Monday 11 November 2013

Joanne Wardle Project #2 Baubles ....

I have been pencil colouring on Kraft Cards for ages and have been wondering about getting a similar effect on different coloured backgrounds. For this card I am using Grey card. I normally use my expensive Derwent pencils for these techniques, but I am concentrating on inexpensive supplies this week, so I am trying out the Crayola set of 24 pencils. You can use any pencils you like (check the kids' rooms) all you need is a white, a grey and a black (although I'll also be using, red, green, blue and yellow tomorrow)


These are the stamps I have used for this card .... JOFY 03

I love those baubles and the way words have been written into the strings.

To start with I cut my card into 3 pieces (roughly DL size). I can be quite tight with my card and it makes me happy that I can get 3 cards out of one A4 sheet, especially if I plan to make a lot of cards. I then scored and folded these in half.

Lay the clean bauble stamps onto the card where you want them

Next press the acrylic block onto them, making sure you know where to line up to the top of the card, then stamp onto the card.

Now for the colouring part ....

Start by adding shine lines with white pencil as shown.

Then colour down the centre of each bauble with white (avoiding dots and stripes) make sure the width of your white strip follows the width of the bauble.

Colour next to this with strips of grey pencil.

Then finally strips of black at the edge.

Finish with Glitter Glue to the stripes and spots.

As you already have the stamps lined up on your block, you can go on to stamp out a batch of these and colour them at your leisure.

Finally, you may ask, what about envelopes for this awkward sized card? I like to send them opened up in a DL sized envelope.

Join me again tomorrow evening with my final project of the week.

Leandra Says:The shading and extra bling makes the baubles very 3 dimensional, another great way to knock out those xmas cards.

Gillian Says: The shading effect looks fab Joanne as does the touches of bling, such a simple and inexpensive project in the run up to Christmas.


Helen said...

What a superb card, love the shading and the highlighting. So simple but so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, the shading on the baubles is great.

Kezzy said...

Wow gorgeous card, I love what you have done and I am off to order this set of stamps lol. Kezzy :-) xxx

Hazel Agnew said...

Another fantastic idea. Looks very dramatic and effective. Love it and will have a go. X

jojo79 said...

What a fantastic idea for making lots of cards. They look amazing.


JoFY said...

oooooooh they are lovely!!! :o)

craftimamma said...

Beautiful and just the right amount of sparkle!

Lesley Xx

sally said...

I always liked the coloured Kraft ones you blogged about, these are just as delish!


Sid said...

This is such a fab card with minimal supplied required. Very effective !

Unknown said...

Now those are really clever and very effective!! Well done x

Alison said...

Very sophisticated Joanne! Love these cards!
Alison x

Lucy Edmondson said...

So well thought out!

Lucy x

Teresa Abajo said...

When they are coloured like this, they look sketched and don't look like they're stamped at all! Fantastic!