Monday 14 March 2016

2016 #5 Art Doll {by Lucy Edmonson}

 2016 Topic 5: Art Dolls

Hi everyone Lucy from True Colours here.

Tonight I'd like to share with you a post about making an eclectic mixed media style art doll using clay, wire, wool, fabric, glass, and shrink plastic. I have used Frescos, including some of the new colours, and the glazes, and a couple of Ink and the Dog Minis: 'oldies but goodies'!

I love art dolls as there is no strict definition so they can be whatever you want them to be. I like mine to be three dimensional and free standing, and this time I've made my doll armless, to add to the quirky feel. I've also incorporated a found item: an iconic woman's torso-shaped glass perfume bottle which you will probably recognize, which made my doll quite feminine. I was aiming for the idea of a Victorian lady getting dressed in her bedroom, starting with her hooped skirt, and this aspect allowed the doll to stand on her own.

Step One: First of all paint the corset part of the bottle with two coats of Snowflake Fresco and then a coat of Matte Glaze to protect it from being scratched by the wire hoop later. Then paint the flesh with Blush and for the second coat mix in a little Pearl Glaze to give the skin a sheen. Once it's dry, use a little Pearl Glaze in places such as the collarbones. I found the skin looked a little 'flat' before I added this dewy layer. I also made some shrink plastic buttons using the button stamp from Hot Picks 1213 and StazOn Ink in Cherry Pink and added a little Pearl Glaze after shrinking to give a mother of pearl effect.


I made the head with flesh coloured Fimo oven bake clay. I rolled it into a ball and then rolled it to a quarter of an inch thickness and pressed it into the face of the stamp Ink and The Dog Mini 10 which I had inked up with Onyx Black Versafine. I cut a notch out of the back at the neck to make it easier to glue to the body later.  I then baked it according to the instructions on the pack.

Mini 10

I then added a little Bubblegum to her lips, and mixed some with Pixie Dust for her cheeks,  a dot of Snowflake for her earring, a dot of Snowflake and a dot of China Blue on her eyes and a little Pearl Glaze on her cheeks and forehead.

To make the hoop frame for her skirt, which will also form the stand, I used 2 mm aluminium wire and I cut five lengths for the uprights and three pieces of descending sizes for the circles. I didn't join the smallest circle together at this stage as I want to join it tightly at the back of her waist at the end.

For her skirt I used a piece of white cotton fabric and Ink and the Dog Mini 67. I used Hey Pesto on the leaves and a mix of Pixie Dust, Bubblegum, and Bougainvillea on the flower. I hemmed it and stitched a piece of lace around the waist which had ribbon threaded through it so it could be gathered up. You could also use elastic (which I'd planned on doing before I found this in my stash!).

I wound some thick black wool around her head and into a bun and glued it and then used Golden Matte Medium to adhere the clay to the body as it's very strong. I left it overnight to set up. I then glued on some pearl beads and the shrink plastic buttons. I put together the wire hoop using pliers and wrapped a little adhesive lace around the wire where it touched the bottle as I was worried, maybe unnecessarily, about scratching it. Once I'd eased it into position I twisted the wire of the waistband piece of wire at the back, and the whole thing stood up on its own quite securely. To finish off, I tied the stamped fabric skirt in position.

I enjoyed making my doll SO much! I didn't expect the stamp to come out so well directly on the clay so that was an Oooh moment! My main problem was I had so many ideas, which I didn't want to cram into one doll - she was going to have a hat and boots! The result is, I am hoping to join in the challenge and use some of my other plans for some different dollies! There are so many different styles of doll you could make when you enter the challenge, but I hope you will give it a go and make one made up of many different parts. It's such fun!

Thank you for joining me this evening.

Lucy this is so beautifully created from her wire framed body to her woolen hair and her adorable vintage attire. Love the choice of Fresco colours used to create such a soft feminine look. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. ~Gillian

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Helen said...

Lucy, she is so pretty and what a very clever idea to make her skirt wired so she can stand up

Craftyfield said...

Love her dress! Clever construction too Lucy...

CastleKelly Crafts said...

Wow Lucy, what a superb head!! Love her, she's great X

Hazel Agnew said...

She is exquisite Lucy! So elegant! Great idea, gorgeous choice of face and colours....clever girlie! Xx

Julie Lee said...

This is such a great idea, Lucy. I love that hooped skirt and brilliant use of Frescos and I and D mini for her lovely face. Sorry I am a little bit late commenting, but she's really impressive! xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

She's fab Lucy. I confess the hooped skirt is so cool I'd have been tempted to leave it bare but I guess a girl's got to have her dignity hasn't she :oD


Etsuko said...

She is very fascinating and great idea. Her costume is very elegant, lovely doll!! xx

PaperArtsy said...

Fantastic Lucy! I am loving the variety of art dolls we are seeing! Another beauty tonight!

Miriam said...

Your art doll is lovely the skirt

Miriam said...

Your art doll is lovely the skirt

craftimamma said...

What a lovely doll Lucy! The stamped fabric is so pretty and looks lovely over the hooped skirt. Her face did turn out really well on the clay too.

Lesley Xx

Sarah B said...

of course of love the stamping on the skirt lol - a great use of different materials x

Anonymous said...

She is ever so elegant and so ready for Springtime with that pretty dress you created for her.
A stunning mix of altered art/art doll.

Deborah Wainwright said...

What a fabulous doll Lucy, I love her dress. Hugs Debs xxx

Kirsten said...

She is lovely!