Sunday 9 July 2017

2017 Topic 9: Aqua {Introduction and Challenge}

 2017 Topic 9: Aqua

Well hello everyone, Darcy here with a brand new topic. Though we took a break from our usual format over the past few weeks, it has not been quiet here in blogland. I  hope you have been as excited as us by all the new releases, the inspiration has been bountiful, delivered beautifully by our designers and their wingmen. Now it is time for you to play with all those new goodies and join in with our latest topic. 

So we will kick off with a colour theme, this time is it Aqua. This is a green-blue colour, (though closer to green) and as you might imagine it means 'water' . It is a fresh clean colour, evocative of clear,bright days by the sea. Often teamed with white to create seafoam, when we see aqua we think of far flung holiday destinations.  

Lu West

Aqua is one of the variations of cyan, these range from the deepest of green-blues through to barely there tints. You will recognise names from that range such as turquoise and teal. Aqua falls in the middle of the range being one of the brightest. This colour is not the same as aquamarine, which is named after the gemstone of the same name. Aqua is a creative colour, fun and light hearted , but has strength and individuality. 

Aqua is often used in glasswork, presumably as it is evocative of sea glass. 

Daum and Majorelle

This piece by Lalique is beautiful, note that while it is all one colour the embossed ares appear much lighter, the recesses darker and shaded. You could create this effect with embossing folders. 

Rene Lalique
This colour works well on images of nature too, this bird and foliage combine so many shades that all compliment each other. the brighter ones really pop out as accents. 

Ann's Doodles
This lino print works perfectly in just one colour of paint, using the colour of the paper as the highlights. A lovely traditional technique that still looks fresh and modern. 

Jane Kendall
Aqua is a great colour to build up a background, using the various tints and shades to create depth before adding text or images on top. 

Rosie Radcliffe

Here is another background, transformed by the stunning layout on top. 

Tatiana Yemelyanenko

Aqua works well alongside many other colours, some more dramatic than others. A classic partnership is white, this creates a clean crisp contrast. the white detailing on this compact really stands out. You could create a similar effect with just a white pen. 

Another complimentary colour is orange and its variations, this painting is full of interest  and bold contrasts. 

Strong warm browns work wonderfully with cool aqua, it is a strong contrast that really pops, how could you recreate this look? maybe a fabric cuff with die cut embellishments?

Try some other combinations, what can you come up with that works. Try hot pinks for heat and black for drama. 

Taupes and greys are also great buddies for aqua, just look at this little doggie, whilst he is mainly shades of aqua the lines of grey really stand out and provide the needed contrast. 

Crafts Beautiful
When just using one colour it is always fun to add texture, this adds interest and lifts the eyes. This is a great combination of vintage photo and fun jigsaw pieces. 

Sara Huete
For more texture  go all out with fabric and thread. I had to include this piece, I think it is wonderful and must be so tactile. 

Ana Teresa Barboza

How about these miniature underwater aqua worlds, encapsulated in resin in the top of a ring. 

Here is another interesting piece, full of texture and shapes and wonderful dangly bits. I can see this look being achieved with stamps pressed into paper clay.

Divine Henna
I think this may be my favourite piece for this topic, how adorable is this little birdie with his plump aqua body. 

Abigail Brown 
Aqua art does not need to be over complicated, this is a strong colour and can work easily on minimalist projects. Take this card, clean, fresh and simple. 

Kate M
To finish I have this gorgeous miniature dress, what little girl would not love to dress up in this. Some serious glitter here. 

Cheryl Elisabeth Sansom
Phew! some stunning samples there, have they inspired you? Remember they are only to inspire, you do not have to attempt to recreate them, look at the combinations of colours, the shapes, structures and techniques. Pick out something that speaks to you and let your imagination run wild. 

Coming up over the next two weeks we have gorgeous aqua samples from our guests to inspire you further, please do leave them some comments and mention them if they inspire you. 

Don't forget to follow Darcy and Leandra's Pinterest boards if this topic pushes your buttons, you will see plenty more examples to whet your appetite there! I am really looking forward to seeing what you create over the next 2 weeks!

~ Darcy

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Helen said...

great to see the challenges back, and aqua is such a gorgeous colour! You found some stunning samples to tempt us.

Jane said...

I loooove aqua...a perfect summer colour. Great projects. I really hope to be able to join in this fortnight x

ionabunny said...

Great to see you back and I love the challenge. Hope to join the fun. Hugz

Mac Mable said...

Absolutely amazing inspiration and great to see the challenge back x

Miriam said... many variations... And fabulous inspiration. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates!

Hazel Agnew said...

Great topic and wonderful presentation Darcy. Having a think! Xx 😬😜

Craftyfield said...

Nice theme... lots of fab samples to get inspired by!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous intro! This will really kick start my mojo, there are some amazing and inspiring pieces here, love the cuff and the birdie and the dress! Thanks Darcy!

Lucy x

craftimamma said...

Wonderful to have you back with a new amazing intro Darcy! Love aqua and the different pieces you have found to encourage us with are stunning. I love the abstract piece by Gina Marie Dunn and the resin rings are stunning. Thanks Darcy.

Lesley Xx

Arty Beginnings said...

OO one of my favourite go to colours when crafting - great choice, thank you! Rachel x

Unknown said...

I haven't been crafting for a while but this sounds like the perfect challenge to have a go at now my crafting mojo has come back!

Keren Baker said...

Absolutely love this introduction. If only I'd seen it two weeks ago!!

Etsuko said...

Glad to see the challenge blog back, the topic Aqua is my favorite color and the selected samples are stunning. Thank you Darcy. xx

Kirsten said...

Great to see the return of the challenge, lots of gorgeous inspiration for everyone too.

Craftychris said...

Haven't joined in for ages but have just made it! I was so inspired! Thank you! xxx