Sunday 28 July 2013

Winners ....

So we have a lot to tell you about this week. First up lets get the weekly awards ceremony out of the way shall we?

To begin with, the week's winners from Darcy's weekly challenge are ....

Random winner #1 from the first draw (every single entry linked): Sarah B

Random winner #2  from the second draw, (only one entry per name) is: Helen

email Leandra with your choice of A5 stamp, and your postal address and your prizes will wing their way to you.

The next issue to deal with tonight is NAME THAT GIRAFFE ! ...

As you know, Darcy made a stunning Giraffe last week! And we ran a competition to name him, and the prize is a box of PaperArtsy stash worth around £150, WOW. 

There were over 100 comments left on the blog for Darcy to filter through and select a name she felt suits her baby best. Here's the announcement straight from the Giraffe-Mum's mouth

Wow so many suggestions. With so many to choose from I made a short list.

Fresco, Nigel, Verdi, Dante, Arthur, Hector, Zarafa, Darwin, Kolle, Tresor, Gerard, Colin, Pistachio, Lawrence, Rodney, Chester, Gesso...

We had everything from royal baby names to plays on the PaperArtsy name. 

All of them made me smile, some had me scratching my head wondering how to pronounce them. But one stood out because it made me laugh out loud, literally.

I am always amused when I hear people call their pets 'blokey' names, such as Dave, Steve, Simon etc and so for that reason I chose

It was Lyn Tivenan who said...

“Colin...just as soon as I saw him I knew his name was Colin”

Thank you so very much to everyone for your enthusiasm and suggestions, and to PaperArtsy for hosting this competition. 

Colin loved looking at the list of names and is a little overwhelmed by the attention but sends his love to you all.

Bye for now Darcy and Colin. x 
Lyn, please email Leandra with your postal address so she can get your box off to you, remember someone will need to be in to receive it from the courier!

So to the week ahead.....

Well its a bit on an in-limbo week as we are out of cycle slightly

Sue Carrington will return next Sunday (August 4th) for her final week of Semester 2, duly followed by the rest of this semester's designers and their August projects.

However, we will not leave you hanging this week. We have lined up especially for you a couple of lovely projects coming up from Linda Cain on Monday, and Helen Chilton on Wednesday to round off the end of July. Then we have big plans for August, which will be revealed later this check back!

Remember, we also have a week long space at the end of August for the much anticipated next round of #3UP from the #PAtwit(ter followers) who will all be receiving their mystery packets this week if they haven't arrived already. So sorry if you missed out on signing up for this round, the spaces unexpectedly filled in 48 hours, and we have 48 people playing in the next round. Something to look forward to at the end of August to see what they make from their mystery items received!

Have a great week, and keep on crafting!

Leandra and Gillian


Anonymous said...

Colin looks very happy with his new name. Congrats to all the winners.

Julie Lee said...

Congratulations to all the winners and welcome Colin! Julie Ann x

Lin said...

well done Helen and Sarah..and a big congrats to Lyn!!!

Helen said...

Congratulations to Sarah and massive well done to Lyn - hello Colin!

Kathi said...

Congrats to the winners of all the challenges.

I kinda like Gesso, because it's such a useful name, but Colin is cool too.

Looking forward to my package arriving on this side of the pond and playing along with you all!

Also looking forward to this week's artwork!

Gina said...

Congratulations everyone :D ..if I'd won the name game prize I would probably have exploded :D XXX

Lucy Edmondson said...

Congratulations to Lyn, Helen, and Sarah! I am completely flabbergasted because if I had put forward my husband's name I could have won! Just going to call up the stairs and tell him. They don't look much alike apart from the doe eyes! I do like the pic of him looking at all the suggestions!

Lucy x

sam21ski said...

Well done Sarah & Helen

And huge congrats to the Giraffe who now has a name........hello Colin

Well done Lyn for naming him

Sam xxx

Seasidecaroline said...

Hahaha, Colin, made me laugh out loud. Love it. Congrats everyone

Debbie said...

Oh yes Colin suits him.
My Daughter's Goldfish is called Colin!!

Unknown said...

I am over the moon that my name was chosen..thank you so much! Congratulations to Sarah and Helen too.
Colin looks quite happy with his new name :) I seem to recall the only thing I've ever won was an ironing board in a raffle in the 1970's..I was 15 at the time and not impressed!

Darcy Marshall said...

Well done Lyn, Helen and Sarah. xxx

Carmen said...

Colin. I'm laughing because I have an Uncle Colin and now I'n going to be thinking of giraffes when I see him... :D

Congratulations Lyn.

Kezzy said...

Colin yep I like that, he definitely seems to be a Colin. Well done to the winners. I really need to learn to tweet, I really would have liked to apply for the 3up lol. I just can't understand all the # every where. Note to self, learn tweeting over the next 3 months lol. Can't wait to see all the ones that have been chosen. It's nice to see how everyone does everything differently. Can't wait to see Linda and Helen this week :-) Kezzy xxx

Sarah B said...

I can't believe I was picked as I must have just missed uploading a more interesting entry - thank you !
Well done Helen and Lyn - definitely a step up from an ironing board cover !xx

ArteDar said...

Congrats to Lyn for having given you the "perfect" name! Hello Hello happy you have joined our art community...I see you as a great model in the future for some of MomMaDarcy's fine art.