Thursday 24 July 2014

Colour Mixing {with Lynne Perrella Stamps by Elizabeth Borer}

Using three colours to make many more !

Hi there again everyone , I’m Elizabeth and I’m back with another project that I hope you will enjoy. I decided to use some of the lovely stamps by Lynne Perrella and to show you how it is possible to make a rainbow of colours from just three bottles of paint !

I started with a piece of mount board ( chipboard will work as well ) which I painted with Nougat. This gives a lovely pale base coat to work on which will allow the more translucent colours I have used to show up well . (Tip – always paint the back of the project to seal the surface. Otherwise the unsealed surface can absorb moisture from the air and the project will warp .)

PA tip. Our grey-white boards would work perfectly for this project. 

I used Jo Sonjas Magic Mix for this because I needed the paint to dry more slowly. For this effect I used a small sponge roller because it absorbs some of the paint and the medium ( magic mix ) and helps blend the colours together. Roll the roller in the magic mix and apply it over the painted surface so that the whole area is damp but not running with the magic mix. Using the same roller, pick up some Chartreuse and roll it onto the surface in random patches . 

Roll some of the Chartreuse off the roller and pick up some Blood OrangeApply to the surface randomly, on it’s own in some places and over the Chartreuse in others. Start blending the colours together in some areas by rolling the roller in all directions .

Next pick up some Inky Pool and apply in the same way, some areas on its own and some areas blending into the other colours. Try to avoid mixing all three colours because this will result in a ‘muddy ‘ colour. At this point I find it helps to dry the whole project with a heat gun. Don’t worry if it looks messy , another coat of colour will sort this out. When the project is cool and dry repeat the whole process. This time be careful to keep some areas one colour and allow blending in other areas. You will get a variety of colours – orange (Blood Orange and Chartreuse ), purple ( Blood Orange and Inky Pool ) and a lovely green ( Chartreuse and Inky Pool ) .In this picture you can see the first layer in the centre and the second layer around the edges . Dry . 

I used a piece of cut and dry foam to tidy up any messy areas . Pick up a bit of colour ( in this photo I am using the green mix ) and dab it lightly anywhere that looks messy .

Next I stamped the script from HP 1304 in various places with archival black ink

HP 1304

To finish the background I used the plant stamp from (LPC028 ) in various places round the edges and embossed the design with gold powder .

I painted some smaller pieces of board with Nougat so that I could stamp the images on them . Apply a wash of Chartreuse all over the surface and dry. I used some Chartreuse on a wet wipe to dab colour around the edges of the board and then picked up a little Inky Pool mixed with chartreuse to add some extra colour. Once the paint is dry the images can be stamped onto the board .

Colour the images using the colours that formed the background. I mixed some of the extra colours like purple so that I could use them. I found it better to keep the two smaller images to the background colours so that the larger images would stand out .Finally dab perfect medium randomly around the edges and emboss with gold embossing powder . 

The other images that I used came from LPC026. 

The project is finished by attaching the images to the background with dimensional glue so that the two main images stand out . I made two holes at the top to attach a cord to hang the project up. I have also added some beads ,lace and other embellishments to finish the design .

I hope that you enjoyed this project and the use of only a few colours to get lots of colour variations . I’ll be back soon .


A huge thankyou to Liz from all at PaperArtsy for yet another fabulous project. We love to watch your colour blending process, absolutely fascinating. I am sure our readers will find this a great help in how to create that rainbow blend without it turning to mud. 

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Helen said...

Gorgeous Elizabeth!

Craftyfield said...

Both background and ladies are fabulously coloured. Love the embossing too!

finnella03 said...

Lovely xxx

craftimamma said...

This is just stunning Elizabeth and your colouring skills are totally awesome! I really love the rich luxurious look of this beautiful piece of art.

Lesley Xx

Julie Lee said...

How beautifully you have interpreted these lovely images. I love this project - really inspiring! Julie Ann xxx

Anonymous said...

Rich and sumptuous - perfect for the Lynne Perrella stamps, especially the focal stamp.

PaperArtsy said...

Ohhhh love that green made from inky pool and chartreuse!!!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow love it

Sid said...

They have a fabulously faded effect !!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is gorgeous, Liz, you are so amazing with colour!

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Stunning project, I absolutely love the colours.

Viki Banaszak said...

This is such a beautiful piece.

Lyn said...

the colours are beautiful on this project.