Tuesday 26 July 2011

A quickie from {downunder}

No I'm not downunder...not sure I want to be with snowstorms and earthquakes.....but Destination Art IS from downunder...and you know how I love to support my fellow Aussies and kiwis!

This morning I got a lovely email from Lisa and Elaine of Destination Art fame (Western Aussie), and they have a great piece on their blog using our new full heart die
and the coordinating stamp (Hot Pick 1104) to make a fab 'romance' card.....

 Please go and take a look on their blog and say a friendly hello while you're there!
....so for those of you talented and very organised people...dare I suggest you go make some valentines cards super early???

Happy days


kjjc said...

beenand seen leandra andnow will have to buy-job done.

Glennis F said...

I would love to see you 'downunder' Perhaps you could organise a class for us kiwi's

Cappuccinette said...

Great !
Just a question : no more stamp in french ? What a pity... I'm so sad...
But everything is very nice !