Wednesday, 2 November 2016

2016 #21 The Hidden Word {by Gabrielle Price}

2016 Topic 21: Typography, Fonts, Quotes

Hi everyone Gabrielle from Crafty Thoughts here. Tonight I'd like to share with you this evening with a post about hidden words.

I have always been fascinated by the colour blindness tests we used to have at school where a word, symbol or number is hidden amongst coloured dots. Kim Dellow's stylish trees from EKD02 offered the perfect shapes to 'hide' my word in.

Step One: I started by making the backgrounds and, for this project, I needed three! I brayed layers of pink paint onto a piece of card until I was happy with the depth of shading. I applied six layers of paint in total to make sure that the background had lots of interest. I could have added stencilling but as I was about to cut the background into small pieces I felt the layers added enough interest.

Step Two: For the second background I used blues and added a little white as my penultimate layer so the Beach Hut layer would be more visible.

Step Three: My final background was the page in my journal. I used a black journal and added a white layer of paint and then a layer of Tangerine Twist (I LOVE that colour!) I added Banana stencilled petals and dots from PS023 and stencilled numbers (PS021) in Tango.

Step Four: Stamp out lots of the trees onto the pink and blue backgrounds. For the 'hidden' word I chose to use blue so I only stamped out the smaller trees. However on the pink sheet I stamped lots of both sized trees. Then comes the patient bit as you have to cut them all out!


Step Five: Assemble your word and arrange the pink shapes around it. Once you are happy then you can glue them down. I added the sentiment that came with the stamp set to a piece of spare card and doodled around it. I added some Little Black Dress lines with the side of a credit card and some Gold circles as final touches. In case you couldn't read my word I doodled some lines around it - it says 'art'.

I did add a tiny bird - did you spot him?!

I really enjoyed making my homage to the colour blindness test (even though there was a lot of cutting out!) 

Wow Gabrielle this is so clever, i honestly couldn't see it at first and then it just popped off the page and made me smile. Fantastic illusion, well done. ~Darcy. 

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Helen said...

spotted it eventually! that is so clever, and you are a saint cutting out all those shapes....

Craftyfield said...

As Helen says, very clever Gabrielle...

Hazel Agnew said...

Took a while, but got it eventually. A lovely injection of your infectious humour Gabrielle. Great piece! Xx 😄

Wendy Mallas said...

Love it. It's a great idea.

PaperArtsy said...

Ohhh you clever chook!

I can imagine this as a whole book of puzzles for kids learning to read so easily, Hugo would have loved that when he was younger - he loved patterns and shapes.

Thanks for sharing!


Miriam said...

Lovely project Gabby....I love how you sneaked the bird in!

Miriam said...

Lovely project Gabby....I love how you sneaked the bird in!

Lauren Hatwell said...

What a brilliant idea! I love it! I SO wanted the word to be GIN though... :oD Just sayin' Lx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is so, so clever, Gabrielle!

Lucy x

craftimamma said...

Very clever and so much fun too Gabrielle.

Lesley Xx

Julie Lee said...

Brilliant idea, Gabrielle! I love your hidden word! xx

Sarah B said...

what an excellent idea - it wasn't until I paged down to the additional photos that I spotted it - well done xx

craftytrog said...

Very clever! Love it! xxx

Etsuko said...

Fabulous project, lovely motif and fab design. I love it!! xx

Kim Dellow said...

so totally clever! love it!

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