now are those from Gansai Tambi, beautiful slightly opaque colours that also include some pearlescents. Here you can see how luscious they look when used to colour in a stamped image. 

Altenew Adore You stamp set watercoloured using Gansai Tambi watercolours and Thanks die by @pr0digy0
Erum Tasneem
Another card using Gansai Tambi, how stunning is this in its simplicity.

Deepti Malik
Of course you don't need to buy watercolour paints, you can achieve the look of watercolours but with acrylic paints, watch this video from  Lindsay Weirich.

Then there are ink pads and ink refills, these too can be used to create watercolour effect, this next example has been done with distress inks.  
Micheline Jourdain

So now you know there are lots of brands that you could try, but there are equally lots of techniques that you can do with your existing paints and inks. here are some more examples to whet your appetite. 

Here is a watercolour type background done with Archival reinkers.

Wendy Vecchi
This is a fantastic card, simple washes topped by a matching tag, our new nautical sets from Scrapcosy would work perfectly for this style. 

Another great use for these watery effects ,look at these gift tags. Simple but effective, these could be left as they are or overstamped. 

These cards were done with watercolours, but using the same techniques they can be done with inks or acrylics. 

Dawn Woleslagle
A great journal page now, done with Prima watercolours and ink pads. lovely to see Lin Brown's stamps being used.


Have a read of the process behind how this illustrator creates this little abstract bird. 
Veronica Ballart Lilja

Now for something a little different, I thought you might to know about the thought processes from someone who uses watercolours in a way that everyone can try. These journal pages were done by Hazel Agnew as a way to record the world around her, some at home and some on holiday. 


I asked Hazel about these pages, she said:
I used to sketch with pencil and found that I was faffing for too long. When I started to sketch with pens, my style became freer and I prefer my resultsThe greenhouse is one of my first efforts which I did standing up and quickly sketching what I saw. Didn't concentrate on too much detail, just scribbled.

I started with Derwent Graphik pens, but found that the ink ran slightly with the watercolour wash.

I now use Faber Castell Pitt pens which are waterproof. I enjoy keeping a diary in this way and it is wonderful to look back over. Sometimes I sketch on location, which I prefer, and sometimes I take a photo and sketch and colour the same day. I feel that the colours just bring the scenes to life. 

Great occupation for fidgets on holiday! 

Finally this beautiful ladybird piece, a little colour goes a long way. Don't think that you have to colour everything, remember back to one of our past topics of white space.

Ana Santos

So break out your watercolours, in pans tubes or pencils, or look at your inks differently, or water down your acrylic paints. Don't forget PaperArtsy Infusions result in great watercolour effects too. Whichever medium you choose, try out some watercolour techniques and have fun. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Fab inspiration as always. Looking forward to joining in on this one. X

Catie Cuddles said...

Fab inspiration as always. Looking forward to joining in on this one. X

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Congrats to Rachel. Great topic Darcy. Xx said...

I have been using the cheaper pen for a while because I accidentally found out it smudged when you coloured near it with distress pens etc, and I liked the effect but felt like it was a bit of a cheat? So it’s lovely to see that you also use them, especially on your whimsical faces, as I am just teaching myself to draw them and am finding the way that’s best for me to draw them. Pencil, marker pen, straight in with paint, or pencil and rubber! I do enjoy your videos. Xx

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Awesome topic. I love the inspiration for it. So many talented people! I love watercolours but keep forgetting about them - good excuse to get them out!

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Wonderful inspiration!!! I always love the bit of history Darcy includes in these posts!!

Art By Wanda said...

Wonderful inspiration!!! I always love how Darcy includes a bit of history in these posts!!

Lemon Creation said...

Great topic! I am just starting to learn about watercolors! Will have a long, and as always, good read on your blog! love the creative mess apron as well:) Hugs, Asia

Lemon Creation said...

My first comment was not published, so here I am again! Super topic! I am just learning the watercolors! Will have a good read, as always, on your blog! SO many things to learn... And the creatively messy apron is just gorgeous!
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