Thursday 24 June 2010

WWOMWW what {was} on my workdesk on Wednesday!

Missed out getting to the computer yesterday, you'll see why in a sec!

Wednesday morning Courtney's friend Ellie came over bravely trusting me to do her nails for the prom which is Friday evening. No I am not a beautician as well as a stamper, administrator, rubber-presser, mother, wife, teacher and all the other hats I wear...I just figured after more than 20 years of getting my nails done...well how hard can it be, so decided to give it a go!! And after practising for a few weeks on various teenage daughters, a few hints from Jo F-Y who IS trained at this lark...I think I am getting the hang of it.

This is what my desk looked like ready for Ellie's arrival. (Well acutuals its the outside garden table in the heat but under the shade of the brolley!)
Now you are going to be miffed cos I forgot to take a piccie of the finished result which we all thought was pretty good. In short French Manicure, pinkie nail art in blue to match her dress and small blue bling with clear coat on top. Very simple but nice for prom. (you'll have to picture that yourselves!)

So far so good.Off to work I plan to go.

Then Miss Corky decides she want "more" for her nails. So suddenly my fingers become the guinea pigs...initially x 5....
We mix clear or White acrylic powder with fine glitter, chunky glitter, and brainiac moment...mica powders!!! to make custom batches of acrylic for funky tips.{Remember we are in Essex, so this level of bling is totally acceptable, just probably not on a mother of 42!} 
So by 10.30pm my hands looked even more ridiculous with 10 potential options on offer! Remember I did do my right hand with my non dominant left hand, so not so bad for a beginner working with her left hand!
So now I have a pair of hands like this and a BBQ to go to tonight. And Corky still hasn't decided which blingy nails to go for!!

Today she gets the spray tan. Tomorrow Amy's mum Michelle drops of the hairclip to tuck into the back of the quiff(sp?)and we still have to practise the quiff and makeup and actually do those nails. Decided it's worse than a wedding - well worse than ours which was a very simple wedding on the beach in New Zealand.

Anyway. Mark was not overly impressed with my unscheduled 'pampering??' day off so I shall have to make up for it today! Drop by Julia's to see what everyone else got up to yesterday. Soz for being late!

Will blog prom pics on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Great nails Leandra! Don't think my daughter & her friends would let me near their nails in a million years! Lol! x

Katzele said...

You're incredible ! LOL
Mr Katzelkraft hate nail varnish, I can't imagine his reaction if I try something like that... temptation ;-)

Spyder said...

love your glitter boxes, now knowing me I'd open them and it would all fall out! No, my nail can never look like that!!
have a good crafty day ((Lyn))

the code is...gootbug...I have to use that...somehow!? I'm feeling like a real old gootbug today!

Lisa said...

Mother of 42? However did you come up with 42 names???? ;)

I like the middle left hand 2- silvery/white/clear. Bet she'll look gorgeous.

Helen said...

I don't think I realised from the tweets that this took you ALL day! Hope you've got your nose to the grindstone now, lol! Nothing wrong with funky nails at 42. (or 50!) Enjoy the BBQ tonight.

Sunshine Girl said...

looks like you had fun!

Midge and Allison said...

hey wonder woman! love the nails. Best of luck Fri. Need some PA time.

Siobhan Brignull said...

wot you trying to say about essex girls Leandra. my fave is little finger on left hand the teally (is that a word) bluey one. I read mother of 42 as well, couldnt beleive youre not 50 already, hahahahahahahaha :)

Linda M. Cain said...

The little glitter boxes are wonderful. Love the nails...if my granddaughter saw them, she'd be back for me to try that on her!

And you undoubtedly do hair, too.

What a WOMAN!


Penni said...

Hey super nails - could you be starting a new trend ? !!!!


craftimamma said...

Lurve the nails. I like the teal blue ones too and what's wrong with a Mum of 42 (?) having funky nails. I was 60 when I stopped having mine done and only because I preferred to spend the cash on crafty goodies instead especially after I visit your stand at the NEC, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Sew This N That said...

Love your sparkly nails hun :0)
Oh dear, is 42 too old for sparkly nails? Somebody should have told me then cos I'm 42 :)
*hugs* Heather x

Created By You said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Sid said...

Very different and very interesting !

Lilou said...

LOL! I'M A BEAUTICIAN for one year now... and guess what: first thing I tried was to include my scrapbook glitter to do my french manicure.
I've had the same nails too...
Made me smile ^-^
Excuse my bad english as I'm french!