Saturday 4 January 2014

Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint Video {a reference tool}

Hello Everyone, Leandra here,

This is one of those informational posts you should bookmark if Frescos float your boat! With a video at the foot

We have a new paint 'tick' chart.
This is a collectors 'tick' postcard so you can check off the paints as you collect them. It is not an exact indication of true colour, but it is a ballpark indicator. Matching printed shades to real life paint is impossible over a broad range of shades like this.

DIY Paint colour record
Darcy also created the chart below where you can paint the colours you have already got out to create a real record of what you already own.

Download your copy here:

Fresco Colour Mixing Methods
For a fantastic explanation of how to mix bespoke colours of Fresco, you should check out this post from Liz Borer. Liz explains it perfectly, and shows you how to use paints to create all kinds of new colours, and how to make them tone in with each other for a specific project. Its really useful stuff and will open up a world of options for you.

Information video: Fresco Chalk Acrylics
We wanted to put together a video to show you all the 64 Fresco paint colours and how they relate to each other in one summary video. 

This will help you see first hand the differences between the colour families, and help you choose paint. In addition to those shown on the video, we also have Gold, Silver, and 6 glazes.

Remember every computer monitor will show colour differently depending on how your screen is configured. If you compare a real life paint to the screen, you will get a sense of how true your screen displays. 

Don't forget to subscribe to the PaperArtsy You Tube Channel so you can see all the new videos as soon as they are released. There are plenty of Fresco technique videos there with lots of tips and information that are very handy if you are new to using acrylic paints.

Here is the video below

Thanks for watching!



ellen vargo designs said...

Awesome video - lots of info - loved it!

Etsuko said...

Fab video and nice information. I have never seen before the paint that beautiful colours and good quality. I love it! Darcy the colours chart is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog post & video, so helpful. Thank you.

Beryl said...

Thanjk you for this very useful post. Will definitely be on my bookmarks bar.
Beryl xx

Helen Anderson said...

Fab video. Just reminded me how many more I need to buy!!

Helen Anderson said...

Fab video. Just reminded me how many more I need to buy!!

Janet said...

Love your new colour chart, I find it useful to tick off the colours I have ( 6 more to get)