Monday 10 August 2009

Ink & The Dog Minis

We get so many requests for new Ink & The Dog Stamps.....and we like to do as we are told at least some of the I spent all weekend getting Mr Mark into the groove to make us some more new stuff, cos he's been in the zone a bit lately.

A few weeks ago we released his newest creations, some cool minis. But we did some more awesome stuff this weekend that we'll have available in lips are sealed for now....but in the are some things the fabulous design team has done with the new minis.

First Mark (Mr PaperArtsy) has a new mascot. This little critter is by Jo Firth-Young. Can you beleive what her mind thinks up??? All from a splash of ink (MN57)!!! His splashed face is totally adorable, but wait there's more...look at the rest of sweet is this. I want a Xmas tree full of these guys!!! Look closely and the arms are made from the 100% recycled art stamp (MN55). His red belt uses on of the rulers from MN48. And his tum tum is an old fave, Squiggly Mini #8 SM08. I swear that stamps goes with everything!!

BTW If you want to meet Jo Firth-Young in person, she is one of our talented teachers at the Artsy Crafts retreat. Even though Linda and I develop most of the classes, we tweak them with the help and brains of Karen, Lynne H and Jo F-Y. They are not only there to help us, but they are all equally cheeky, able, talented AND organised thinkers. If we didn't have them as spare minds, hands and advisors and teachers Lin and I would be lost!!

We have an abundance of Jo's on the Design Team at the moment...they are definitely taking over...and next up is Jo Capper-Sandon. She was quick to come up with some fabbo samples within hours of receiving these stamps.

Again the ink splat seems a popular choice, and I love the way Jo and her gentle touch has used the same stamp in 3 colours. Simple but very effective. How easy is this for a quicksie all occasion card?

Being odd is a condition of being on the DT!!Yes we can see she is another Jo with an odd mind! That stamp is here BTW! In fact, if you look closely, you can see she has used it again on this lovely creation with more new minis.

She has actually managed to fit quite a few stamps into this sample. The bulls eye stamp isMN47. I think the image comes up a bit weirdo on the website due to reasons beyond me, but here you can see it stamped as it actually is!!

The Collage quote is MN49, and all the rulers and words at the bottom come from MN48.

Here's a close up of the detail. Gorgeous, I'm sure you'll agree!

Also playing with new minis this last week has been Isabelle Norris....BTW all 3 of these ladies are contributors to Craft Stamper if you think the names are ringing bells, that could be why!! Isabelle is an ink and background junkie, and she often like to build lots of layers in her work with inks and paints.

She used on of my fave stamps as the feature on this piece. It's mini 52, but she also likes the rulers MN48, and has managed to squeeze those into her creation too.

Look closely and you'll see the coffee cup stains (MN56) in the background.
I like how the few touches of white add contrast to this effect of this piece.

Here is a close up too.

Thanks to Isabelle, Jo and Jo for these fantastic ideas!



Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I really love seeing how we all use the same range so differently.
Nice one girls :0) Great designs to work with too, cheers Mr Mark.

Isabelle Norris said...

I'll second that: great new designs! Thanks Mark.
Your work is awesome as usual girls !! Thanks for posting those Leandra

carole said...

This realise is very original, I like it.
Thans for shraing these greats stamps.

Unknown said...

I bought Nut and Meg 6 at the weekend - what a cutie the ickle fairy is and I love love love the red robin!

Great work!

Maria said...

Super creative! What wonderful projects--loved the stuffed doll with the ink splat eyes. :) Great blog.