Monday 22 January 2024

NEW PaperArtsy Products: Seth Apter {January 2024}

A note from Leandra:

Ohhh do we have some goodness for you today! Not 1, but 3 product lines for Seth, one of them completely new for him!

New Fresco paints are always a delight, and these rich, warm colours are Seth to a teeeee! Kiwi Gold is a gorgeous ochre yellow, Rusty, is as the name suggests, a rusted orange, Olive is a delicious yellow-green, and Tomato is a red red - perfect for those 'pops' of bright! All these colours are translucent, and there are a plenty of tips and tricks with them that Seth will share. 

We also are thrilled to bring you Printed Tissue by Seth, the designs are abstract and large format versions of his stamps, this will be the perfect kick-start to your journaling backgrounds, using a mix of opaque and translucent paints to fade the background in and out is going to be awesome creative fun!

Finally the stamps, and 8 new minis with patterns galore to allow you to add textures and interest to your layers in a blink! Minis are an adorable credit card size image, so super useful and a nice price point too!
Seth will be along to share with you LIVE his new products and ideas over in our Facebook Group, 'PaperArtsy People' shortly after this post publishes, and ... don't forget
These stamps are available EXCLUSIVELY from our approved stockists. Please check the list at the foot of this post to find a retailer online or geographically near you, it makes sense to order within your country where possible. Our retailers also endeavour to join the designer's live to share their direct shopping links - this makes it super easy for you to find a store with product in stock immediately.

Hi all. Seth Apter here. Welcome to a new year and a new release. Actually...THREE releases. A trifecta. I have stamps. I have paint. of today I have printed tissue paper too. Thrilled to be able to round out my PaperArtsy collection with these new items, as I now have a total of 48 minis, 36 paints, 39 stamps sets, and ONE tissue paper. My goal has always been to have every item I create with PaperArtsy work seamlessly with all the prior releases. And for each product to truly represent my creative voice. I believe these new items meet both goals. Let's take a look... 

Printed Tissue Paper by Seth Apter (PT06)
Price: RRP €4.20 +VAT
Size: 30" x 20" (67 x 47 cm) 4 per pack

Printed with permanent ink, will not bleed when you add wet media. To increase tissue strength, coat with Matte Glaze on a non stick surface, let dry, then apply a second layer of Matte Glaze to adhere tissue to your preferred surface (card, wood, paper, fabric etc). The more liquid the glue, the more easily the tissue will disappear.

Oh yeah!! Tissue. The perfect item for collage, journaling, and mixed media. When I first saw the final design for the tissue paper, I called it Bonkers. And I meant that in the best way possible. My tissue definitely reflects my love of layers and my belief that more is more. 

All the elements included come from stamps in my PaperArtsy collection. But they have all been resized and layered for maximum impact. Grungy elements, random marks, circles, words, and phrases are all here. Take a look through the surface and see if your favorites are included. Or if you are missing any.

Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints
by Seth Apter
Price: RRP €5.26 +VAT    Size:50ml (1.7 fl oz)

Matte, chalk paints suited to all surfaces. Quick dry, mix of coverage opacity (see the chevron on the bottle). Over 200 colours available across the PaperArtsy range. UV resistant, water based, indoor-outdoor, non-toxic, low VOC chalk paint. Our paint chemists have over 120 years experience between them, and are distinguished for their inimitable quality.

When the time comes to release new paints, I first think of what might be missing in and work with my current collection. Then I consider where I am at creatively at the time in terms of color love. And finally I think about paint properties that are important to me - for example translucent versus opaque and bright versus muted. Putting all that together led me to these four new colors which reflect my current focus on bolder and brighter as well as my love of translucent paints when creating layers.

It's no secret that I love rust and Rusty reflects the lighter, orange-flavored spectrum of rust. This color really pops on lighter backgrounds (as it is translucent) and looks incredible with a touch of my Green Patina paint for that weathered and distressed look.

Olive is a bright yet soft green with yellow undertones. It has a bit of a 70s vibe to me. It adds an earthy tone to this palette but in a very vibrant way. It pairs sooooo well with purples like my Spanish Mulberry and Purple Majesty.

Tomato is red. Red red. The kind of red that adds a pop to just about every other color. It is equally at home in a vintage piece as in a bright, jeweled tone work. I love it with the bright orange of Smoked Paprika and the zest of Key Lime - both of which are also translucent.

I think of Kiwi Gold as a secret sauce. That Ochre yellow color that looks good as a glaze on anything and everything. It is the perfect fourth in this set of new colors as it works so well with the other three.

All four colors in this set were chosen to be able to work together. Depending upon the mixes and layers, you can get a wide variety of surface tones. Of course they also play well with other colors too.

Seth Apter Red Rubber Mini Stamps
Price: RRP €4.90 +VAT 
Size: generally credit card (ish) size images
All stamps are individually trimmed onto cling foam

My new minis are all about grungy details and elements. Use them to create layers in your work or as abstract focal points. There is a strong, linear component to most of the designs but they are created to bring a distressed, imperfect, organic, and broken feel to your work.

Naturally I have created some grungy artwork using my new stamps, tissue, and paint. They all work well together and in endless combinations. I especially love how the black elements from the tissue contrast so strongly with the brighter colors of the paint.

I took a different approach for my samples in this release as you will see below. I wanted to show how these grungy stamps could be used in ways that might appeal to those of you who may not lean toward the grungy side. I went clean (at least by my standards LOL), colorful, and back to basics. Happy though that Leandra provided some samples for the grunge lovers as you will see below.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 97 (EM97)

I've colored inside the lines...but you can always ignore the lines completely.

Using just the edges of the stamp enables you to create a border as narrow or as wide as you prefer.

This stamp is easy to line up so that you can create a field of rectangles of any size. I will be using this stamp as a swatching stamp as it shows of the colors so well.

Mini 97 becomes less linear and more grungy when layered in the background and applied loosely.


Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 98 (EM98)

I created Mini 98 with many gaps, allowing you to add color in multiple ways.

When Mini 98 is stamped vertically and then stamped again horizontally, a new design is created and can be extended in any direction or orientation.

Lining the stamp up multiple times is easy and you allows you to get a completely different feel.

Adding it among layers of paint takes the stamp from playful & whimsical all the way to distressed and grungy.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 99 (EM99)

Once again, the gaps in the stamp enable you to add colors in many different ways.

Stamping multiple times in different directions provides the opportunity to create a string, abstract focal point no matter how large or small your substrate is.

Mini 99 does not first appear to be a border stamp, but you can turn it into one by using any of the edges.

Once again by stamping repeatedly, you can create your own patterns and use this single stamp alone to create a complete piece of art.

Or you can Go Grunge! I think this has quickly become my favorite for adding texture to a background. If you missed it above, scroll back to have a look at this stamp in the piece Be toward the start of this post.


Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 100 (EM100)

Even though Mini 100 starts out crosshatched, when you stamp it twice - once horizontally and once vertically, you add even more depth and detail.

And of course coloring it in takes it into a completely different direction.

You can also chose to use any of the edges of the stamp to create a very cool border.

Or simply stamp and stamp again. Adding these soft colors immediately makes me think of stained glass windows.

Or go grungy and loosely add this design below, above, and in between layers of paint and ink.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 101 (EM101)

In my book, the smallest detail makes the biggest difference. My favorite part of this stamp are the negative lines that crisscross through the design. Adding color to them really highlights their impact.

Adding even more colors between the lines really lets this stamp sing.

Once again, you can create a beautiful border by adding only the edges around your artwork, in any pattern that you choose.

The negative, criss-crossed lines are even more apparent and add wonderful sense of movement when the design is stamped repeatedly.

Though narrow, they even allow the background to show through.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 102 (EM102)

Mini 102 is different from the others, with an emphasis on numbers rather than on background. But it can be used the same way as the other stamps with, for example, colors added within the gaps...

It can be used as a border stamp too. I love the fact that only half of the numbers show - odds or evens - when stamped on the edge.

It can even be stamped multiple times to create a field of numbers - resembling an abstraction of a ruler or a height chart.

And of course, it can be used as a background detail within the layers.

Love this - it is like a ruler effect

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 103 (EM103)

Mini 103 was made to resemble an old metal grate that you might find within a vintage door with layers of peeled paint in an exotic locale. This look is enhanced when the stamp is layered - once vertically and once horizontally.

Adding color enhances the sense that there is something to be seen behind these openings.

Adding just the edges leads to a beautiful border, specially with the marks that drip intro into the center.

My more is more philosophy really works well with this stamp when it is repeated in a grid and randomly colored.

A more random border can be made for mixed media work and the inspiration of metal grates is made even more apparent when embossed in metallics.

Eclectica³ Seth Apter Mini 104 (EM104)

The last of the Minis is definitely one of my favorites. I imagined ancient tiles when designing this and the inspiration is even more evident when the stamp is loosely colored in.

Once again, a beautiful border an be created simply by using the edges of the stamp.

When stamped side by side, the inspiration of a single tile becomes an entire tiled floor. Or perhaps they can be seen as a very abstract postage stamp sheet.

The design makes for a beautiful grungy mess and adds a soft, curvy feel to a collection that is so strongly linear.

Hoping that the approach I took for samples of this release inspires you to use your creative voice and take these stamps in new directions that speak to you.

I am excited to see how you all use all three of these products - paint, stamps, and tissue. And I am appreciative to the entire PaperArtsy crew for continuing to support my vision and making all this creativity possible! 

Want to see more? You can always find me at... 

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