Sunday 27 August 2017

2017 #12 Hybrid Inks: Distress Oxide Reinkers on fabric {by Helen Chilton}

2017 Topic 12: Hybrid Inks

As you know, we have been rocking the whole Hybrid ink vibe here at PaperArtsy for the past week. Lots of experiments being undertaken by our blogging team, and of course, Helen is the 'Queen of innovation', so I hope you enjoy her use of Distress Oxide re-inkers onto fabric as much as I do!

Hi everyone, it's Helen with you today, and I'd like to share with you a project using the Distress Oxide re-inkers on fabric.

I particularly like the re-inkers because of their intense colour. I've had a go with various types of fabric and various techniques then put them all together to make a patchwork piece.

The great fun here is working out where to put each piece and adding all the details. I thought I'd experiment first with different techniques and materials.

I like the way the stripes of colour on the right blended into each other.

To stamp with the re-inkers I just dropped some onto a craft mat, swooshed the stamp in it and pressed down.

The flower on the patterned material is painted with the Spiced Marmalade re-inker - this technique would work for any patterned fabric with an outline design. The colours even work on the open weave burlap - love the soft, muted effect here.

Lastly we've got the buckram which is a stiffened fabric used in curtain pelmets apparently - I had to look it up!  It's got starch in it so when you wet it it softens up and then as it dries it stiffens up again, meaning you can shape it. I found it purely by chance and was planning to use it to make fabric postcards as it stamps well. As you can see. it also holds an embossed pattern. The doodling on the right is done straight from the bottle.

Once I'd had a good play I started to fit the pieces together.  I've used some Ink and The Dog stamps: Ancestors Plate 1 for the main image and a selection of others for the background (Words Plate 4, Wings Plate 2 and 4). All these sets are A6 (ie quarter-plate size)

I've stitched them  onto a piece of card underneath. I've left the fraying bits and cotton threads as I like them.

Just keep building it up. I chose black thread for the main image to make it pop.

Then start adding all the details - this is my favourite part. The words are from a Tim Holtz Remnant rub-on - I was really pleased with the way it worked on fabric as I wasn't sure it would take.

I cut round some doodling here to add it to the edge and turned my buttons upside down as the top was too shiny. Pearl buttons often have interesting colours on the back!

I loved making this project as it's made from scratch - all the fabric's been hand decorated and because the same re-inker colours are used, it hangs together well. Anything with tiny detail appeals to me. As there are now 12 new colours of Distress Oxides available you could have a play with those. However, remember that the colours are not water proof so it's not suitable for anything you might want to wash. Might be interesting to stitch the pieces together though and spritz with water afterwards to see what happens?!

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Oh Helen, this turned out brilliantly! I love all the textures of the different fabrics, and now you have an awesome sampler of your experiment to hang on the wall too! I love how the re-inkers seem to be fantastic on all the mediums you tried, and in all kinds of ways too! ~Leandra

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Helen said...

what a great project - I love how different the inks look on each type of fabric.

Mac Mable said...

Thank you for all the experiments. Love the burlap and would never have thought to use that medium. Also would never have thought to use the reverse of the button! Thank you so much for the fabulous inspiration on your fabulous creative project x

Craftyfield said...

Trust Helen to try out of the box ideas and come up with brilliant new techniques! and as usual her sense of colour is top notch!

Art By Wanda said...

This is fantastic, Helen!!!!

crazy4atc said...

Great tutorial! Thank you for giving us more inspiration and ideas to use the Oxide inks!

Lauren Hatwell said...

I absolutely LOVE this Helen. You've surpassed yourself... wow! Lx

suzyb said...

I am so in love with these inks. Thank you for trying them out on fabric!! I only have the pads as of yet, but you have been inspiring me to try the re-inkers now too! Thank you!!! :) Your piece is awesome.

Redanne said...

Wow Helen, fantastic experiments! Love how the Oxides work on fabric. Thanks so much for sharing - your project is fabulous!

Kathyk said...

FABULOUS makes and what a great effect


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great project Helen. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

Miriam said...
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Miriam said...

Great project Helen - love it!

Etsuko said...

Fantastic card Helen. Hybrid inks on a fabrics is very interest and you have great resulted. xx

Jackie PN said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experiments with the reinkers- good to know!

Vivian Foo said...

Great experiments, thanks for sharing.