Tuesday 12 February 2013

Helen Chilton #3 Man About Town Hanging Board- B

"Hadn't realised I'd be posting so close to Valentine's Day or I'd have done something suitably Red and Pink. Never mind, I'm now going to show you how I decorated the other side of the Paper Mache Hanging Board".

I added an extra colour  this time in the form of lilac. I embossed some Crunchy waxed Kraft paper using Tim Holtz Subway and Collage embossing folders and stuck them to the hanging board (large) and then I painted over it all. I've squeezed my paints onto some plastic packaging - makes a great palette.

Next I wanted to rub some ink pads over the embossing but it went a bit wrong (too blotchy)

...but that wasn't a problem as it rubs off really easily with a baby wipe and you can just start again

After that add a little bit of stamping - you'll be pleased to know that I spent half an hour looking for the stamp I wanted - I'd put it down in all my mess! (That'll teach me!) You can see me pointing at it:
{Leandra Says: and hundreds of people sigh in relief that their desks look very similar to this!}

I haven't bothered with a block, just press the stamp directly on
{Leandra:that's because the block is MIA!}

As it turned out this stamping was mostly covered up by the end, but I didn't know that at the time! Then I started on some of the main image stamping, in Sepia as before. I particularly liked the filmstrip as I've also got the Filmstrip die and they work together. I've made it a bit longer by adding some at each end.

I also stamped the poet and coloured them both with the Antique Linen Distress ink and a touch of blue and purple to tone in with the background:
The die came out then and I cut a 4 crunchy-layer filmstrip with a painted layer on top. Playing around with the die cut I decided to use the left over shape to go on my filmstrip:

I trimmed it up and curled up the lower bit of film using a wooden skewer

I put the actual die cut shape horizontally at the bottom for him to stand on

Then I've added some crumpled paper in diagonally opposite corners (I like working corner to corner - it makes the eye travel down your project).

All the elements now link up and take your eye round the whole project.
I have to admit that I got so engrossed here adding all the twiddly bits that I forgot to take any more photos, so I'll show you some close-ups of various embellishments I added!

This is  a grungeboard letter (can you believe it - I've never used grungeboard before!), painted:

I've used the last interior section of the die cut to add this label on the side, again horizontally, and I've finished off the label at the bottom by backing it with green scrunched wax paper and adding a snap thing that I've had for donkeys years!

Here's a close up of the chain I've added at the top - I've just tied it round loosely:

Leandra says: Well, another astonishing project from Helen. The paints make the Crunchy a whole different animal, and give it a feel that does entice you to get out the sewing machine. I love what you have done here helen. So inspirational. Thankyou for having a messy desk!

Gillian says: Fantastic Helen, as I said yesterday the textures you have managed to incorporate into this project is wonderful. Wait how did my desk space end up at your house!! Wish I could work my sewing machine too lol looks like a whole load of fun!

If you are inspired by Helen this week, then we like to encourage you to have a go, and play along with us in this week's challenge. Link here to show us what you've been up to and you could win brand new rubber stamps, either 1 A5, 2 A6 or 3 minis - of your choice!! Can't wait to see what you create!


Minxy said...

Fab second side to the project, love all the interesting elements..

FYI though, if you look closely Helen there is one block just above the stamp you pointed out and a second at the bottom that your other finger is pointing too lol

Darcy Marshall said...

Fabulous project. that looks soooo like my desk. I am constantly reduced to working in a 6 inch space!

Anonymous said...

Completely stunning!!! I am in awe.

Helen said...

This side is even more fantastic, if possible! I love the embossed and painted wax paper. Thanks, Helen for this amazing double sided hanging.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic second side Helen ! Love how you've used the film strip and all the bits cut out, ingenious ! Sue C x

Sue said...

This is amazing Helen, I love your curly film strip and the crumpled corners. Good to know it's not just me with the 'tidy' desk lol xx

Trish said...

Wonderful! I love the colours, and especially the crunchy paper embossed and painted!
It all comes together perfectly - thank you so much for sharing.

ionabunny said...

Wow, what a gorgeous project. Love the matt pastel effect. How do I bookmark this??!! Needs some studying. Yes, very glad others have a messy desk and I am not the only one to hunt for ages for something i just put down. Love that filmstrip die.