Monday 10 December 2012

Stamped Fabric coloured with {Fresco} Acrylic Paints

It was only supposed to be a 5 minute thing, and when I demo this at shows, that is really all it takes, but I had to choose an image to match the size of fabric, and of course, large images take longer to colour in! Doh! Colouring 101! I got a few boo boos happening along the way, no biggie, but the trouble shooting on that took time...but hey ho, it all worked out well enough in the end.

I certainly enjoyed the experience, hope you do too! Its a very soothing thing to do, and one of those in front of the telly things you can potter about with. You can find Fresco Finish Paints here.

You deffo need a cuppa and piece of Xmas cake for this one...a nice 40 mins feet up...which is why it took about 2 days to upload to you tube!!!
The Lynne Perrella and Jo Firth-Young images are perfect for stamping onto fabric. 

Lynne's because of the way she collages so many elements into the stamps, that there are loads of quirky bits to highlight. I also find that her images really come to life once lots of colours are added, the detail can be lost in black and white, so when you add the colour, the image makes more sense IYKWIM. 

And Jo's because the images are so simple, that often only 1 or 2 colours are all that is required with some soft shading, so hers are perfect for quick Xmas card, particularly if you are doing a production line of card making. But wait till you see her new stuff coming In January....OMG I am going to be doing loads of fabric projects, and so will Jo! Very excited!

We are still filming today, I'm onto the Shabby Chic French Furniture distressed paint effect. One of my favourites at the moment! I'll try to make it snappy so its not a 18 hour upload situation again!

Oh and thanks for all your lovely comments. Much appreciated. My passion as an ex-teacher has always been to share ideas, and for you to twist them/ adapt them, or use them however you wish. It is totally my pleasure to do so. Enjoy.



Helen said...

New stufff???? eeeeeek so excited!! This really was a fabulous video. As I tweeted, I loved using fabric on loads of my cards this Christmas, but my painting wasn't quite as time-consuming as yours. (thanks for the re-tweet too!)

craftimamma said...

Another fab video Leandra and the boo boos were good because you showed us how to get round them. I mentioned in my comment on FB that I've always shied away from Lynne's stamps and I'd just like to clarify, it's not because I don't like them, indeed, they are beautiful but I couldn't get my head round what to do with them. Your video has certainly put a few on my wish list, lol! I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the videos and hopefully once Christmas is over I'll find time to try out some of the techniques if not before. Can't wait for my happy mail to arrive even if I don't have time to play right now, lol!

Lesley Xx

Words and Pictures said...

Ooh, goody... going to save this one for tomorrow, as I'm on my way to bed shortly!
Alison x

Gillian .... said...

This video was very inspiational, watched it last night and was oooing & ahhing much to the dismay of the OH who was trying to sleep lol. Loved the dimension achieved with the tassles. Keep um coming, loving all the hints & tips. Once again thanks to you both for all the time & effort u put in.

New goodies .... bring it on:) x

suzieq23 said...

I just want to thank you for all your fabulous video tutorials. I have learned so much and you are a superb teacher! Just wish I could find more of your products in the USA. Simon Says Stamps is out of most of your paint and i think Blockheads only sells your stamps, which I love too. Maybe I will move to England just to be near all my favorite products!LOL

Trish said...

Wow, your shading is amazing! I learnt a lot about painting on fabric, thanks so much.
Love your nails too!

Words and Pictures said...

Absolutely amazing video... so inspired to try out the paints on fabric now! Brilliant attention to detail in the instructions and in the techniques (love the whispered prompts too!!) - thank you.
Alison x