Friday 7 August 2009

Nut & Meg

Ho Ho Ho

It's that time of the year where we release new stamps ready for Christmas...Yes I know it seems crazy in the middle of summer, but that's how far ahead we have to work so that there is stuff in the shops when you are ready to start thinking about Christmas.

For those of you down under who are in the middle of winter, it will feel prefectly normal to get your cards organised now when the climate is perfect for crafting, so take a look at what's on offer, and get your creativity unleashed onto these little beauties!

The Design team are all my Christmas elves, and busily creating samples to pique your interest. Here is a sneaky peek of part of one of Joanne Wardle's creations

And this is the plate that the image comes from; Nut & Meg Plate 2. (SINM2)

So if you get your hands on some of these, send us a sample via email and we might feature you work on the blog, or on our website.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.

This weekend I am working with Mark to finish off some new designs for the October ArtsyCrafts, the theme is one of my fave's (Time) so it's more about which designs to keep in the selection. Later next week I get to go and play with Lin while we finalise class samples and start on the class handout instructions which require step out photos, so I hope to use my new birthday camera for that task at the same time!!

Courtney is also having her birthday (15 can you believe!!!) this coming week, but she will be in Devon camping with a friend's family. The camera is "ours" to share...she needs one for GCSE art this coming year at school, and I have needed one all my we are going to play nice and share it.

Otis and Milo (Our kittens) are growing like mad. The last few nights have been really warm, and with the full moon, come bedtime they have been running about outside like loonies, so we have left them to it to explore the farm at night. Yesterday we found a huge pile of feathers on the lawn, and Otis is slightly limping, so we are guessing he may have fallen out of a tree during his nocturnal scarecrow training exercises!! He seems OK, and Mark has checked his spine, joints etc from a chiropractic perspective, and we think it's just a mild sprain. So they found themselves back in the laundry on the low shelf (fave spot to sleep) for a quiet night in last night!! We call it being grounded until limp has gone. Just like having teenagers.

In fact the house has been really quiet at night, the kids are sleeping in the tent on the lawn...they love it! And this week with the weather improving, they have even been in the pool a couple of times...we were beginning to wonder if we should have bothered putting it out at all, they used it twice last summer. But when you get to 30 degrees piping hot like yesterday, it's bliss to have it there!

Have a great weekend.



Unknown said...

It is never too early for Christmas and this sneaky peak looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on some!

Helen said...

Love these new stamps - I saw them on the website (after you managed to get it fixed!) and I think I need them all....!!

joanne wardle said...

loved working with these new stamps. lovely to see a sneak peak of my work on the blog!

Suze said...

just want you to know I totally miss you !!