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2017 #10 Dark to Light: Facelift anyone?? {by Hazel Agnew}

2017 Topic 10: Dark to Light: Contrasts & Layers

I adore the way Hazel jumps in the deep end and challenges herself to try something different. In this post she bravely experiments with colouring a face dark to light, the absolute opposite of how we would normally work. The good thing about colouring faces with unusual shades is that there are no expectations of right and wrong, so come on...what's the worst that could happen!

Hi everyone, it's Hazel Agnew from Mellifluous Meanderings with you today, and I'd like to share with you a portrait for the non-drawing fraternity and also incorporating some fab stamps from Emma Godfrey.

The topic of dark to light lends itself easily to portraiture, and as some of you know I have practised my face drawing quite a lot since I attended a great class by Dina Wakley a few years ago. I recently discovered a technique to get around the drawing part and you can tweak your squidgy bits too, hence the title about facelifts!

I had so much fun creating this and laughed so much at the grotty stages that my face went through. But it made it, with fuller lips, stronger jawline and brighter eyes! Well, a girl has to do this! 

Here are my colour choices for the flowers and my face. I used opposites on the colour wheel for my background, Pumpkin Soup, Banana and Tikka Fresco Chalk Paints.

Here is my master board for the flowers starting with brayering. You will recognise many PA mini stamps. I used EEG14 flowers and heat embossed with white to make them stand out.

Whoops, happily sponging the background and then realised that I should have left the face area clear. Hand gel to the rescue, it cleared the paint away really well. 

I forgot to mention that printing out your photo in black and white helps you to pick out the contrasts when you are painting. Here is my tracing. I used baking parchment.

This was the scary part, putting down the dark layers first. Then have fun and build up the colours using your photo as reference for dark to light shades.

So, there is my facelift enhanced by Emma's beautiful flowers.

You could have a go with a magazine face if you wished, not so many lines to paint in, or you could paint a picture of a child perhaps.
A good way to start is to make a few copies of your photo and and paint directly onto it  to get the feel of it and then chuck it into the bin.
I hope that I have encouraged the "I can't draw" brigade to have a go!

So, its hi and bye from Hazel, Mellifluous Meanderings, aka craftroomgran and thank you for looking at my ugly, but enhanced mugshot!

Wow Hazel, what an amazing lesson that is! I love your face lift! I also love how you have cool colours, but it looks like towards the end you have a few warmer layers in there too! Looks like a lot of fun to me!! ~ Leandra

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Miriam said...

What a fabulous project Hazel....I love how you've used the photo and dark to light has worked so well. I want to try this when I get time!

Nikki Acton said...

Oh Hazel this is fabulous! I would never be brave enough to try! I love it... great colour choices too. xx

Helen said...

Oh Hazel, this looks wonderful! a much cheaper facelift than the real thing, too. You have really succeeded with this topic so well.

geezercrafter said...

Stunning Hazel, love the colours you have used in your portrait. The textures, highlights and depth make a really atmospheric piece.

Ruth said...

Wow, you are so talented this, you may have dived in but you've come up covered in glory...fantastic!!! Fabulous combination with Emma's stamps too. xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks amazing! Fab colours too! Lx

Claire said...

Stunning project Hazel, love how you achieved it! Xx

craftimamma said...

Totally amazing piece Hazel and even more amazing to me (who is one of the can't draw faces with character brigade) is the fact that it is easily recognisable as you. It's brilliant and you are such a clever clogs! Fabulous take on the topic too!

Lesley Xx

butterfly said...

Amazing work, Hazel - the portrait itself is fantastic - just brilliant seeing how you worked those layers from dark to light to build dimension and subtle shaping. Love the colour contrasts too, and the masterboard by itself is a triumph! A post full of inspiration.
Alison x

Kathyk said...

FAB projects and such great colours too


Craftyfield said...

Brings me back to when I was painting in oils (also dark to light)! Love the expressive brushstrokes, a lovely self portrait Hazel!

Mac Mable said...

So creative and thank you for the step by step...fabulous project x

Etsuko said...

What a lovely work Hazel, bright yellows and purples contrast are marvelous. Your beautiful eyes looks bloom your art work. xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is fantastic, Hazel, your portrait is so, so clever and as Alison said, the masterboard for the flowers is so brilliant too,

Lucy x

Sarah B said...

just brilliant Hazel - I might be tempted to have a go as I definitely fall in the can't draw camp. Don't know if I'd be brave enough to go with these beautiful colours xx

Craftychris said...

Ooh this is sooo cool! You are so clever. xxx

Pat Taylor said...

Wow Hazel that is fabulous I can tell it's you even with the facelift, 😀Xxx

Sue said...

It's amazing Hazel, I love the flowers, but the face just blows me away. You are sooo clever, from a fully paid up member of the 'can't draw' brigade :-) xx

Unknown said...

Wow Hazel this is fab! Well done! X

Unknown said...

Wowza Hazel, this is amazing, proving what we already know you are a super talented lady xx

Julie Lee said...

Absolutely brilliant, Hazel! I love your 'dark to light' portrait in its gorgeous flowery frame. This is a stunning and original interpretation of a fascinating theme. xx

craftytrog said...


Corrie Herriman said...

Brilliant !
Corrie x

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