Wednesday, 21 October 2015

2015 #19 Thinking Outside... {by Penny Nuttall}

 2015 Topic 19: Faces

Hi everyone Penny here, joining you this evening not with a new technique... you have seen this way of using stamps for rock art in some of my previous posts... but more about going out, away from the desk, and taking inspiration from the landscape. 

I am always out and about with my boys (dogs) and it is really good thinking time. This week I decided to put rock art back on the rocks.

Look carefully and see what's hiding there! The 'faces' I chose to create for this topic just don't happen to have skin on them.

I stamped on tissue, selecting the parts of the images from Hot Picks HPHW05...

... which gives good clear skulls for cutting out, and then looked back through my other PA stamp sets for something bone like. It's great to mix and match and look beyond the obvious. The spine is from Eclectica ELB04....

I selected a group of stones to transform, and placed the cut out shapes, drawing loosely round them, as a guide for painting with opaque colours of Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints.

(I used Chalk, Vintage Lace, Teresa Green and Concrete) and then applied the shapes using gloss medium.

They needed eyes...

...with a little bit of glazed Cherry Red Fresco (discontinued JOFY colour), try London Bus instead. Instantly alive. And of course a few grisly grave goods (I like a bit of textile and glitz).

Then it was time to take them out to their tomb in the rocks (fortunately no one was around during the photo session so I didn't have to explain my oddness)...

...and these guys looked great in the landscape.

I hope you feel inspired to leave your desk and take some thinking time in the great outdoors (before the winter sets in!).

Bye for now, Penny.
Blog: Cutting My Coat

Goodness Penny, you never cease to amaze with the hi-jinx you get up to! It could well have been a bit odd if you were spotted for this photo shoot! Loving the play on 'skeleton' leaves too! Thanks for a wonderful post. ~Leandra

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Julie Lee said...

Nothing like the great outdoors before the Winter sets in, I agree and combining art and a walk in the natural world is just bliss. Love these rocks and what an inspired way to create skeletons. I especially like that pop of red in the eyes and the use of embellishments. xx

Helen said...

oh Penny,these are fabulous!! I love the beach - but part of me wishes you'd met someone who wanted to know what you were up to!! Like Leandra, I love your play on skeleton leaves!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Totally love this, penny! I love things that are really original and an unusual use of a set of stamps. This is really spooky for Hallowe'en and would look great in a bowl on the table with sweets around it. I hope I get to meet you one day as I think you'd be a week bit bonkers!

Lucy x

Mac Mable said...

How clever to think out of the box like this. Very creative and some good ideas about mixing the stamps and thinking about them differently, you most certainly did!I live by the sea and will look at rocks differently now! x

Jennie Atkinson said...

Brilliant !

Unknown said...

Wow, these look brilliant in such a natural setting Penny and what a fab idea with Halloween around the corner.

Lesley Xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

I smiled, too, when I thought about what people would think if they'd seen you carefully setting out your little skeleton family on the rocks. They do look very at home there though. Such a clever idea combining the heads with the leaves like that. Really very striking. Lx

Deborah Wainwright said...

What a fabulous idea love them. Debs xx

Sarah B said...

what a great idea and you're so lucky to live close to the sea - a stunning setting x

Unknown said...

Great idea with the leaves skeleton, very clever xx

Ruth said...

Stunning work Penny, very, very creative! Ruth x

Kirsten said...

These made me laugh out loud with delight, they are fantastic! Great idea & they look perfect amongst the rocks.

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