Friday 21 September 2012

It's {Ally Pally} tomorrow

The pipe organ in the Great Hall
Just a quick reminder that tomorrow and Sunday its the Big Stamping and Scrapbooking show at Alexandra Palace, North London.

Due to a Health and Safety directive from the venue organisers (too many people in the hall) the show has been moved into the Great Hall, which backs onto the old hall. So the stands are much re spaced out, and a few of us are in different locations. I think there is a whole row missing, or been relocated. I didn't really look around properly yet, but overall, it's the same layout. Look up and you'll see the big pipe organ on the wall, our stand is in front of that, next to the big demonstration area organised by Express Services. So we are really easy to find.

We have got lots of new things in for this show for your enjoyment!

Treasure Gold is a permanent rub on gilding wax in stunning colours. Lin has been using it for a while, and of course it's fabulous .... so we have a gorgeous selection of colours available. I'm not sure how youart going to choose, I have narrowed it down to 4 must haves!

We also have lots of flower bellies- we have great ideas for these after going to the class in Cork recently! Sorry no piccie of those.

Artemio has brought out a cool new line of embellishments, and I just had to order the lot! I'm sure you'll be glad I did!! The price is really good on these, and you will have no difficulty incorporating them into your projects!

We get asked a lot about which paints work well together. So we have made up 12 sets of really good colour combinations, and selling them at a cheaper price than if you bought 4 paints individually. They each have a header card with those colours used to make backgrounds so when you look at the pack you get a good idea of how they look together.

Plus we have all the newest stamps: Halloween, Lynne Perrella, minis etc.

There are lots of new wood items to decorate, large and small. And of course the paper based items. Portfolio pastels are back in stock, there is so much stuff, you are going to be looking for ages to see it all. And Mark has some cute items in baskets at the till where you might snaffle an unexpected bargain!

If you've been following Lin on twitter (@yoursartfully) this week or seen her blog post, she also has made a bunch of gorgeous samples to show you.

Hope to see you tomorrow!



Netrix said...

Pics of stall look great, hope you all have a busy, productive and fun time. X

TAM said...

Stall looks fabulous, shame I can't get there but I'm hoping to get to Kettering next month instead.

Catherine SIWCZAK said...

all this looks great ! I wish I lived in England !

Siobhan Brignull said...

looking good Leandra, not gonna make it this weekend, hope you have a good time, and to the organisers a bigger hall . . . at last.