Thursday 20 August 2009

October ArtsyCrafts Sneaky Peeks

We still have a couple of months to go to the October Artsy Crafts weekend events, and so it's time for us to reveal some peeks of what you will be doing.

The great majority of attendees have booked knowing that they will learn some fab techniques with stamps, inks, paints, UTEE, and of coursde metal, but its nice to give you a taste of what we have planned.

We are very excited, we have new Ink and The Dog &Squiggly stamps to use, and of course we will be working indepth with Viva Decor products, as well as another line of paints, new metal and new glimmer mists. We try really hard to give you the opportunity to try new-to-market products, so you get a great opportunity to try before you buy.

We really don't want people bringing loads of stuff to class. All you need for the whole weekend is a ruler, pencil, Tim Holtz scissors, a small cutting mat and craft knife. THAT's IT!!! We provide everything else, and there's plenty to go around, so don't go loading yourself up with extra supplies, You won't need it!! We will also issue every attendee with your own personal metalworking tools kit to use for the entire weekend, and that will also include extras like adhesive, paintbrush, cut n dry foam, glossy accents and more! So please leve your own TSS tools at home, and just use ours. It's much easier for us to keep track of supplies.

Of course it goes without saying that we shall be doing lots of metal working in the weekend.

Whether we use moulds and antiquing the embossed metal with paints and sprays, or if we use stamps and emboss the stamped designs, or we might stamp over painted metal...the combinations are so much fun to learn, and so versatile for all kinds of applications in the future.

Every session you get a full colour hand out with clear step by step instructions and photos. This means you can work ahead on your own if you are a speed freak, or you can work slower than the class at your own pace. We tend to work at a steady pace, and we adjust the times of the sessions if we need to slow it down or speed it up. Either way, at the end of the event, you have a great record of what you did, so that you can re-visit that technique later and not foget a thing!

Then of course (huge excitement) we have the new stamps to play with, vintage or squiggly styley, whatever your preference, you will be able to choose how you want to play.

The way we run our events is quite unusual in that each table has a different colour palette. This time, for October, we asked for people to rank colours on their registration form, so we have picked the 5 most popular colour palettes based on the info supplied by October attendees. As people had a whiff that the main project is something you could put on the wall, the colours are overall neutrals with hints of secondary and tertiary colours. But we always have buckets of spare supplies, and so it's easy for us to keep everyone happy and tweak colour combos in any given session if required.

We encourage people to move around to a different table for different sessions. This means over the weekend you not only meet heaps of other crafters who like to do what you do, but you also get to try out a variety of colour palettes over the weekend. It's a fun way to experiment, and there is a safety net in that we have picked a group of colours that we know work well together. For people who come on their own to these events, its a really good way to make new friends, and everyone comments how much they enjoy the mingling.

So if you were still wondering about coming to this event, there are only 6 places left on the second weekend. We have reduced the number of places available from previous events to 50 per weekend to enable more space on each table so you have loads of elbow room and plenty of space to work.

If you're interested in altered arts, mixed media, stamping and metal working, then this is the place to be. We cater to people of all abilities, from beginner to experienced, and as well as Linda and Leandra, there is also Jo, Karen and Lynne on hand as classroom assistants, so there are plenty of experienced teachers to hand.

If you want more information about this event, download the booking form here or call Linda at LB Crafts at the shop on 01234 714 848, or Leandra on 01277 212 911.


JoFY said...

Just from the glimpses & sneak peaks I can tell I'm going to love the new stamps!!
Looking forward to it!! Exciting!

Andrea said...

I am looking forward to the weekend as going with friends, should be fun to learn new things, well for me as they have done them x

Carol said...

These look lovely!

Trish said...

I am booked on the second weekend, and I can't wait! It is going to be the best weekend EVER!

Hels Sheridan said...

OMG!!!! I Cannot WAIT!!!!! How many more sleeps is it now please? LOL.. looks like you have both put tonnes of work in to the projects....and I really am verrrrrry excited and ... did I say.... I cannot wait? Thanks for the sneaky peeks!! Hels x