Tuesday 15 June 2010

Inka techniques, a New video, and a {sneek} of a new product!

The Craft Barn Extravaganza events are always really good weekends, the staff and extended helpers, demonstrators are all so warm, friendly and work hard to ensure the event runs smoothly, it makes for a really enjoyable event, and as a crafter you get to learn so many ideas from so many people! Like Suze Weinburg with her stadium seating zone in one of the other halls to where I was!
And here we all were looking pretty snappy for the end of the weekend! Isa Norris, Sandy (Craft Barn owner), Lin (LB Crafts), Leandra (me), Courtney, my 15yr old DD, Beatrice (KatzelCraft), Mark (Mr PaperArtsy), and glamorous Suze from Ranger.

First of all Suze gets the prize for taking a great pic of me, it doesn't happen often, as usually when you are talking the faces that get caught on camera are not the best, so this one I can live with! Thanks Suze...
I was in the Victoria Community Hall again this time, in my usual spot...taking up loads of space, I surrounds myself with supplies on desks and chairs and I still have to get the 'viewers' to help me hunt down scissors and glossy accents! I am just so keen to show you as many ideas as I could with the supplies to hand. Love a challenge!
My focus was the PaperArtsy Hot Pick Stamps and matching dies. My aim with the whole die concept is to die cut the metal-humungo tape-card sandwich, flatten it between acrylic platforms thru the die machine, and then stamp the matching image on top. With your ten seconds studio tools, you can add loads more texture to the stamped image which kind of brings them all to life. 
Ohh look, there are the Hot Picks (and a sneek peek of HP1007 on the right - available July) and PaperArtsy dies, and a stamped spotty dragonfly - great bellie!

We packed up in such a rush, I forgot to take photos of the weekend's samples!! But I am sure they will show up on the Craft Barn Blog at some point.I do have a few I took today of a sample I held onto. I was also showing lots of ways to use the new Inka Gold product... yes rumours are true...I did nickname this product 'goop' because the name Inka Gold infers it only comes in Gold, and there are a whole array of gorgeous colours!

First you can use Inka Gold direct onto wooden frames with Cut and dry foam like this:
I started with Indian Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Lava Green, In the recess I used Graphite. They blend beautifully and dry instantly. This direct to wood idea is what the product is designed to be used for, but of course we (the royal we...Lin and I ...when creating classes for the May 2010 ArtsyCrafts events) have found so many more uses! Here is a project on the small canvas frame.
First I applied Inka onto a canvas base with Cut and dry foam, then used a baby wipe to wet and smooch it about a bit...when you do this the addition of 'damp' from the baby wipe gives a more even coverage as the Inka softens to fill all the texture of the canvas...pretty easy BG technique.
You can also use inka through a stencil. Viva Decor make these great stencils which are adhesive and give a nice pattern to smooch goop through with cut and dry foam, I find that worked better for me that any other brush...and we tried lots! You just want to make sure the colour is different to the dominant colour of the canvas and the stencilling will then pop more. I used (again) 2 colours in the stencil, old gold and Indian Yellow.
But don't stop there, Inka can also be used like a watercolour. Take the tiniest bit out of your pot and loosen with water onto your craft sheet. Then just start colouring in. This is an image from HP1007 (coming soon end of July, but also available NOW from The Craft Barn, LB Crafts, Paddy's Stamping Place and Imagine That PaperCrafts - please support your Local Stamp Store!) Stamp the image onto Pearl metal, make a tape sandwich, colour away, and then add texture with your Ten Seconds Studio Texture wheels. Lightly sand the edge to give a silver sheen to the metal. 

Here's the best bit. You know how metallics can reduce the blackness of the black areas? Well just take a damp, clean brush, and you can remove the Inka from black areas that you might like to have more impact!

I then used the dies cut from copper metal, and over-stamped to embellish the final piece.
This is the open dragonfly die which has an outline matching stamp Squiggly Ink- Tops and Tails Plate 3, and I lightly stamped with the adorable fine script from Mini 61. LOVE that stamp!
Lin was also using Inka on her stunning creations. Here she used it on the Bronze God Metal from Ten Seconds Studio. She has run the metal thru the Big Shot on  Kabuka mould (do you think anyone can actually understand this language we use???), painted lightly and used Inka on top, it can totally change the appearance when used on dark metals. Look at the lovely little trinket box she did the same way except that is black metal. And the flowers as bellies are also given the goop treatment. 
How lucky was I to get one of her gorgeous brooches to wear this weekend from Lin! She has used copper and gold metal (the gold is underneath), cut down the petals, moulded them and set a UTEE charm in the centre. Go on, you know you need to make yourself one of these!!
And I also played about with tissue. First I colour it with distress ink (direct to tissue) and spray with a light gold or pearl mica spray. Dry, then spray the back of the tissue with the mica too. Dry thoroughly, don't worry if it crumples- crumpling is GOOD!

Fold the tissue sheet into thirds, then fold the long strip into thirds again - this gives you a square of nine layers. Place the die on top, and run thru you die machine. Over-stamp with either the grunge flowers stamp from HP1004, or you could use any script, texture or other background style stamp on top. You could use a metal flower as the base, and then build up layers of tissue by crumpling and securing each layer with glossy accents. You can put a button in the middle, later I added a copper metal accent on top of the button.

I hadn't planned on demoing the whole metal rose thing, as I kind of feel it has been done to death by so many people, but there were heaps of people stopping by who had never seen or heard of the idea, and many more who had never seen it done with metal, so we went ahead and did a YouTube video. It's so much easier doing this with card-backed metal, the metal is so soft ,and does what it is told! You can watch it here.
I first saw this idea when Wendy Vecchi made some stunning samples for Tim H for his first advantus booth at CHA (the American Craft Trade show for retailers) This was way back before she had her own stamp collection. 

I thought how cool it would be to have a stamp of the flower pattern to save making a template, and we made a stamp for Xmas 2008 that utilised a 6 petal flower.
In the January that followed 2009, Tim released grunge paper, which was a much easier and softer surface to manipulate into a rose than grungeboard, and people really grabbed hold of the idea to make the 'rose'. One of the girls in our design Team, Jacqui Chimes made a lovely box, and linked to this tutorial  which was the first set of instructions I had seen on the idea.

Working with metal, as we tend to do in these parts, Linda Elbourne used the flower to make her famous bean tin decorated in metal into grunge roses and a version of which was later front-page-cover-featured in craft stamper magazine (woop woop), and so it has come to pass that metal roses, have become part of the scenery in LB/ PaperArtsy circles for some time. It that whole magpie thing, the fact that the metal just catches your eye and makes you have to go and make one. 
So don't credit me for the idea! I just make the stamps, and now dies that make the job a whole heap faster, no more cutting out for you guys, and we have not just 1 but 2 dies to choose from, don't forget the scallop die, it has gorgeous decorative edges that look like this (above) just made from cardstock and spritzed with glimmer spray.

Oh yes, there is a lot of fun to be had still with these guys.

Much more of a marathon post than I expected, so please let us know what you have been up to, and don't forget to follow our blog, we only just figured out last week how to add that thingie on the side bar, so give us some lurve! 

Oh and I have some more exciting new this week!! Those of you who are eagle eyed may have already noticed something new in our shopping cart...Oh go on, twist my arm what can you see that is new on this page ??? 

Have a great week



Kirsten Alicia said...

I loved watching you demo at the Craft Barn on Saturday & I was very impressed by the Inka Gold paints - they've been added to my, (huge), wishlist. :)

G Peplow said...

So informative and inspirational Leandra, Thanks.
I really enjoyed the Craft Barn weekend it's something really special. Made even better by the demonstrators, Magic, xx

Chris said...

Fabulous... totally love the grunge flower video...the metal effect is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :D
Chris xx

Unknown said...

OK blogger is playing silly beggars so if this is the second comment you have got from me ... please delete the first one!!!
That is a fab tutorial and a great post .... I feel like I went!!! You 'just' make the stamps ... that did make I larf ... and the rest!!! Suze has taken a great piccie of you ... must get her to take one of me ... in ... erm ... three more sleeps :0)

Cindy Christoffel said...

Leandra.....awesome projects!! another reminder why I love your products so much!! thank you for sharing!
Cindy in Chicago

Helen said...

Oooh, what a tease! I really enjoyed your demo's on Saturday, can't wait to get home from work to watch the new video!!
Will be ordering HP1007 asap!!

Karin said...

More wonderful inspiration Leandra. Suze took a great photo of you and it makes a fab new profile picture. I love the project you're holding in it.
It's a fabulous post and can't wait to get my hands on some more Hot Pick stamps.
Has Mark been clever again with the bird in the sneak peak?

Siobhan Brignull said...

blimey a blog, more like a book Leandra, have you been drinking Red Bull!!!! That is a great piccie Suze took and Im loving your necklace too and how like you does Corky look. . love all your stuff as you know, its my job as your Official Stalker

Netty said...

It all looks brilliant, just wish I lived nearer and could have been there, sob sob. But thank you for sharing the pictures and the demo video. Annette

Elaine A said...

Leandra -

Everything just looks so gorgeous! And I am already coveting the new set that will be arriving in July. Thank you so much for posting the video.

Elaine Allen

Linda M. Cain said...

1st of all, your picture is wonderful. Suze takes THE best pictures.
2nd....Brilliant, simply brilliant.
Love everything you do.
And Lin, what a gal!!!



Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing all the ideas and samples.

Femmy said...

fantastic, love the video and the metal effects!!

md said...


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo Leandra and Mark -- it's me -- Sally!!! We've been away for 3 somewhat catastrophic weeks in Grenoble with family problems and JUST got home. Yahoo is down (!!!!), so I'm catching up on a few blogs . . . . . you asked about something different on one of the catty pages ----- well, if I'm not going nuttier than I am already, I would say PA Die Grunge Flowers #2 + 3, and the PA Die Square Pointy Frame #2. PLEASE tell me I'm the first to spot them!!!!
Will be in touch with you very soon for those + the Hot Pick #6 on EZ Mount --- + #7 if I'm allowed it!!!! Plus other goodies ----- oh dear, it never ends!!!!
Love to you all from me -- Sally xx

Created By You said...

Fabulous tutorial, love all the samples.. I'm a first timer at your blog site, it sure is packed with a lot of fun stuff!