Monday 18 July 2011

Fabulous {Paint} Review

Of course her at PA world HQ we know the new Fresco Paints are fab, and I keep getting lovely emails and tweets from many of you out there in cyber world who keep telling us how much you love them...our uber paint experienced guest tutor for ArtsyCrafts has been using them over the last 2 weeks to make her ArtsyCrafts samples for the October event, and she is also loving them and I bet she must have used every paint out there over the years.... to wake up to a fabulous independent and very comprehensive review by Sara at Cardmaking Paradise was a lovely warm fuzzy for all of us here at PA HQ. There are even videos to watch with the paint too! And I know how much you all love a video! Here she did one on how to use the crackle:

And here she has used the paints directly onto a tin and created a fabulous colour blend technique with my 2 of my most fave colours Orchid and Butternut:
So please go and take a look at the full article over on Sara's blog, and please subscribe to her feed! There are loads more ideas that you'll want to try out for yourself!

have a great week



Anonymous said...

Hello Madame Leandra!
Loved the videos -- was absolutely hypnotised by them. Great! . . . . and how fun it is to see you posting on the blog again -- missed it lots!
Love from France - Sally x

Toodles & Binks Wholesale Blog said...

Piccies of Fresco paint make me soooo happy ... been working with it again today ..... just can't get enough of the stuff.