Monday 17 December 2012

Layers, cracks, texture....oh my

I think i've come to the conclusion that the layering of paint is the whole point of Acrylic Paint. Of course you can use it as one layer on an item if you wish, or you can water down and whitewash. So those things don't include layers at all. BUT, if you really want to enjoy the true nature of acrylic paints, then the excitement and unexpected loveliness comes from creating layers. Knowing when to use your opaques, when to use translucents, and how to create contrasting areas. It's not all that difficult, and you just keep going until you are happy with the effect. We have both light and dark shades of translucent paints - these can really make the layers more interesting.

I totally lose myself when I just let go and enjoy the process of letting the combinations flow. This is the accidental way to find out that blue can look amazing with orange, or pink, orange and red can pop with a touch of zesty zing bright yellow. Equally you find colours that are a real struggle to get to work. I am really not great at autumnals because I find they require a lot of drying between layers or you can get mud- but then mud is a shade of autumn right? But I have accidentally made tertiary colours like purple from inky pool and claret. OK so maybe this is basic colour theory, but I was never taught any of that stuff, so for me, colour theory happens in real life when I muck about and see it working or not working under my nose.

What I enjoy most about this experimentation, is that it takes as long as it takes, and you can keep tweaking until you are really happy. The feature of this piece is getting the crackle effect, and the paint layers to blend together.

I happily used up the left overs on the other sides of the wooden gift box, like the back, and I also painted the handles black, then rubbed treasure gold over them.

And, of course on the raised areas of texture (which is ferro under the paint), I have used lighter shades of Treasure Gold over the top, applied softly with a brush.

If you want to see a looooong video of me figuring out how to layer the paints, then you can see it here on our You Tube channel.

We have an exciting week here ahead. Millie (14) and Ella (16) were 3 and 5 when we left New Zealand to come over to England. They fly back tomorrow evening to spend Christmas with the extended Franich family. They are a bit nervous about the trip, but I am sure they will be fine, and they are going to love getting to know all their Aunts, Uncles and cousins, and working on those sun tans. Gran and Poppy have been here to visit us a few times, so they are looking forward to meeting them off the plane on Wednesday in Auckland. Ella is in the middle of GCSE mocks, so she's hardly had time to pack her bag!

If you've been following me on twitter, you'll know our landlord decided a week or so ago that the kitchen could be re-fitted before Christmas. Well, we have a sink plumbed in. LOL. The temporary kitchen in the lounge is working out pretty well actually, but of course the only appliance I miss is the oven, which would be helpful come Christmas Day! They still have to tile, floor, paint and wire the whole kitchen back into the mains. Oh and fit the oven/extractor. In five days. I reckon they can do it. Just. But the dust everywhere is mental. I guess I'll spend all of the weekend cleaning and moving us back in. I reckon if its not done I can cope with Xmas dinner from a microwave and the 2 element has camp stove! Unless someone wants to drop a cooked turkey around??? LOL

I'll keep you posted.



Helen said...

Really enjoyed this video, it is one of my favourites (they all are!)
Glad to have the kitchen update - keeping my fingers crossed for them to keep working hard this week!
You will miss the two munchkins, (though perhaps enjoy the quiet?!) but they will have some great memories of this Christmas.

froebelsternchen said...

oh this is so beautiful>>>> I have to take the time and watch the videos now! Thank you Leandra and I keep my fingers cross too that all goes fine with the kitchen!

Linda said...

this was a truly inspirational video tutorial. I will have to try this once I get all my Christmas cards done. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous project!! I've watched a few of the videos quickly, but I'm looking forward to watching them properly & having a play.
Wishing Millie & Ella an enjoyable journey to NZ & a fantastic time while they're there.
Good luck with the new kitchen. I really, really hope it's finished before the weekend.

Scrapmate said...

Just read on your newsletter that you're coming to Sandown in January. I'm so excited - something to look forward to in the new year and some exciting demos to see. I'm getting my ticket now.

Trish said...

Another brilliant video, and techniques! Thank you so much, I am learning loads here (and loving it!)
Good luck with your kitchen, I hope it's done in time.

Linda M. Cain said...

Fabulous tutorial here, Leandra. Safe travels to everyone.


Anonymous said...

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froebelsternchen said...

I had so much fun following your amazing instructions Leandra!
Thank you once again for sharing it.
I tried it and I am happy with my piece shown HERE

xxx froebelsternchen

Alison said...

I have bee watching & loving your videos Leandra, & now they're all in my favourites! So good to be able to watch you in action whenever I need!
Hope Millie & Ella have a fab Christmas with the Kiwis, & that your kitchen is finished before the big day!
Happy Christmas & a merry new year,
Alison xxx