Wednesday 20 March 2013

Linda Cain #3 .... Believe Canvas

"Hi everyone.... I watched Leandra’s fabulous video with stamping on Crackly Tissue Paper and had to try it. So here’s my take on it"!

I started with a gessoed 4 x 7 ¾ inch canvas from my stash. I started with Sky all over the canvas. Then I used a piece of Cut-n-Dry Foam to add Inky Pool and Eggplant to the edges. 

 Using Versafine Black Onyx Ink I stamped the "Balloon Boy" from the Lynne Perrella 018 set onto the Crackly Tissue Paper and heat set. 


The next step is all completely up to you and what you want. I used different colors to paint the back of the stamped image. The face, the hands and any highly defined areas are first painted with Snowflake to keep the image sharp eq. the "Believe" and script signs, and the sash. All the other colors are filled in as you like. Then you can flip it over and add the translucent and semi-opaque paints in glazes like on the face and Believe portions of the image. I HIGHLY recommend you watch her video. I cannot do the technique justice with the written word.

One tip from the video is to use plain water on a brush and run it around the image where you want to tear it out. It only takes a moment and you can then easily tear the image out and pull a cool feathery edge around it. 

 When you’re happy with the color on the piece, I added Snowflake to seal it from the back. 

Flip it over and use the Sky paint to paint all around the figure….I should have taken a picture here, but sadly, I didn’t. This is probably the most detailed painting you’ll have to do. But it will be worth it. Then since I didn’t have any Satin Glaze like Leandra used, I used Glue-n-Seal with a brush to add a layer onto the canvas, then a layer to the back of the stamped image. Now you lay the image down onto the canvas and smooth the area with your brush.

The very cool thing about this paper is how sturdy it is. You can lift it up, reposition it, lay it back down, push the bubbles out, whatever, and it doesn’t tear. Amazing!
I added some of the Sky paint around the center section to blend it in.  When dry, I sanded the edges. I love how the different colors come up with a wonderful distressed look. 

The next layers are stamps with inks and some with paint. I used Guacamole with the tiny Numbers Mini 23,

 and the larger Numbers Mini 22 were stamped with Snowflake

 I dried it with the heat tool very gently so as not to get it too hot.

The more layers of the sealer you use, the shinier it becomes and the better the definition of the stamped images, in my humble opinion. 

Hope you enjoy this, and let us know if you have any questions.

I will be back tomorrow evening with one last project to share with you all.

Leandra Says: Yes you are so right about the sealer! The magic paint lady explained it to me. She says that a layer of satin or gloss will get more 'glossy' with each layer, and thus reflect more light back to our eyes off the paint particle. This also enhances our perception of colour, so if it is shinier, it looks much brighter to our eyes as more particles of light are reflected back. Once gloss sealed, our matte paints can look like a completely different colour palette.Good to know!
Also paint is a 3D particle (compared to inks which are not), so light is reflected off it in multiple directions, that is why you can paint a whole room the same colour, but depending on how the light from the window hits the walls, and is reflected back to our eyes, you perceive it looks like completely different shades.

On other sadder news, our Crackly Tissue paper has become a bit of a crisis situation for us here at PA HQ. It seems like the supplier has ceased manufacture.We have been working like mental for the last 2 weeks to try and find an alternative product, but so far we cannot find anything that comes close to what we had, so for now, until we resolve this, the item is discontinued. Sad times, but we are still working on it!

Gillian Says: This is just gorgeous Linda, love the deep shade of blue and the white stamping gives the illusion of so much texture.


Helen said...

A beautiful canvas, Linda and a fabulous tribute to Leandra's amazing video (which I probably know off by heart...) Such a shame abut the tissue paper, Leandra, I hope you solve the issue - for now, thank goodness I got another pack at Stevenage... phew!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous canvas Linda ! Love the shades of blue,the image really pops against it. Sue C x

Kezzy said...

Wow amazing canvas. I can't believe it's been discontinued that's awful, you need to tell them they can't lol us crafters say so lol. Mind you like I believe Paperartsy are magic and I'm positive you will roam to the ends of the earth to find it for us :-) Kezzy xxx

sam21ski said...

Super dooper canvas Linda, but alas I have no crackle paper and from Leandra's comment, I'm not destined to get any in the near future either!!

I did wonder why every site I looked on was out of stock of it, now I know.

Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow for your big finale!!!

Sam xxx

Carol Q said...

absolutely gorgeous canvas. I love your interpretation with the crackly tissue and great paint effect. I have been absolutely glued to Leandra's videos just recently. They are excellent tutorials for the PA products. OMG - no more crackly tissue. I'd better treat mine like gold dust.

Kathie said...

Its so beautiful. I wish I had some crackle paper but I might play with the technique to see what I come up with. Your colors are gorgrous

Alison said...

Fantastic canvas Linda! Thanks for the super inspiration!
Alison x

ionabunny said...

This is gorgeous. I found when I wet and tore the crackle paper edge it blended in easily with the paints. Hope you find a manufacturer before I run out else I shall have to try normal not so good tissue.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful canvas, the image looks fab against the blue. Terrible news about the crackle paper, I shall have to eke out mine for as long as possible.

Sandy said...

Thanks so much for showing me how to do this - I love your canvas and you have given me some pretty good ideas!

Trish said...

Oh it is gorgeous Linda! I must have a go.
Luckily I have a stash of crackly tissue paper (I do hope you find a new supplier!)

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!

Cocofolies said...

Fabulous canvas, and I love your technique !!! I didn't see Leandra's video yet, I have to watch it, I put it on the top of my next things to do after work... Have a good day everybody, Coco x

Sophie said...

Linda, das ist fantastisch.
Danke für das schöne Werk, das du veröffentlichst.

Sophie xx

Craftyfield said...

Gorgeous project, haven't attempted a canvas yet !

Marijane said...

Beautiful canvas, and such an interesting technique! I really like the "Balloon-Man" stamp, too!

Lori said...

Fabulouso! Love the colors, and the image comes out so sharp! Shame about the paper, I didn't get a chance to get any yet! Hopefully you'll find another supplier!

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is fab, Linda. Please, please Leandra find us some tissue paper. It is amazing, and totally different from using normal tissue paper. Your video was quite simply the most inspiring video I have ever watched. Maybe one of the baking products in Europe would work in a similar way?

Lucy x

ionabunny said...

Hey everyone regarding the crackly tissue paper. I have just been over at The Craft Barn and they have some in stock. Grab it while you can.....