Saturday 26 January 2013

Fresco {Chalk} Acrylics- a 'how to' reference

As we near the 3rd birthday of the launch of our extremely successful PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk acrylic paints in February 2011, it's time for a video that summarises how to enjoy them with your rubber stamps.

As of January 2013 we have 10 colour families of 4 in sets (light, medium, dark and super dark), 4 glazes, black, white, gold and silver, so in total, 48 Frescos.

We are about to extend this to 13 bang-on-trend colour families, including 4 new metallics, and 2 new glazes. This means 60 frescos will be soon be available as we move into our 3rd year showcasing these beautiful, unique, chalk finish paints.
As you may be aware, I have been a bit of a paint junkie for many many years. I have no hesitation in saying these paints are so easy to work with, produce superb results, and give you fantastic options for craft-project versatility due to the comprehensive colour range, and amazing characteristics. We have been overwhelmed with fabulous feedback from our customers over the last 2 years, and so we are thrilled, for a third year to be adding even more colours to this outstanding Fresco paint collection.

If you have not experienced these paints yet, here is an extensive list of Fresco Chalk Acrylic characteristics:

  • High coverage on all surfaces, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, chipboard, Crackly Tissue, Crunchy waxed paper, Metal Card, Smoothy stamping card, Metal charms, plastics, ceramics, get the idea...they can be used on any surface
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor they are hardy!
  • Water- based acrylic means clean up in water is easy.
  • Extremely matte, chalk finish is perfect to stamp over with all kinds of inks, pigment, dye , and yes, as they are chalk, even distress inks can be used over these paints as they happily sink into the 'tooth' of the chalk.
  • A variety of opaque, semi opaque and translucent colours allows you to enjoy the features that high, medium and low coverage paints offer. Eg high coverage means one coat is all that is necessary, or use the low coverage for building depth, shading, or blending both wet in wet or wet on dry
  • No need for undercoat, gesso or primers, use direct onto any surface.
  • Bang on trend, appealing colours specifically to designed to all work together harmoniously
  • Frescos are suitable for altered art, mixed media, journaling, interior design, fine art, Scrapbooking, card making, textiles and general craft projects.
  • Ideal and easy to write directly on for journalling or add additional colour and detail with a huge variety of pens, pencils, crayons, water soluble colours, dye sprays, mica sprays, inks etc
  • Can be diluted with glazes or water and the colour pigmentation maintains its integrity.
  • Permanent once dry on all surfaces and can be mixed with textile medium for permanance on fabric for washable items.
  • Fast drying and durable.
So enjoy the video, and if you haven't yet tried Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics, then check out the many other things you can do with them at the PaperArtsy youtube channel

You can see all the colours available online here at PaperArtsy.

Yes we do wholesale all PaperArtsy branded products worldwide: stamps, flexi-bocks, paints, substrates and dies. Please direct trade enquiries to Proof of VAT registration (or equivalent) required.



Michelle Webb said...

Brilliant Leandra, great blog post. Can't wait to see the new paints! Michelle x

Martha Richardson said...

Thank you for such thorough explanation to your Fresco's. I'm so excited to see that I can buy not only your paints but your stamps at SSS. Thank you for showcasing Linda of my favorites! said...

Great post will watch the You tube tomorrow. I love Fresco paints but have nowhere near enough of them yet. I didn't realise you could use them on so many surfaces. Had a great day today playing with some of the paints and other things with Michelle, Hi Michelle was a great day thank you. Sam

Helen said...

Can't wait to see (and buy, of course!) the new colours. They are bound to be gorgeous!

craftimamma said...

Fabulous video Leandra, thankyou! I'm like Sam and neeeeed more colours. Love the door hangy substrate you used and I'm falling for JoFy's stamps too. Wonder if I can sneak a not so little order past OH, lol!

Lesley Xx

Gems Inky antics said...

Really looking forward to the new colours as I'm quickly building up my collection. I love them x

sam21ski said...

Thanks for putting all the fabulous info on these brilliant paints in one place. I have to say that I have only been collecting them since September 2012 but have over 30 already as they are so fabulous, with a list of my next stash of colours!! That may have to be extended if new colours are on the horizon.

They are so easy to blend and work on any surface perfectly.

I would urge anyone who hasn't yet tried them to do so. I first saw Leandra demo-ing with them at Harrogate and that's where I bought my very first batch and have been adding to it ever since and I'm still going!!!

Sam xxx

Trish said...

Oh, I can't wait for the new ones!
I am also a paint addict now, and only because your paints (and videos) are so amazing. So thank you for another wonderful video, you keep making me want to use the paints to create!

Redanne said...

I had truly not appreciated just how versatile these paints are, now I NEED more of them and cannot wait to see the new colours. Great post - great video - thank you!

Gillian .... said...

Brill news! Can't wait for the new colours to add to the already "must have paints" collection. Fresco Paints are divine and a joy to work with. x

PaperArtsy said...

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. We are so excited that you love these amazing paints as much as we do and that you are happy to tell the world! LOL
Appreciated more than you will ever realise!

I have never worked with a paint that is so versatile, such a great price, and such such awesome colours and so easy to get the hang of.

We are thrilled to share them with you all!

Leandra x

Bonnie Irvine said...

The timing of this amazing post and video is wonderful for me. I just received my first 9 bottles of Fresco paint in the mail today having watched your other videos. Now I know that I want more translucent ones :) I so appreciate the time and talent that goes into the blog posts and videos from Paper Artsy. I have learned so much and gained confidence in playing with new products because of your generous sharing of knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Thank you!

Miranda said...

I quite recently bought the fresco paints and got addicted ever since, they are so nice to use and the results are just awesome, you can't go wrong with them
love the new stamps too, especially the new flowers, they are toooooo cute

Words and Pictures said...

Glory be - more colours!! That's such exciting news... saving up the video to watch in peace and quiet.
Alison xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Really enjoyed the video and loving the guest spots. Have been a fan of the paints since the beginning but learnt a lot more about the translucents today. Looking forward to the new colours! Could do with Snowflake in a Litre bottle! Thanks for all the hard work that goes into teaching us to get more from the products. Have been having another play today,

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Great post & excellent video. The more I use the FF paints, the more I love them. They are fantastic. Can't wait to see the new colours.

Kezzy said...

Wow thanks Leandra for such an in depth details of fresco paint. I bought my first bottle of snowflake after the Tim Holtz Paperartsy and you got us mixing it with colorwash sprays. I started using it mainly for mixing sprays etc but soon came to realise that the properties in fresco was completely different to all other paints. Even though I kept telling myself that I have a whole lot of good quality paint why should I need more lol but by last autumn as I really started delving into mixed media I have used nothing but these paints. I have only about 17 but plan to collect the whole set by the summer. Initially I kept buying the opaque and only have 7 of the translucent as I didn't understand how to use them but now they are going to be the first ones I collect. All your videos are fantastic and of course all your products are amazing and are such fantastic quality. It's even more special now us fans get to share with everyone. Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity. Hugs Kezzy xxx

Carol said...

Hi Leandra, Thanks so much for the blog and video. I only had a few, but put more on my xmas wish list and Santa listened and came up trumps!!! I know now, I haven't used them to their full potential and am amazed at all their many and varied uses...especially out door Can't wait to use them here and have a number of projects that I feel can now come to fruition with your wonderful projects. Lin Brown first got me into them and your products in her little shop so I am equal grateful to you both. Thanks again for running the challenge where we can see and gain inspiration from everyone else. Many thanks again
Carol Tadden

Rhonda said...

I have wanted to try these for a long time but figured I have enough other paints and inks, pastels, etc. I love PaperArtsy, and am thrilled I can order the stamps and dies through Simon Says Stamp here in the US. Then, this blog post put it over the top....Leandra, I ordered almost every color, I just couldn't help it...LOL. They havent arrived yet, but I am so excited! Thank you for showing all the ways to use them, and the videos....they made the sale! :) BTW, I havent found any of the Lynne Perrella stamps in the you know if they are sold here? Or just at PaperArtsy?

PaperArtsy said...

Hi Rhonda, if you check out the 'introducing Linda Cain' blog post, week 3 january, there are links to shops inthe USA, and which of our products they currently stock. So glad you have jumped in, if you are a stamper or journaled, they re the best out there to work on top of with inks and pens. If you want soft colours suitable for projects to hang on the wall in your home, then we have them! And if you follow the ideas in the videos, you will soon get the hang of them, and find your own preferred ways of using them. I love them, and you get 50mls which is more than most other paints offer. Here's the link. Thanks for your comment.

rhonda said...

Got it! Wonderful, thank you! :)