Monday 11 March 2013

Helen Chilton #1 Altered Sewing Tin

"Hi everyone, Helen here and happy to be back for my third set of blog posts. This time I've been trying out the Fresco Paints on different surfaces, looking at their translucent and opaque qualities, how to apply them, how to decorate embellies and lots of other stuff.
I tell you what - one thing I've learnt - once applied to a surface, these paints stick like superglue"!

For this project I've used a blank credit card to apply my paint - very satisfying, it's like skimming plaster or icing a cake and then at the end you can make something out of the fantastic plastic itself!

I bought a cheap little tin in a discount store - any tin will do, even an old food can that has been recycled.

I then sanded it lightly and coated it with Snowflake {this paint makes a great primer for surfaces such as this shiny metal tin).

Next I started scraping on different layers using a credit card, first colour up was Mermaid.

Then Guacamole followed by Sky.

now to add some translucent Limelight into the mix.

Followed by Claret .... {I wondered what this would look like over the green but it held its colour}

I then used some Inky Pool to knock back the red a bit. Work the credit card in all directions to add to the "distressed look".

Now you're ready to stamp. I've chosen images from ID02 and Hot Pick 1213

I've 'inked' it with white paint (Snowflake) and stamped to get placement on the tin.

Next I painted in the whole square white so that the image will show up on top of all the base colours.

The tin lid's got a bit of give, so I put a block underneath to stamp on {this will give you even pressure when stamping}.

Stamp your image in StazOn InkJet Black.

Add more sewing images to your collage, masking off the central square, first stamping in Snowflake.

Now repeat step above using StazOn Ink. Finally paint the images with your chosen colours.

Add in some white highlights to finish.

Do join me again tomorrow night for project #2.


Leandra Says: I love the way you use the snowflake to block out an area, and then stamp over the top. And never ceases to amaze me despite all the layer of paint, it still so easy to get great detail!

Gillian Says: This turned out great Helen, I got scared half way through when you added Claret and Inky Pool lol! Snowflake is just an all round "must have" .... it can do anything!


Helen said...

This tin looks fantastic, Helen! Off to search through the cupboards.....

sam21ski said...

Great transformation Helen, love how you've experimented with all the paint colours.

Sam xxx

margaret said...

This looks interesting!! Might have to have baked beans for tea

Trish said...

Very brave colours, I think I would have stopped at the Limelight... but, it works!
Great tin Helen!

Sue said...

Fabulous tin Helen, great tip about stamping in white first for placement, and I LOVE the claret lol x

Sid said...

What a transfixing transformation !

Anonymous said...

Love the final look of the tin. For me the colours give a feeling of fabric, so it matches great with the stamps.

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a great technique! lovely to see you back, Helen. I must give this a go. I ought to be good at anything involving a credit card!!

Lucy x

Cocofolies said...

I really love the final look of this beautiful tin box, and the technique you depicted !!! Coco x

Kezzy said...

Wow amazing Helen, I'm off now in search for a tin lol. Kezzy :-) xxx

Anonymous said...

That looks great, I love the colours, adding the Claret & Inky Pool over the Limelight was a genius idea.

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE the tin! THX for showing the steps to make it! Just FAB!

Alison said...

Fantastic!!! xxx

Sandy said...

Really neat - thank you for showing us what you did!

Words and Pictures said...

Love how the snowflake allows the Staz-on stamping to work so strongly over all those colours - what a great tip.
Alison x