Friday 22 August 2014

Face Month 4 {with Eclectica³ Lin Brown Stamps by Clare Lloyd}

Hello all, Clare back with the last in my series of faces. I never sit down at my craft table and plan out a girl as such. She seems to develop a life of her own and I so this month my girl was quite a surprise to me, as she seems to be from a bygone era...Victorian perhaps?

My small manilla tag was painted with a coat of Snowflake. Then time to sketch my girl and I always like to draw over in pen, rubbing out the pencil lines so they don't smudge when painted.

Her face was painted with a thicker layer of Vintage Lace this week, as I felt she needed a porcelain skin look. Then went in with super fine wash of Caramel around the face and features. Using a spotter paint brush I added some shade and dimension using Chocolate Pudding and a touch of watery Rose.

So then I had to spend some time pondering the background. As my usual style and colour choice just wasn't going to work??? In the end I went with very thin layer of Lilac as a starting point as I was getting fed up at looking at the white background. I applied the Fresco paint very simply with a baby wipe. Yep, that seems to blend well with her character.

Ok, so what next? I was way out of my comfort zone with this gal and I realized it was going to have to be subtle. I reached for some Distress Inks, masked over the face and stamped using a vintage style quote from a Lin Brown 05 stamp set. 

 Lin Brown 05

I painted her bodice Rose again using a baby wipe and stamped with another colour Distress Ink using a lovely delicate scroll image from Squiggly Ink Tops and Tails 1 stamp set.
 Squiggly Ink Tops and Tails 1

Right so what now...surely I MUST need to add some sort of embellishment? Well, I pondered and rummaged. I rummaged and pondered. Tried out a few ideas. But NO! She just didn't need it, her simple beauty was enough. But just to frame her a little more, I sketched around with a grey pencil crayon and added some Royal Amethyst Treasure Gold to the outside edge of the tag.

And here they all are my four faces. Each and everyone with their own character and personality. Now snuggled up together in my fabric tag wrap.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have had fun filling your tag wrap with faces. 

A huge thanks to Clare from PaperArtsy. We have loved this mini series of faces, so very different and so much fun. You have shown how simple shapes can be brought to life, hopefully this will have encouraged people to have a go at drawing. 

If you would like to join in our weekly challenge with any of this week's guests who have blogged since Sunday night, then join in to link up your creativity HERE you will go in the draw to win PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by17:00 (London time) Sunday 24th Aug 2014


Anonymous said...

My immediate thought on seeing this girl was "It's Jane Eyre!" Or at least, the Jane Eyre that I see in my mind when ever I read the book. Your tag is beautiful & I'm glad you didn't add anything to it, it's perfect as it is. And the finished tag book is gorgeous.

Hazel Agnew said...

Her simple beauty is absolutely enough Clare. She is stunning. Love the way that you described how she evolved and love the way that you masked her and stamped over with Lin stamp. I agree that she needs no embellishing. Xx

Living to work - working to live said...

I must be brave and start drawing faces.

Craftyfield said...

She's lovely! What a collection, great work.

lbwright22-loopylou said...

Incredible art work Clare. Thanks for the step by step guide showing how you created it. Perfect.

lbwright22-loopylou said...
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Lucy Edmondson said...

Lovely, clare, my favourite face so far,

Lucy x

Debs M said...

she is fabulous - my favourite face and the lavender background looks great - just enough detail x

Unknown said...

This is my favourite face, so pretty, love the lilac. You are very talented xx