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2017 #8 A Modern Cinderella Shoe {by Liz Borer}

2017 Topic 8: Assemblage

Liz Borer joins us this evening with a stunning creation, her use of colours, paint, and blending techniques are always beautifully considered; true eye candy. 

Hi there everyone , today my blog post is within the subject of Assemblages . Unfortunately I have been doing a lot of tidying and packing recently and couldn't find any of my stash to create what I had originally intended! So I was wandering around the house wondering what to do when I came across an old pair of my daughters boots which were looking very sad. I decided to do some three dimensional crafting starting with a boot (I did ask her permission first!).

Poor boot! It was badly scuffed and stained from salt, definitely seen better days. I will admit to painting the whole boot with an acrylic sealer before starting, which is why it doesn't look too bad. This wasn't because I didn't think the paint would adhere, I know it will, but to stop any stains seeping through.

So firstly I painted the whole boot with Mushroom Fresco Finish Paint and dried it. I used Grunge Paste through a stencil onto tissue paper because I wanted to add dimension to the background. Once dry the tissue is strong enough to hold the Paste but flexible enough to place onto curved surfaces. I apply it by painting a thin coat of Matte medium to the surface, applying the tissue paper and painting more matte  medium over the tissue. This adheres the tissue and if you paint gently it flattens any wrinkles. I find it easier to cut up the stencilled area and apply it in smaller pieces. I had intended to only add this to the boots heel but I liked it so much I added parts of the stencilled Grunge Paste all over the boot!

The whole boot needs repainting to cover the Paste and tissue paper. I then washed thinned Plum paint into the creases and along seams to add interest. Also l rubbed White Fire Treasure Gold over the raised areas to highlight the stencilled shapes.

Now for the fun part! I collect lace and trimmings from lots of places. The trimming around the top of the boot is a ribbon with beads hanging from it. I painted the ribbon with Plum paint and once dry attached it to the top of the boot then added more lace. 
Am I crazy to say that at this point I want a pair of boots like this ?!

I found some Grunge paper pre cut swirls, so l painted them with Squid Ink and embossed them before adding some Treasure Gold.

Here's a lot of embellishments that I have coloured with White Fire Treasure Gold. I have found that if I mix this with a little alcohol blending solution I can make a paint to used to colour any items .

I've gone rather over the top adding lots of embellishments and the painted swirls to the boot. The boot is on a block of wood which was painted with Squid Ink.

I love the finished boot ! I think I may decorate the other boot (maybe very steampunk) because I enjoyed making this so much. But, oh dear, yet another thing I won't be happy to throw away because an old shoe or boot can have a new life ....
Bye for now, Liz .

Oh Liz, this is fabulous, theatrical and magical; definitely fit for a princess, or any shoe lover for that matter. I can imagine a shelf full of amazing shoe creations, no more unloved shoes. The boot itself is wonderful but displaying it on the board with the lace doily and all the extras really does transform it into an art piece. ~Darcy

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Helen said...

wow, Liz, this is stunning!! such a gorgeous transformation!!

Miriam said...

wow! fabulous project.... I can see some shoes disappearing!

Kirsten said...

That is GORGEOUS!!!

Craftyfield said...

Fabulous! I have a pair of old boots lying around... should I?

Redanne said...

Incredible, beautiful, amazing!!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh my! This really is an amazing transformation!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh my! This really is an amazing transformation!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Absolutely stunning! A feast for the eyes! Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is just incredible, Liz. I was totally with you on wanting to wear them!

Lucy x

Susan Battensby said...

This is totally stunning!

Jennie Atkinson said...

Oh my !! what an amazing project! Totally stunning! And thanks for the tip about adding alcohol blending solution to the White Fire Treasure Gold. Jennie

Keren Baker said...

I'm always looking for things to alter- and this boot is fantastic! Love the little details you've added. Hope you show is the steampunk version when you've created it!

JoFY said...

Such a gorgeous, clever project! Love it! x

Art By Wanda said...

Wow!!! Totally gorgeous!!!

Eugenia Maru said...

Maravillosa bota!

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