Sunday, 10 November 2013

Welcome Back Joanne Wardle Project #1 A JOFY Christmas Batch ....

This week I shall be focussing on using the JOFY range of Christmas stamps. If like me you are starting to panic that you just haven't made enough Christmas cards yet, hopefully I will be able to help.

All of my cards this week are quick and easy, and designed for batchmaking. The cards will get quicker as the week goes on. All of the cards use minimal and inexpensive materials, so you don't need to worry about depleting your stash. I've also kept all of the cards flat, for cheaper posting.

This card is designed for batchmaking. If you follow exactly what I have done you will make 14 cards. This is the slowest of my cards this week as there is some waiting for drying and the cutting and sticking take a little time.

I purposely concentrated on using just one Jofy mini Stamp, to make this set of cards as affordable as possible. Other than card, ink, glue and scissors, these are the only materials you will need.

First I started by of applying some London Bus paint on half a sheet of  A4 white card.

Next I then applied some Tinned Peas paint to the other half, allow to dry.

Stamp Mini 06 repeatedly on the painted card. Ideally I would have used Archival Ink, but I couldn't find mine so I used Versafine (not my best idea..)

Using a fine paintbrush paint the dots in the large star with the opposite colour of paint. This is when I found that Versafine is slow drying on a painted surface.

So a blast with the heatgun and on I went and finished the rest of the dots.

Once these are dry, settle down in front of the TV and cut out all of the stars, don't worry that you will have to cut through the wiggly pattern on the medium sized star: this will sort itself out later.

Take 14 white card blanks (you could make your own, but I like ready made ones) and stamp the mini onto each card.

Glue the stars onto the card. Making sure to alternate the colours.

You can see here a wiggly star that has been cut out next to one that has been stuck down. The wiggly line from the underneath stamping makes the star look complete again. This is true for all of the stars so don't worry if your cutting out is not spot on.

And that's it, 14 cards done! I thought about adding some glitter to the other dots, but I rather like the flat look to this card. {in case you were worried, I have now found my archival pad!} I will be back tomorrow evening with another quick & effective project.

Leandra Says: There's no denying the "C" word is now fast approaching. Jo's stamp designs are perfect for a batchmaking session.

Gillian Says: Great idea Joanne, I particulary like the stamp image you chose to work with for this project. Clean & Simple but very effective.


Helen said...

Fabulous cards, Joanne, I love that mini stamp. I'm all for batch making (not sure about all the star cutting, good job I don't have this stamp!!)

Deborah Wainwright said...

Excellent idea Joanne clean and simply stylish x

Anonymous said...

They look great, such an effective idea for quick cards.

Maggie said...

Fabulous quick Christmas cards I'm all for batch making...I need to be!!!!


Julie Lee said...

Very effective! Especially for lots of cards in a batch! Julie Ann xx

Deborah said...

What a great idea for batch card making and look so good too. Love 'em.

Alison said...

These are fab Joanne! x

massofhair said...

CAS at it's best, beautiful cards:-)

butterfly said...

Fabulous CAS Christmas cards - bold and so chic.
Alison x

craftimamma said...

Lovely boutique chic look to these CAS cards. Now I need that stamp, lol!

Lesley Xx

Cocofolies said...

Lovely C&S cards with stars in opposite colours, a great idea for a set of fast Christmas cards !!! Coco x

Etsuko said...

Fabulous Christmas card. New Years card is popular in Japan. I'll try this idea for batch card making. Thank you for share us. Etsuko xx

Sid said...

Great technique done to great effect !!

Gerrittina said...

Great idea and it looks good!!!

Janet said...

Brilliant cards

jojo79 said...

Fab cards Joanne, will try and have a go of these this week.


Lucy Edmondson said...

Great idea to stamp on the painted card!

Lucy x

Deborah Frings said...

Fabulous cards! Love the modern take on a Christmas card!

Kezzy said...

What a wonderful idea and they look gorgeous :-) Kezzy xxx

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