Tuesday, 10 June 2014

GD: Keren Baker Project # 3 It's A Mystery No More

"Hi again, it's Keren back with the final post showing a modern and clean take on a shadow box. I must apologise for the slightly duff photographs. That phrase about not working with kids or animals has its equivalent with photography .... don't work with glossy accents or acetate. I either got a beautifully clear shot with my reflection perfectly captured too, or an angled version that still had shadows. This was the compromise shot - hope it gives you a good idea of what is inside"!

So I began with the butterfly resting on the cubes. We'd stamped an extra butterfly yesterday, so I didn't have to stamp again today. I'm continuing to use the Hot Picks 1301 set.

I had some little blocks from when my youngest was a baby. These are small ones, as I was looking out for items that wouldn't be too out of proportion with the rest of the contents.

 I stamped the numbers out on pieces the same size as the cube sides.

 Then punched out a hole from the centre of the squares and added different coloured cardstock to the backs of each piece. I then adhered them to all the sides of the cubes.

I wanted to create something that hung from the top level and came up with the idea of hanging hearts from acetate. First I stamped some images and punched out hearts from the page.

 I added a stripe of colour to each one.

I cut thin strips of acetate and attached one to the back of each heart.

I then trimmed a piece of cardstock slightly smaller than the dimensions of the 'ceiling' panel in the top of the box. I added adhesive to one side and added each acetate strip (after folding it 90 degrees) near to the edge of the cardstock panel, so they hung down. I added strong doublesided tape over these strips and stuck this directly to the 'ceiling' so they look suspended.

So, we've got nearly to the end. I consulted a superior mind on my progress and they weren't sure about the hearts. I wasn't either. So I decided to add a weightier element to help 'ground' them.

 I just created larger versions of the hearts and added bold buttons. The overall effect was much better.

For the final element, I pulled out something I've been using a lot of recently - graph paper. I've been collecting different designs and colours whenever I've seen it on offer. This is a black one, which fitted perfectly with the scheme.

 I stamped random images onto the paper, knowing roughly the size of the heart I wanted to create.

I made a rough template for my heart making sure I placed the heart where the stamping looked best.

Then, cutting out 6 hearts, I pinned two together and began backstitching in a bold co-ordinating colour.

When I'd stitched 2/3 of the way around, I added some padding/wadding & sewed up completely. Obviously this paper is more delicate than your average paper, so I treated it with great tlc ! If you're not into sewing, these padded hearts look great using double sided tape instead of stitching. I then used a marker to create faux stitches around the edges.

Once sewed, I attached a loop of double twine and secured with a button.

These would make pretty embellishment for cards or projects (or even add lavender!!) but I wanted them to languish lazily around the bottom of my box.

And that's it. My little box of treasures! I hope you've enjoyed all the different elements- I hope there's something to inspire a little for everybody. See you next month with something completely different again! xx


Leandra Says: You attention to the small details is unbelievable. You are one classy chick Keren! Haha! Adorable project.

Gillian Says: Oh Keren I adore the finished project, great whimsical feel from all the little embellishments which are offset by the clean stencilled backdrop. Thanks for sharing this with us.

If you would like to join in this week's challenge and play along with Keren's techniques, then do link up your creativity here, and go in the draw to win some PA stamps of your choice! You need to link your entry by 17:00, Sunday June 15th 2014


JoFY said...

beautiful project!

Helen said...

Wonderful end to 3 days building up to this fabulous box!

Hazel Agnew said...

So many fabulous ideas that combine to create a fascinating work of art. Love all the elements and feeling inspired! Xx

Craftyfield said...

Love it! The acetate looks great (yes even in the photo) and the little hearts are charming. Love the graph paper idea, I have some in the cupboard...

Julie Lee said...

This is cute, clean and pretty yet magical too! I love the stitching and those butterflies! A lovely, lovely project!Julie Ann xxx

Inky and Quirky Designs said...

Simply stunning,what a fab idea.


laury55 said...

fantastic idea, love how it turns out

Ruth said...

Beautiful result and I adore the graph paper hearts x

Paula Whittaker said...

love it ;o)

Keren Baker said...

Thankyou, oh 'superior mind'!! 😋

jojo79 said...

Love it

Unknown said...

Brilliant little touches! I live the idea of stamping on a graph paper. Ingrid x

Unknown said...

*love! Darn touch pad! :) .. But I got to see all of the pics again whilst scrolling down to correct my misspelling ;)

craftytrog said...

Wonderful project Keren! I love the padded hearts!
Alison xx

massofhair said...

Each one of your makes is so well thought out, the hearts on acetate look amazing as do the sewn hearts.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration & out of the box playing. Looking forward to your next projects on the PA Blog:-) xxx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Stunning really live it. Well done for such a great make xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Beautiful, so elegant and so original,

Lucy x

Clur said...


Etsuko said...

What a wonderful box! Great idea and amazing the objects xx

Colleen said...

This project is beautiful. The elements are refreshing and provide a great background.

Julie S said...

Your little box of treasures is a treasure! What a fun project. Will have to put something like this on my to do list. :)

Julie S said...

Your little box of treasures is a treasure! What a fun project. Will have to put something like this on my to do list. :)

Julie S said...

Your little box of treasures is a treasure! What a fun project. Will have to put something like this on my to do list. :)

Sarah Anderson said...

I love bright colours with splashes of black and white but love this more - black and white with splashes of colour! Truly a box of treasures!!! Love than all

Ros Crawford said...

What a wonderful transformation ... Absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Keren, that is so beautiful! Thank you for all of these posts, it's been a joy to see this project develop.

craftimamma said...

What a gorgeous box with wonderful attention to detail. I love the 'clean' look with the lovely bright pops of colour and so many inspirational bits & pieces for us to adapt.

Lesley Xx

Kezzy said...

Wow such an awesome ending, really love the end result, really bright and clean looking :-) Kezzy xxx

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