Monday 29 July 2013

True North Hand By Guest Designer Linda Cain ....

"Hi there, Your Friend In Art Linda back for a fun blending and stamping project".

I started with a base coat of Snowflake on everything. The substrate for this project comes flat and has 3 hearts to choose from as well. So I decorated them all at once with a few new favorite Fresco Paints. The Blood Orange is way too awesome for words.

I painted the Hearts first using Blood Orange, Claret, and Tinned Peas for the large one. The middle one has Guacamole, Limelight, and a dash of Beach Hut. And the smallest one is Squid Ink and Blood Orange

The circular base is painted with Smoked Paprika, London Bus and some Blood Orange.

I stamped with Archival Ink using LPC001 on the base, and then used some Snowflake to paint in a few accents.

The Limelight heart has the skirt section of the horse stamp from LPC019 on it. 

The small and large hearts have LPC001 stamps on them. As the circle is a base, and can be viewed from both sides, I stamped the image so it could be viewed the same way from both 'sides'.

Next I started with one side of the hand and added Lilac. Then I started shading the edges with Bora Bora and some Squid Ink. I tried to keep it only as shadows with the Squid Ink to make the hand have depth. 

The other side of the hand starts the same way with a bit of Bora Bora thrown in. But then I decided it was a bit dark, so to lighten it up, I added some GrungePaste with a spotty circle stencil. 

When it dried, I used Cut N Dry foam to sponge on Smoked Paprika and Zesty Zing which really adds some warmth. The last layer is stamping over it all with Archival Black Ink and Ink and the Dog Mini 60 – the Cogs and Gears image. 

I used the Rosettes stamp from LPC023 for the middle of the Hand, and added 3 colors of rhinestones to the centers.

The “True North” is from the LPC001collection again. The fun part was finding brads to easily make into rings for the fingers on the True North side. I just wrapped them around and bent the edges to keep in place. 

I left the fingers alone on the other side and just placed the hand into the base. 

I couldn’t see how it might work adding the remaining Hearts to the Hand. I just couldn’t cover up the paint. So I’ll save them for another day!!!

Hope you enjoyed this. I always love being on the delightful PaperArtsy Blog using their amazing products! TTFN!

Your Friend In Art

Leandra Says: How fun, this makes a perfect necklace holder! I can see now its together how the warm grunge spots on the hand reflect the colour of the base, and the rings are a great addition! Lovely to have you back Linda, thanks again for sharing your ideas with us!

Gillian Says: Loving the range of colours, especially the addition of the Smoked Paprika & Zesty Zing circles and the gears. Fun statement piece, perfect solution to hold necklaces/rings etc. Lovely to have you back Linda.


Helen said...

wow, I love that hand - it looks stunning!! - and as Leandra says, a wonderful jewellery holder! Great to have you back.

Julie Lee said...

Really beautiful. I love the blending Linda. These hands are fabulous. I love the idea of using it for jewellery. I made one to display a tiny ornament recently, but I might have to try making another one too! Julie Ann x

Kathi said...

Absolutely stunning piece.

Thanks for all the instructions and step-out photos!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous piece. I love the colours & the stamping.

Craftyfield said...

Beautiful and useful! How clever to use brads as rings!

Rebecca said...

Cool project
Happy craftin

Linda M. Cain said...

Congratulations PaperArtsy on a great year and a 10th Birthday!!!
Sooooooooo happy for you!


Carol Q said...

fabulous decoration and paint work Linda. love them!

Unknown said...

Great project Linda! Fab colours. x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous project Linda ! Love the colour combo you've used ! Sue C x

sam21ski said...

Love how you've used the paints to get the shading on the un-stamped side and great colour combo on the other side!!!

Lovely to see you back with your artwork.

Sam xxx

ionabunny said...

Those colours on the back of the hand make quite a spooky combination. Glorious art Linda

Lin said...

Wow this is fantastic Linda...the colours you've used and the shading looks amazing, you've made it come to life!!!

Karin said...

Fabulous project and interesting colour combinations.

MaRyKaY said...


Kezzy said...

Wow this is super gorgeous, the blues, purples and orange go so well together. The hand is amazing, and practical to lol. Kezzy :-) xxx

Lucy Edmondson said...

Lovely to see you here again, Linda,

Lucy x