Monday 1 March 2010

Pinch and a Punch {very gently of course}

Blimey, it's March already and I am very excited. SO much going on this month, new stamps out soon, March ArtsyCrafts is in the new Warrington venue, and a show at the end of the month.

But first up this month is Craft Stamper catching us on the hop again. We have had emails this morning from people wanting to buy the  stamps on offer for the article I wrote for the April issue out today. I haven't even got a copy yet, but some of you out there have!! So i just managed to upload the offers , check out this link and you can get your hot little hands on all you need to make this fun project. 
The birds are stamped on pearl metal but this whole thing would look cool done with Rum and Raisin papers too if you're not into paint.
Try it in your fave colours. How cool does it look in pink and brown...this one by Jo Firth-Young's the back
 and the front.

The project is a collaboration by Lin at LB Crafts and me, it's one of the classes we taught at the October ArtsyCrafts last year. All the peeps loved this as it's a fair dinkum proper stamping project. Looks simple, but actually there are quite a few tricky dickie techniques in there that many of us haven't used for year and years. So something nice to get your teeth stuck into. In class we were surprised at how many peeps didn't realise you could actually stamp on top of paint so easily and with such sharp results - well you can with kaiser colour paints as they produce an extremely matt and chalky surface that accepts ink beautifully.

All the stamps used for this are from the ever-so-quirky Ding and Dong family of Squiggly Ink stamps, and don;t forget to check out the matching minis. These are time themed bird stamps-very cool.

Have a great day, and if you made this at AC post the link to your blog to show the world!! Don't be shy!

PS be a twit with me: it's not hard!


Burnice said...

Well, here's mine. Not a great deal of technique description but it shows I did it!!! You will have to scroll down two posts to get it tho......
I had a great time so thanks again Leandra (and gang) - looking forward to May....
Burnice x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Fab samples. Can't wait to see the new long do we have to wait?? A.x
P.S only 12 more sleeps to warrington!!!

Hels Sheridan said...

I made mine at the same one Burnice was on and got in a right pickle...cos I wasn't listening (er, what's new???) and chopped the card the wrong way...and got laughed at for being a thicko LOL
Mine was blogged yonks ago - HERE IS MINE
*hope that linky thingy works LOL all the peeps who are going to Warrington...You will have THE BEST time! x

Karin said...

Leandra I love your catalogue, looks really fab.
Wish I was going to the Warrington as well as MK. lol I'm greedy but it's an amazing weekend.
I blogged my little storybook ages ago to, it can be found here
See you in May :o)

Rika said...

These are fabulous.

Helen said...

Ok, gotta try this it looks amazing... your catalogue is brilliant! How did I not know you had so many stamps? There looks so many more this way.... and I neeeed them... Have a great weekend.