Tuesday 29 January 2013

Suzanne Czosek #2 .... Ice Angel Part Two

 "I learned so many things on my last project I decided to flip my Wood Icon Triple over and do a second version of the Ice Angel on the other side"
I wanted a second try using the Crackle Paint onto the metal.  I decided to cut panels for the back of my wood icon to create a second surface to play on. 

Trace center arch onto Metal Card.  

Cut 1/8” from right and left side and along the bottom.  Cut two pieces from Metal Card for sides of the arch.  Measure side panels and cut piece from Metal Card subtracting ¼ from the measurement on the side and top. 
Paint surface of Wooden Icon Triple using Limelight Fresco Paint. Next paint edges with Inky Pool by squirting a little paint onto your craft mat, using a dry paint brush to drag along the edges towards the centre. Let dry. 
Apply a thin layer of Crackle Glaze over the Metal Card. Let dry. {"the metal would get really hot if you used a heat gun to dry the crackle glaze, and it would be more likely to blister, so drying it naturally is probably safer on this surface".}
Paint over crackle glaze surface with a coat of Limelight (remember a thick coat gives big cracks, and a sponged thinner coat gives fine cracks), I have applied with with short strokes, don't go back over areas you have already painted, the crackle process happens before your very eyes. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, once it dries it will.
Drag black ink around edges of panels and Wood Icon frame.  
Stamp "brick wall image" from Architecture Plate 3 across bottom of panels using black ink. Repeat until covered with the brick pattern. 
Stamp "Ice Angel" Ink and the Dog Collection using black ink above brick wall ... "You can see in the image I didn't get a complete stamp. I have a few black pigment ink pens available and use them to fix my mistakes when pressing down the images. I filled in my angel’s wing with a pen to fix the area where I didn't press enough. I also used it on my words".  

{Leandra says: this is a great tip using a pigment ink pen to fill missing areas. Another tip is the ideal combination presented when you use EZ mounted stamps and PaperArtsy flexi blocks. Flexi blocks are thin acrylic blocks which allow you to get the 'squish' factor from the EZ mount foam to transfer the ink through to the receiving surface. Also inks with oil (versafine and archival for example) have a thickish consistency, and are well suited to use on top of paint}
I added a touch of watercolor pencil over the dress and used a waterbrush to soften the effect.
Stamp "snowflakes" using teal ink across the panels. Heat emboss with sparkly clear embossing powder, then stamp words using black ink onto all three panels. Next stamp the script image using StazOn ink.  
Finally attach panels to wood icon using tape.
I hope you have enjoyed this project! I have one more post this week where I will share a series of ATCs. Happy Stamping!

Gillian Says: A great informative post from start to finish Suzz, the contrast paint colours and layered stamping background look brill!

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PaperArtsy said...

I love the crackle glaze on the metal card! Fab idea! Thanks Suzz

Helen said...

That is fantastic, I think I like this side even more than the other. Can't wait to try crackling on the metal card. Thanks Suzz!

Alison said...

It looks fantastic! I need to find some metal card!!!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous flip side Suzz ! The crackle on the metal is a great idea ! Sue C x

Anonymous said...

Such a cool project! Love the colours & the crackle looks terrific.

Trish said...

This is really great! I'm off to crackle my metal and paint...

Inkypinkycraft said...

Some great ideas x

craftimamma said...

The crackle on metal card looks brilliant Suzz. Thanks for sharing that idea. I can't make my mind up which side I like best. They're both fantastic. Looking forward to the ATCs.

Lesley Xx

Minxy said...

another fab project x

Michelle Webb said...

The crackle looks amazing on the metal. Love it! Michelle x

Gillian .... said...

Who knew re crackle on metal card, great post Suzz.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pannels with the crackle paint and the stamping on the metal card.

Linda M. Cain said...

Love it! This is a terrific idea!

Kezzy said...

I am so loving the crackle glaze on the metal, it really is amazing, when I had a go it was really great to see the metal peeping through :-) Kezzy xxx