Thursday 3 June 2010

June means {Craft Barn} Demo weekend

Twitter peeps will know that we had a family trip to the wonderful Craft Barn today to help them get the PaperArtsy section of the store ready for the {BIG} weekend....if you don't know what I'm on about then you need to!!

On the 12 and 13th of June, that's just over a weekend away, is the amazing Craft Barn Extravaganza. This is an brilliant weekend where Sandy (CB owner) gets loads of fantastic demonstrators from all over the UK, and beyond to come and show you guys all the latest products, and all their tips and tricks with those products. They hire 2 local halls that are right across the road from each other, and just down the road from the shop, and you can walk around all three venues to watch, buy, chat and schmooze all day long! It's bliss!

I have demoed for the last couple of years at both extravaganzas, and this year my partner in ArtsyCrafts crime, Lin Brown is also able to come to demo Ten Seconds metal and the hilarious, glamorous and very sparkly Suze Weinburg (who I first met at one of these extravaganzas about 8 years ago) is back from the USA with her wonderful Lenny (DH)  to show you all the amazing stuff she can do with a meltpot! 

I am so looking forward to seeing Isa Norris over from Canada, My 'Craft Sheeeeeeet' buddie Beatrice from Katzelcraft is here again from France. (get her to say Craft Sheet in her accent and you will get it). Jean is also there from Crafty Individuals, and I love to catch up with all the other amazing demonstrators who are regularly there each showing their wonderful talent like Julie Hickey, Paula Pascual, Francosie Read, Kay Carley to see what everyone is making at their station. And Paul from Go Create will be whizzing stuff thru the bug and big shot. You'll learn so much from everyone and all their brilliant ideas. There are heaps more people demoing and of course all the Craft barn Teachers too, so there is probably at least 20 fantastic demos to see! You'll love it so make it a date. 

Oh and we will have some new Hot Pick action for you to check out! Don't miss it!

See you there ...won't I ??


Helen said...

You bet! I'm doing a Linda E style countdown (privately though!)

G Peplow said...

Looking forward to it already, mind you it's usually a bit difficult to get close to your demos, every time I go you're surrounded. LOL
It is a great weekend though, xx

Eve said...

Will you guys ever come over to ireland for a craft weekend?

Kirsten Alicia said...

I will be there on June 12 & I'm SO looking forward to it!!

Isabelle Norris said...

LOL at the craft shhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeet. We did have a laugh that evening!!
Looking forward to seeing you.. not long now
isa xxx

daisy said...

I've been counting down the days to this event ... such a brilliant line-up!

Isabelle Norris said...

Leandra, Bea told me that she uses a craft "mat" now, not a craft sheeeeet anymore LOL

Katzele said...

Not fair Leandra, not fair ! That's too easy to laugh about my so nice Frenchy accent ! LOL
You should have to speak to me in French last week, that's your punishment, and as Isa said, I use a craft mat now :-p

Isabelle Norris said...

I'll help you Leandra, I'll help you

Von said...

I hope to be there a Craft Barn virgin lol