Monday 21 March 2016

2016 #6 Lady with Parasol { by Helen Chilton }

Topic 6: Liquid Sculpting Medium

Hi everyone Helen here. 
Tonight I'd like to share with you this evening a post about using Paverpol fabric hardener. I've never used this stuff before although have seen some of the fantastic sculptures people have made so was raring to go. However it was quite a steep learning curve that required a few trips (well worthwhile) to You Tube to get some basic hints. I even got out the rubber gloves (usually I just go around with interesting colours all over my hands!).

I quickly realized that the fabric I'd got for what I had in mind wasn't going to work so had to adapt and in the end it was getting the stamping in that proved difficult. So here is Esmerelda with her parasol:

I bought these doll frames but they'd be easy to make from coat hanger wire; first of all stuff the head and chest with silver foil:

Then you wrap the whole thing in foil to fill it out a bit:

After that dip strips of fine gauze bandage in the Paverpol and wring out:

Then start wrapping up like a mummy:

Until she's like this:

Leave her to dry completely and then you can paint with the gorgeous Fresco Copper:

Then I dyed some more fine gauze bandages with Brushos in water:

and when dry stamped on them with Archival inkpads. Then I ripped them up a bit, dipped them in the Paverpol and draped them in strips round my doll making sure there were lots of folds and curly bits. As it turned out by the time I'd done all that the stamping was lost, but never mind.

So I decided to make some flowers by painting some calico and stamping over the top, using this new stamp from Emma Godfrey EEG018

Once cut out and cut into, they're dipped in the Paverpol: 

and shaped:

The parasol uses the same stamp but instead of cutting into it, mold it over the base of a teacup to get the right shape:

Then I've got out the Treasure Gold (lots of different colours) to add that touch of gilt - the texture of the dried gauze picks it up beautifully. The flowers are wired together with a bead. The hair is just fibres dipped in Paverpol, allowed to dry and then stuck on. The tree stump is a Paverpol bandage wrapped container with stringy bits for texture that I painted afterwards with a mixture of Frescos.

It was so good to make something entirely different - I could have gone on adding details forever. I'm definitely going to explore this medium further - I used a transparent Paverpol but you can get it in various finishes. I just love the texture you can create and how the fabric seems to move and flow. I realized the stretchy, textured nature of the gauze definitely adds to the effect.
I hope you enjoy having a go with this product - let's see what you create!


Thanks Helen, suh a fun character to create. Emma's stamp makes a perfect parasol, and all that texture is so yummy, just ready for a tickle of Treasure Gold. ~ Darcy

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Helen said...

Fabulous Helen. Hope my first go with my powertex is as successful!

Julie Lee said...

Wow, Helen, what a brilliant start to the topic! I love your parasol lady and so much info, it was like looking over your shoulder while you created! Great post! xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

She's great. Love how you used Emma's "limpit" (sorry Emma) for the parasol. Lx

JoFY said...

Helen this is a great project!! love it x

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is amazing, Helen! I can't believe it's your first project, you're so great the way you take on new things so quickly! I'm very interested to see how paverpol differs from powertex. Your girl is full of character!

Lucy x

rachel said...

love this so much - brilliant x

Hazel Agnew said...

A brave and beautiful project Helen. I love all the textures and your detailed account is so helpful. Makes me want to try myself. X

Miriam said...

This is gorgeous Helen.... really beautiful project!

Etsuko said...

She is so gorgeous Helen, fab details and colours. I love her umbrella. xx

craftimamma said...

Wow, what a brilliant first Helen! She's lovely and I especially love her hair.... proper birds nest hairdo, lol! The parasol and flowers are perfect for this little lady. Great start to the new topic and well done for such a smashing project.

Lesley Xx

Annie said...

Thank you Helen for such an inspiring post. You make this look so easy and I just love this beautiful lady. Very clever use of Emma's stamp too

Think I will give this a on my wish list

Tfs Annir x

Kirsten said...

She is lovely & her parasol was a great idea.