Sunday 21 May 2017

Topic 8 {Assemblage} Challenge Winner

Hello everyone, Leandra here today,  

We have just completed 2 weeks of wonderful assemblage posts her on the PA blog. Assemblage is simply the way we pull a bunch of objects together in a way that is pleasing to the creator. Even decorating a room is assemblage on a grand scale; colours, textures, shapes and layers all play a part in creating the overall look.

It seemed to be a topic that stumped not only you guys (participation was down on our usual) but also I got many email inquiries from the bloggers who also struggled to fix on what they might conjure up. They were looking for rules, and guidelines or a framework, and I guess it's that problem where sometimes, if the brief is too wide, then we don't really know where to start from.

Hey ho, we are moving onto to a new round soon, not every topic will tickle everyone's fancy!

So who won the Topic 8: Assemblage...

The winner of Found Objects is: Jane  from Dizzycrafter with her lovely post 'Rusty Cogs'

Email Leandra to claim your prize.

Darcy is off for the next month or so, she is recovering from a major, planned surgery, so she on strict orders to not move, lift, wiggle etc...I think about the only thing she can do is listen to audio books and look at movies, but only that will happen if she is feeling up to it. We all wish her a very speedy recovery!!

We are taking a short 2 week, mid-year blog break. Those of you who follow us, will know we are finally coming up for breath after an unexpected crazy start to the year, and we need to catch up and re-group in readiness for the next round on the ever, it will be something a little bit different, so hold onto your hats, and we''ll see you back here on Sunday 4th June. That evening, at blog-o'clock, some of us will still be driving back from Doncaster at that time. If we get to see you at the Doncaster Dome, even better, we have lovely ideas and products to share with you all at the show too!!

Happy crafting!


Helen said...

Well done Jane. get well soon Darcy

Kirsten said...

Get well soon Darcy, thinking of you. Congrats to Jane.

craftimamma said...

Congratulations Jane and Darcy behave yourself and get well soon.

See you at Donny Leandra and Co.

Lesley Xx

Julie Lee said...

Well done, Jane! It was a great project too! Love to Darcy and get well soon! xx

Artmadnana said...

There may not have been many entries but they were all absolutely amazing! Well done Jane! Enjoy your prize xxxx

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Congrats Jane and a speedy recovery to Darcy X

sam21ski said...

Why was the random generator only done out of 8 when there were 16 entries?????

rsgmutti said...

Also wondering about only up to 8 on the rand on generator ?????!!!
What about 9 to 16??

Etsuko said...

Congratulations Jane! Get well soon Darcy, thinking of you. xxx

Maye M.L said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Darcy, and a good break to all. Loved the last topic, albeit without making time for a project of my own, I enjoyed the inspiration. Cheers!