Monday 29 August 2016

2016 #16 Charming Shrink Plastic and Clay {by Lucy Edmondson}

 2016 Topic 16: Beads,Charms and Dangles

Hi everyone, Lucy from Lucy's True Colours here.

Tonight I'd like to share with you a post about making clay and shrink plastic charms to decorate a box, together with a background technique using Crayola Slick Stix.

I love using stamps to make my own charms, and both shrink plastic and clay have always appealed to me: shrink plastic because of the way it miniaturizes everything whilst retaining the detail, and clay because I love the solidity of the finished piece. I have kept them black and white on this occasion, along with the box itself, and offset them against brightly coloured fun crayon backgrounds.

Step 1: Charms
To make the crown charms I used the two crowns from Lynne Perrella LPC 003

and LPC 007 

I rolled the oven bake Sculpey out to a quarter inch thickness and then inked the stamps with Versafine in Onyx Black, pressing in well. I then cut then out with a craft knife. The oven baking will heat set the ink. You can use a sanding block around the edges after.

Step 2: Shrink Plastic
Next I used the same crowns and the pen from Lynne Perrella LPC 030 to make the shrink plastic charms, this time using Jet Black StazOn and white shrink plastic. 

Here's a tip, don't do as I did here. I tend to be a bit stingy with my supplies and as the stamps are so small I thought I would use up my scraps. It's not a good idea to do this, particularly if you want several identical items, as you can get some distortion. If I understand it correctly, shrink plastic is manufactured by heating and stretching pieces of plastic in one direction, so if you use your scraps you are likely to change the orientation of the piece so it will shrink in a different direction and might be slightly wider or longer than the item next to it. So it is advisable to use a whole sheet of shrink plastic and work across and down it in rows. 

Anyhow, cut the pieces out with a slight border around them, and shrink with your heat tool and flatten with a mounting block. 

Step 3: Slick Stix
Next I had a bit of fun with Crayola Slick Stix, which are new to me. They are twistable water soluble crayons, very similar to gelatos and distress crayons, but cheaper. They don't come in as many colours but they blend well to create additional colours. I painted my pieces of card with gesso and for my project I wanted two separate colour ways. For my first, I used yellow, orange, blue, and green. I applied them one colour at a time as shown, blending them with my finger as far as they would go before adding the next colour beside it, blending that into it and away from it as far as it would go.

Step 4: Water
To blend and dilute further, I spritzed the card quite generously with water and waited a few moments for some bleached spots to appear for extra interest. I then used a flat paintbrush to go evenly back and forth from left to right with absorbent paper underneath to pick up any colour coming away. As you can see, the top half is much more blended than the bottom. The blue crayon has created an additional shade of green. Spritz again if you want more water spots or more dilution but heat set before stamping. 

Step 5: And repeat
Repeat the process with the two shades of Blue, Purple, and Red crayons.  Stamp a selection of Lynne Perrella images onto a mixture of the two colours of cardstock, clear embossing with Versafine in Onyx black.

Step 6: Box Backgrounds
As you can see here, I used stamps from Lynne Perrella Eclectica LPC003 LPC014  LPC030 LPC034. I added some white highlights with gesso and some extra colour with Fibralo pens on the final pieces. I cut the pieces to fit the box compartments and it took me a loooooong time deciding on placement! In addition to the stamped pieces shown, as you can see in the final pictures I decided to use the text stamp from LPC 014  as the best way to show off the charms. 

Step 7: Box Front
Now for the box itself. I sanded and gessoed it, and then painted it with Fresco Snowflake. Then, holding my breath, I carefully clear embossed the pen from Lynne Perrella  onto all four sides of the front of the box with Versafine Onyx Black. You need to be tentative with the heat gun because of the clear film in the frame. I neatened around the edges of the front of the aperture by gluing a line of tiny black accent beads. I lined the inside compartments with spare pieces of the prepared cardstock in the relevant colours and adhered the stamped pieces in place. Finally, I glued the shrink plastic and clay charms into position.

In this final close up photo, you can see where I have used a little gesso on the faces etc, and some Fibralo pens.

I had such fun playing around with the crayon backgrounds for this project and I love how the black and white has worked against the bright colours! The charms were easy, but it was such a fiddly project to decide which stamped images looked best where. It looks so simple now it is finished! I hope you will have a go making your own stamped charms in shrink plastic and clay, perhaps experimenting with some different colours.

Lucy Blog: Lucy's True Colours Twitter @CraftyLuce

Lucy I love your gorgeous frame with the clever, very beautiful niches decorated so perfectly! All the little charms sit so well in thier individual frames! This project is adorable! ~Leandra

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Helen said...

This looks stunning, Lucy!

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Lucky, looks fabulous xx

Unknown said...

That's fab hunni! Those crayons look great...have to add them to my want list!

Lauren Hatwell said...

How lovely! You'll have me scurrying off to find my shrink plastic again. I'd forgotten all about it but I love what you've done with it here Lucy. Such a great idea and it looks amazing. Lx

Ruth said...

Amazing work Lucy, just love it!! Ruth x

Craftyfield said...

Beautiful charms Lucy! Must think of something similar for the challenge!

craftytrog said...

Great project Lucy, I love those little crowns against the colourful backgrounds!

Redanne said...

Your project is beautiful Lucy and that is such a great tip about the shrink plastic! x

geezercrafter said...

Love the black and white charms against the colours of the backgrounds. Lots of interest to look at, just fabulous.

suzyb said...

So Crayola made those crayons?!?!! Must get some. I can't afford the Gelatos at the moment. I would like to try these tho'. I really enjoyed your process of creating such a cool piece! Can't wait to see what you do next with those crayons!
Victoria, BC

Words and Pictures said...

Such fantastic ideas and techniques - a brilliant project and a really inspiring post, Lucy, thank you.
Alison x

Julie Lee said...

Such a beautiful post, Lucy. I agree that Shrink Plastic is perfect for miniature work that doesn't lose its detail! It always seems like magic to me!I love the detail and the gorgeous colours on this delightful project! xx

Hazel Agnew said...

This is a delightful piece Lucy. Love the way that the box sets off the colours. Great tips about shrinkage too! Xx

craftimamma said...

Love this Lucy! Such pretty colours inside the box to contrast with the black and white and your crowns turned out beautifully in both shrink and clay. Beautiful piece!

Lesley Xx

Etsuko said...
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Etsuko said...

Such a fabulous project Lucy. The lovely embellishments shrink plastic and clay crowns. Beautiful Lynne's images onto the Slick Stix background. I love this!! xx