Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A day of {cheers} at PA world HQ

PaperArtsy stamps in Stampington's Stampers' Sampler (try saying that 3 times in a row!)

Over the weekend an American retailer we supply emailed to say that some of our stamps were being used in the newest issue of Stampers Sampler that she had just got in the post. I hot footed it over to the Stampington website hoping to see some sneak peeks from inside the issue so I could identify the stamps that had been used.... but the new issue wasn't online yet. The today our rep Kay phoned to say that the artwork was on the front cover. Hooray we said, and went back to Stampington to see this. 

And here's the sneaky peeks of inside the mag. Some of our stamps nestled in among gorgeous hand drawn images by the author, who we are told is Anie Frazer so hope that information is right....well done, we love what you did!

So go get your copy now and then come to PaperArtsy to get the stamps. The image on the left is from SILK1, the arch shaped house. NExt is SIEN1 (xmas trees) with the tall house from SIBM3. The tiny little house nestled in on the flower is also from SIBM3 and Love you more is from SILK1. Then the row of houses under the flowers on the far right sample is from SIBM2.  

I love the combination of stamps surrounded by easily created hand drawn images. And colouring in like this ...lots of fun whether you use waxy pencils, watercolour pencils and of course copics.




Sarah Anderson said...

do you know, when I saw the magazine at Wendy's stamp attic this week I said to her that it must be amazing to see your own stamp designs, used for a piece in a magazine, and even more wonderful for them to be on the front! My US friend Julie ADORES paper artsy stamps :)

Anne Jagger said...

They look fantastic.

Carol Q said...

ooh don't they look great. I love the front cover and the colour they've chosen to show them off

Sid said...

Very nice and they look lovely in the mag !!

Trish said...

Oh that is great news! Your stamps deserve to be on the front cover! I won't be buying them though... I have them all already!

Annie said...

I was so happy that they put my cards with your stamps on the cover of the issue. I LOVE YOUR STAMPS!!!!!

Annie Frazer

Isabelle Norris said...

Fantastic samples too !!!

PaperArtsy said...

Annie I am so glad you dropped by the blog. I have had loads of emails about your article yesterday, and it's all fabulous comments, so well done to you!
Leandra (PaperArtsy)

Anonymous said...

Got my mag! Your stamps look fab in the cover artwork, great inspiration from Annie the artist! xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

ooh well done, how proud are you.

Katy said...

These are just lovely!

Sue McGettigan said...

Yay!! How great to see your stamps on the cover and a two page spread, wonderful. That's my dear stampin' girlfriend Annie, she's the best :)

Neet said...

Congratulations to YOU and to Annie for a fabulous article and an inspiring front cover which I am sure will just make the mag fly out of the shops.

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